Best Plus Size Slip Dress for Women

Plus Size Slip Dress

A slip dress is one of the sexiest dresses for women. A simple clothing piece, the silk dress hugs your figure from top to bottom, has spaghetti straps, and is mainly made of silk or satin fabrics. The plus size slip dress is a unique garment that flatters your full curves and thighs. These can be worn underneath another garment or just like that. The dress can be worn at any time of the year and almost anywhere, including your office.

Continue reading to know all aspects of a plus size slip dress.

A Plus Size Slip Dress - What Is It & Ways To Style It?

 A slip dress is a body-hugging dress, usually made from softer fabrics like satin or silk. It has a simple cut that sticks to the contour of the body and has spaghetti straps.

The best thing about the dress is that it is a versatile piece of garment. The plus size slip dress can be worn as a single dress, or it can be mixed and matched with other top wear and bottom wear for a stylish look. The look is like that of an underslip. However, you can get creative and wear them as you wish.

There are abundant choices of plus size slip dresses. There are minis, maxis, and midis. The other versions available are bodycon, flowing dresses, one-shoulder, open back, and many such exotic styles that give an edge to your fashionable side.

These dresses can be worn with equal ease to work, parties, clubs, or date nights. Even as a plus size woman, you do not have to worry about your appearance with the plus slip dress coz it gives your feminine shape a sexy overturn. Ensure that you accessorize well and wear the right shoes to look your best!


Different Types Of Plus Size Slip Dresses That You Can Buy

Here are some plus size satin slip dresses that should have a place inside your wardrobe:

Clubwear Dresses:

A clubwear dress is all about comfort and style. You would certainly want to look your fashionable best. Go in for a seducing fit made from premium-quality fabric, like a sequin-embellished dress available in single colors. A V-neckline looks good. Vertical stripes can be the selected pattern. Long stylish sleeveless made from this fabric has a gorgeous appearance.

Another style that you can try is a denim dress, mini short in length, made to fit your curves naturally. This one will have all heads turn toward you every time you walk into the crowd. If you are feeling a bit shy, you can wear tight leggings just to cover up the exposed leg parts. Denim colors that are pretty popular in this style are light and dark blue and black color.

Plus Size Suspender Slip Dress:

Look your sophisticated best with a floral printed plus size suspender slip dress. Choose a dress that has a large graphical representation of flowers and the background. A V-neck highlights your shoulders and chest region flawlessly. The suspender plus size slip dress has a swirling skirt that gives enough space for your legs, making it a thoroughly enjoyable dress. The swinging skirt amplifies your curves dramatically. Browse online, and you’ll come across multiple colors so that you can pick a dress in your favorite color. When the temperature drops, just layer the dress with a warm stylishly-cut jacket for a formal you or a pullover for a casual look.

A Side Cut Plus Size Slip Dress:

This one fills you with a flirty feeling because this one is a playful design. A rainbow-colored full-length side cut is just the type that you need for an evening out, maybe with friends or your partner. When you shop at a trusted online store, you have the advantage of going through different colors, and patterns without using up too much time or effort. This one makes you look like a super-confident model. The side cut on one side gives you adequate space to move your legs with ease while also showing off a bit of your thighs.

A Plus Size Slip Dress With A Fishtail Design:

Ready yourself for a transformation beyond words with this slip dress enhanced by a backless design. It is indeed quite stylish. Looks almost like a cocktail gown; this dress has a characteristic fishtail design below the hip. As a result, the dress amply hugs the hips and the thighs to showcase your assets. For a voluptuous figure, this dress is a must-have. The backless design makes it a hot dress, suitable for date nights. Available in a mix of multiple colors, the pattern is digitally printed on the fabric. This means that the print is not going to fade away like a cheap dress.

The best part about this dress is the sensual appeal stressing the feminine curves. Extremely easy to wear and take off, this figure-flattering dress can be purchased from a credible online store.

A Wide Swing Plus Size Slip Dress:

This is one dress that will give you summer vibes even when the outdoor temperatures are not as high. It definitely heats up wherever you go. The wide-swing design makes it an airy garment. Polyester made keeps it soft on your skin. Look for striking and eye-catchy designs with a splash of vivid colors. Makes you the center of attraction everywhere. The comfort factor comes from the wide-swing style that is good for the movement of legs.

