Best Dress Style For Plus Size Women

Best Dress Style For Plus Size Women

The best dress style for plus size women should choose the straight-through, loose version to reduce the visual lateral impact and give people a striped feeling. For matching, you should choose a cardigan V-neck or a big round neck to show your neck and look slender. Use a loose coat to cover your belly, and a lotus sleeve top to cover the flesh of your arms. Choose dark, blue, and black colors to fully absorb the visual appearance. and you can also choose bright colors to add movement and show vitality. It is not advisable to select a secondary color.


Taboo what color to wear

Plus size women are taboo to wear light-colored clothes. People who are overweight can choose black, gray, dark green, or dark blue clothes. Black and white are the most outdated classic colors.

In contrast, black is easier to look thinner than white. Black is a cool color in the division of tones. Which proves that cool tones can give people a shrinking effect more than warm tones.


Plus size women’s dressing skills

1. Try to choose V-neck for clothes

For plus size women, it is best not to choose round-neck clothes. This will not cover the flesh, it will give people a feeling of obesity.

And if you show it boldly and choose V-neck clothes. you will be able to divert other people’s attention, and it will not make people feel fat.

Moreover, V-neck clothes also have a certain modification effect on the face. Make the face look thinner and smaller.


2. Make good use of your belt

This is for plus size women wearing skirts, especially long skirts, must wear a belt.

Of course, be careful not to fasten the belt too tight. naturally it should not be too loose, and the belt should be as high as possible.

So the proportion of the figure is good, and it will not make people feel particularly fat.


3. It is best to keep the color of the inner layer and the pants the same

Jackets are generally worn in spring and autumn. and windbreakers are two types of clothing that women love very much.

Many times when we wear jackets, we are open, so it is very important that the inner fit is not suitable.

For plus size women, it is very important that the inner wear and the color of the pants are consistent. so that the slimming effect is much better.


4. Sleeveless clothes are taboo

In summer, many girls choose sleeveless clothes in pursuit of coolness. Many of them are fat girls. If these women have fat arms, they will feel fat. Therefore, for plus size women, sleeveless clothes are taboo and cannot be worn. It is best to choose sleeves.


5. Color is important

The most skinny color is naturally black. The clothes can be mainly black. Of course, you don’t want all of your clothes to be black. That would be too monotonous. You still have to match some other colors.


plus size women dressing matters needing attention

1. Choose the appropriate size of the clothing model, not too loose or too tight;

2. Choose a dark color as much as possible. The dark color has a sense of shrinkage and is visually thinner. Avoid wearing bright fabrics such as silk and satin;

3. The texture of the fabric should be stiff, not too soft, it looks fat when attached to the body;

4. You can choose some thin vertical stripes fabrics. the vertical stripes have a sense of longitudinal extension, which is visually thinner.


How plus size women wear their own style

1. The dark color is recommended for the same color

Wearing clothes of the same color from the top and bottom will unify the whole person and increase the vertical effect visually. The proportion of the body is stretched and slender.

For plus size women, the dark color is recommended for the same color because light colors are fatter. Everyone knows white in particular, so try to choose a darker color for the same color.


2. Clothes fabric

The fabric of the clothes should not be too soft so that the clothes will stick to the body. And the shortcomings of the figure will be seen at a glance, so choose the stiff fabric as much as possible.


3. Pattern

The choice of patterns is also very important. Only when there is a contrast can the size is good or bad.

Relatively speaking. the larger the pattern on the clothes, the thinner the figure will be compared. And the smaller the pattern will make the person stronger.

The well-known horizontal stripes are thinner than the vertical stripes.


4. Multi-layered wear

Multi-layered wear will not only keep warm. But I will make people look less fat and give people a feeling of wearing clothes. It should be noted that if there are much upper bodies, you must choose slim pants for the lower body. Don’t get too fat.


5. Wear the coat open

The coat itself is very large. If you close the buttons or zippers, it will give people a very bloated feeling. Wearing the coat open and putting the inside into the pants will make it look taller and thinner.

For plus size women. wide belts are more friendly than thin belts, because thin belts will make the hips plumper.


6. Reject low-end pants

Never wear low-grade pants, it is not good for your figure and is very ugly! Low crotch pants not only make people look short and fat but also look like sloppy lazy people.


7. Short coats are taller than long coats

The short coat is visually taller than the long coat. The short coat gives people a clean and neat feeling. If you are short and wear a long coat, the best remedy is to roll up your trousers and expose your ankles.

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