Best Plus Size Beach Dresses For Women

Plus Size Beach Dresses

Best Plus Size Beach Dresses For Women

The world is becoming more open minded and accepting people of all body shapes, colors, and other bodily features. Brands have also shifted their mentality from “service” to “specific to service” to all, especially, fashion brands.

Earlier, the fashion industry was very much focused on styles just for lean and average sized individuals but now many brands like ours have launched an exclusive range of plus size outfits.


Plus size women are very conscious about their appearance, especially in beach dresses. Additionally, the availability of plus size beach dresses was very less due to which curvy girls and women don’t get a chance to flaunt themselves in such outfits. However, if you are also someone who does not have that petite figure but wants to get your hands on a lovely beach dress for your next beach vacation then find the best plus size beach dresses for women at Chic Lover.

Here is exactly how curvy women around the world should select the best plus size summer beach dresses and feel confident & positive about their bodies.

About Plus Size Beach Dresses

A beach dress can also be referred to as a summer dress and sundress. It is casual wear for females which is usually worn in hot or warm climates places.

The beach dresses are mainly made up of cotton because cotton helps to absorb a lot of body sweat which tends to keep the body cool on a hot summer day and make the summer season more enjoyable. Summer dresses are light in weight, loose fitted and mostly available in light color shades which does not absorb sunlight.

The plus size summer beach dresses are for individuals who have heavy bodies and generally fall under the category of obese. We sell plus size beach dresses to women who wear size XXL and above and these dresses are not boring ones with just one or two available options, we offer them different types of trendy styles and colors which can make you ready for almost every summer occasion.

Types of Plus Size Summer Beach Dresses Available At Chiclover

Chiclover offers the exciting and latest collection of plus size beach dresses at affordable prices because we want every curvy girl to be more confident and stylish without worrying about money.

●    Sexy Plus Size Birthday Dress

Birthday party on a beach or a pool party, whatever it is we get it. Our designers have come up with street hipster style plus size beach dresses that can make ladies look like a diva and the coolest in any summer birthday celebration with minimal effort.

The dress has a high swing skirt, high waist, and short sleeve top with a word collar to keep it chic. The fabric used in the dresses is light which helps your body cool and comfortable.

●    Flower Printed Plus Size Summer Beach Dresses

The flower printed dresses are perfect for curvy divas who do not want to dress up too formally yet want something which can be suitable for everyday styling.

We offer a variety of floral printed dresses in different vibrant shades.

●    Best Plus Size Beach Dresses With Split

This range is a perfect choice for those curvy divas who love to be simple and classy. The dresses are there in the most vibrant color options which can make stand out from the crowd.

The dresses will give you both a funky and elegant vibe at a party or even at a get together.

●    V Neck Plus Size Beach Maxi Dress

Show off your curves with some of the skin with our sexiest range of plus size beach maxi dresses. The outfit is ideal for your next autumn and winter dates, cocktail party, or a special occasion with your partner.

The V Neck is enough to give you the classy yet mysterious look you want to give. Not limited to this, these dresses can be a perfect gifting option for a curvy girlfriend.

●    Plus Size Beach Maxi Dress 

If you are looking for something super comfortable, breathable, and stylish, we got you. The dresses come with long skirts and light colors which will let you chill through the hot summer day, whether at a beach, with friends, or while watching a movie.

It’s the best option for a regular stylish outfit for fat women.

●    One Sleeve Plus Size Dress

Another option for the divas who love to go with a revealing style. These off shoulder dresses will make you look like the hottest woman alive and feel amazing about yourself.

A great choice for a romantic getaway, girls get together or lunch with your lover.

●    Wrap Plus Size Beach Summer Dresses

If you want to be stylish and feel amazing without revealing your skin, then we got the best plus size beach dresses that fall under our wrap category.

The dresses have oversized skirts which help to cover the body areas and the straps on them are also adjustable.

●    Plus Size Spaghetti Strap Dresses

With a backless design and made from the highest quality polyester the dress is an exciting option.

It is another incredible choice for a party, cocktail, and date.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Beach Dress For Your Body Type

While selecting the best plus size beach dress it is very important to follow a few simple tips which can result in the highest comfort, an eye catching appearance, and a feeling of confidence.

●    Fabric Used In The Dress 

The fabric used in manufacturing beach dresses for fat ladies plays a crucial role in deciding the best summer dress because the fabric is 80 percent responsible for overall comfort and body coolness.

