5 Ways To Show You Best Colors To Wear With Black In Winter


Best colors to wear with black color clothing — How to match black clothing items in winter? Speaking of black, it is a high-end color that has not hanged for years in the fashion circle, for classic and versatile.

However, such a classic and versatile color can not be matched with a sense of luxury. you need to master these matching skills if you want black to look good.

   Black is definitely an outfit you can never refuse!

  Black has always been synonymous with advanced and mysterious in the category of fashion aesthetics. No matter how the fashion world changes, it is also a timeless and classic elegant color. Never have to prove anything, the purest to the truest can make this simple color achieve the freshest visual effect.

   In the mid-1990s, the fashion industry was keen to use “new black” to mark the fashion colors of each season. Today, there are different colors every year with the name “New Black” to indicate their popularity.

   But in the end, these are short-lived New Blacks. But black stood firm and became the most important member of a woman’s wardrobe. Whether you like it or not, it is hard to deny the irreplaceability of black.

  The charm of black has always attracted different people, and many celebrities are fascinated by it.

   Princess Diana wore a “revenge little black dress”, which not only maximized her sexy beauty but also made her little black dress the most resolute armor. Become her beautiful “weapon”, and finally turned into a rich and colorful stroke in history.

   Chanel’s founder, Ms. Coco, once said: “Black has always touched me, especially today, because black can dwarf everything around me.”

Black color clothing

   The little black dress designed by Coco Chanel not only makes Audrey Hepburn elegant and charming. It also makes Marilyn Monroe’s sexy show full and with a bit of extreme temptation.

   When it comes to black, everyone will think of her – Diane Pernet. Always the first row of guests at Fashion Week. well-respected fashion critics, photographers, fashion designers, and fashion bloggers.

   Every time she appeared, she wore a tall bun and covered it with a black veil. A dark golden spider was an eye-catching headdress. She always wears black gauze, big black sunglasses, and her bright and delicate red lips look even more.

   Just like the classic line of “Black Poet” Yohji Yamamoto:

   Black has two qualities of modesty and arrogance. Black is lazy and casual but mysterious. Women in solemn colors have a special charm.

  How to wear simple and pure black to show the characteristics and make it more colorful, we need to pay attention to these:

Different materials create a sense of hierarchy

With all black, I am most worried about not looking good in black. Using different materials to create a different layering can make the original simple collocation more vivid.

   The same black can have different material classifications, such as the combination of down jacket and knitting.

   The combination of black leather and gauze skirt is very attractive.

   A black sweater with leather wide-leg pants or a metallic pleated skirt looks simple. but because of the difference in material, your whole body is more radiant.

  The layered feeling of black fur is warmer in the cold winter.

  Or there are more patterns in the choice of material, vertical stripes, or grid patterns. The same black can still create a different visual effect. The hem of the plaid shirt can be worn very.

The detailed design adds highlights

   Afraid that the black will look monotonous. then come to some design details to add more highlights and possibilities. and break the dull feeling created by all black.

   Such as tailoring a unique leather jacket, the cool shape makes you look handsome.

   Come with a color splicing design to increase the sense of color and interest.

   A short black printed leather jacket with a long cashmere coat. Such a layered collocation is handsome and stylish but does not lose the sense of detail. It is also great to keep warm in winter~

  The white wood ear design makes the tough black more feminine and feminine.

   The design of patent leather jacket and black printed gauze skirt, where is the avant-garde mix and match is dull and monotonous?

Appropriate white space

  Less is more Too much makes people visually tired, and the full black is also easy to feel that it is too dark without highlighting. Appropriate white space can weaken the sense of heaviness and dullness. and make your collocation more vivid.

  Wearing boots, the thighs are exposed a little bit, but they look thinner and taller.

   The ankle is also one of the best places to leave blank, it can be matched with socks if it is cold.

   A long black split skirt with legs slightly exposed while walking. This looming feeling is the most charming.

Highlight accessories embellishment

   When black becomes your main color, your accessories can play the best role. Just like painting on black cloth, the beauty and sparkle of accessories can be perfectly displayed.

  A pair of exaggerated and exquisite earrings can definitely make your face glow and also make the match add the finishing touch to you.

  No matter what color the scarf is, you can hold it. The woolen and cashmere models are warm and comfortable.

The style of silk scarf becomes a touch of exquisite embellishment and it is also obvious.

   Or come with a bright bag and local details embellishment, eye-catching and eye-catching to give you a sense of color.

   Ankles are not exposed in winter, and a pair of personalized colorful socks can also be the highlight.

a touch of red lips

   Black and red lips match better. How can the all-black match lose that touch of red lips? Not only does your complexion get a good improvement, but also the aura and femininity.

Best Colors to Wear With Black in Winter red lip

Best colors to wear with black  

 Finally, Chic Lover just wants to say that the British company that buys shirts online conducted a small survey of 1,000 people. The survey found that black is the color that the opposite sex loves each other: 66% of men like women to wear black.

   People who like to wear black are generally more confident, smart, and sexy.

  Just ask, who would not like smart, beautiful, and sexy colors?

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