Fat bodies are more susceptible to heat, thus, it important to choose a dress that is breathable, lightweight, light colored, and of course, super stylish.

We recommend choosing cotton made dresses and summer dresses.

●    Colors Of The Dresses

colors used in designing the dresses help to reframe the psychology of the person who is wearing an outfit and the outlook of the people who are seeing the one in that outfit.

●    Know the Occasion

A great dress can end up looking awkward if one does not pay enough attention to the occasion. Therefore, it’s important for everyone, regardless of shape and size, to know the occasion and then choose the right beach dress.

●    Patterns

Many people choose dresses with no patterns but patterns give trendy, fresh, and cheerful vibes and also add up more value to the outfit.

●    Make you Feel Good

The most important tip for anyone, the best plus size summer beach dress is the one that makes to body positive, self confident, and happy.

If some dress has the perfect shades, patterns, fabrics, and even up to the occasion but you are not feeling good in that then it’s not the best fit for you.

●    Accessories

While shopping for the best plus size beach dresses it is better to invest in matching and evergreen accessories. It is recommended to go with something small, bright and not too much loud.

Styling Advice For Every Occasion

We believe the best styling for any size is the one that keeps the body comfortable and makes an individual feel good about themselves. Yet, we are going to offer styling advice that will assist you to enhance your style.

●    Accepting The Body

In a society where size zero is appreciated, understandably, it is difficult to accept the body, especially the curvy one. Therefore, it’s important to stop falling into the size zero trap and be positive about your body.

Cause real beauty begins with accepting your body the way it is.

●    Invest In High Quality Undergarments

Undergarments are also known as shapewear because they are the ones that keep the body in good shape and let a person carry their outfits exceptionally.

Undergarments are the most crucial part of every styling, especially for plus size people, yet it is so underrated. Still, many women do not want to spend money on high quality underclothing, thus, if you are one of them, then it is always beneficial to invest in some good and reliable undies to be more fashionable.

●    Try Out Different Prints

At our store, there is a variety of beach dresses for fat ladies which comes with different prints. Thus, it is best to try out various prints, embrace and choose which one suits you the best.

●    Know The Correct Measurements

Styling can be a lot tricky and not knowing the measurements will only increase it. Thus, to decrease the hassle of return and replacement, especially while online shopping, and to enhance the looks, it is better to be fully aware of your measurements.

●    Personal Touch

Best plus size beach dresses can be more beautiful with your personal touch. While choosing the dress it is crucial to customize the style according to your heart. For example, getting great shoes with the dress, getting the hair job done, and choice of the accessories that will go with it.

●    Getting Recommendations

When it comes to styling, it is essential to take up some good recommendations. Getting recommendations will also teach you about new things which will not only help you to dress better but to shop for the best ones too. One can get recommendations from their positive, no judgemental friends, Pinterest, one can follow plus size fashion pages on Instagram and join the community on Facebook.

●    Pick Up The Right Shades

If you want the best plus size beach dresses for you for multiple occasions it is important to pick up the right shades. It is always recommended to go with neutral shades such as grey, white, black, and red if you don’t want to buy several dresses for different happenings. Neutral colors can be worn anywhere.

The Benefits Of Wearing a Plus Size Beach Dress

It is frustrating when one cannot find a good outfit option for the occasions in summer just because the body is overweight. Thus, the biggest benefit of beach dresses for fat ladies is that it the perfect summer outfit for almost every summer occasion and holiday.

Another benefit of the beach dresses for fat ladies is that curvy women can feel confident in their bodies and express themselves.

The plus size beach dresses are available in every biggest possible size, so no curvy girl can feel left out. Chic Lover clothing is also very affordable and offers high quality fabric and designs.

Conclusion - Best Plus Size Beach Dresses For Women

Styling in summer is a little bit difficult compared to the other seasons because the body needs light and revealing clothes to cut down heat and feel more comfortable. This is a big issue for curvy girls as they don’t find the appropriate size which is trendy, stylish as well as comfortable on a hot day. Thus, understanding this problem we came up with a solution to provide curvy girls with one of the best plus size beach dresses for overweight women all around the world.

Our summer dresses come in a variety of styles like slits, backless, V Neck, and maxis, to make you ready for every summer celebration and outing. Even, to make the beach dresses for fat ladies more splendid our designers have launched them in tons of color options and variations so that our customers don’t have to go back to that sad and boring fashion for overweight people. Unleash your dream to become the sexiest woman alive this summer by updating your wardrobe with our plus size summer beach dress collection.

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