Ways To Wear A Plus Size Slip Dress For Different Occasions

The other essential aspect that you need to keep in mind when buying a plus size slip dress is what you would wear beneath the dress. Wearing a slip underneath is always advisable. That’s because it will help hide the visible lines on the abdomen, etc. If you plan to wear the slip dress as it is, you must choose a nude slip-on to wear below the dress.

You can layer it up with a T-shirt, shirt, cardigan, jacket, or sweater to suit the occasion and the weather. It is best to go with a V-neck dress in such cases. Accessories are essential to look your coolest best. If it’s a casual party, you can wear flats and sneakers. If it’s a date night, then use sparkling jewelry to top the look and have your heads turn as you pass by.

Here are some of the ways to style the plus size slip dress to wear to different events and places:

  • Wearing it as a Skirt: Take out a cropped tee or top and wear it over the slip dress. You can try a tank top for a playful look. You wear the slip dress beneath a button-down shirt dress for a polished look. Use the slip dress for added warmth and comfort as a layer under your evening gown or formal skirt.
  • Wearing the women’s plus sizeslip dress for an Evening: Pair the slip dress with high pencil heels and carry a gemmed clutch in your hands. This is when you have to wear the dress to a formal evening party. If wearing it for a casual party, go ahead and wear the dress with flats. If you feel that the dress is showing too much skin, you can use a light, unbuttoned jacket to cover the places you wish to hide. A black plus size slip dress is an amazing choice for an evening party.
  • Wearing the slip dress to the Office: Many women are usually in doubt if the dress can be worn to formal events or not. As daily office wear, the slip dress gives a retro look. You can wear a subtle-colored dress and accessorize it with matching earrings and fancy heels. The slip dress comes with an impressive, elegant look.

Looks That Suit Plus Size Women With A Slip Dress

Try these tried-and-tested looks that have made the day for many plus size women out there.

  • Pair a neutral slip dress and use colored accessories to make a style statement. Keep your confidence boosted with a pin-striped linen blazer as a layer over the slip. This lightweight layer is a springtime favorite of many women. When paired with subtly colored earrings, a claw clip, and nude strappy heels, you can wear this dress during the day or night with equal ease.
  • A black slip dress should be an integral part of your plus size It can be twinned with all kinds of accessories and can be layered smartly. The black dress can be layered with a graphic T-shirt. Buy a tee that hangs loose. Wear your go-to booties and beautify with delicate neckpieces for an effervescent look all day through.
  • The full slip plus sizeis an out-and-out spring and summer dress, with or without layers. For the warmer season, wear colors and fewer layers. A pink midi slip dress is ideal for all days during the hot season. Floral prints are good for this time too. Pair up with trendy floral sneakers and floral earrings. Keep a bucket bag to complete the look.
  • Another great option for a full size slip dress is animal prints. It looks pretty cute and romantic. Pull over a light-colored cropped cardigan. Better if the cardigan has oversized buttons. Keep it open or closed. Match the dress with neutral sandals and a crossbody bag.
  • Try an exciting grunge style for your slip-dress. It may look a bit outdated, but when a mini grunge slip dress is styled with a black mesh top with laces at the neck and sleeves. Use combat boots and a choker neckpiece for a cool look.

Finding The Perfect Plus Size Slip Dress For Your Body Type

plus size women have curvaceous figures. That is why they should go in for a slip dress that has a loose fitting at the top and tightens up thigh downwards. Irrespective of your body type, you must go in for slip dresses made of softer and silkier materials like satin, chiffon, silk, etc.

  • Apple-shaped body: For a woman with curves and a bigger bust, carrying the plus sizeslip dress can give a bolder look. Wear a flowy style that hugs from all sides to your hips so that your curves are properly accentuated. Satin is the best fabric for you.
  • Hour-glass figure: With your hips and bust fuller than the other parts of the body, go in for a slip dress that does justice to your figure. A faux leather dress is a right choice that clings everywhere. Wear a full-on maxi slip dress for an upbeat look.
  • Pear-shaped Body: With fuller hips, a small bust and narrow shoulders, the ideal slip dress for you can be made from a shimmery sheer material. You can stick to the classic style without looking back.
  • Inverted Pyramid Body Type: This body type is characterized by a narrow waist and broader shoulders. When wearing the plus sizeslip dress, go in for a design where the waist is highlighted – let the fabric gather at the waist so that it becomes the focal point.

Buy Best Plus Size Slip Dress for Women

For a plus size woman, finding the right garment store catering to her specific needs can be a daunting task. Thankfully, over the last few years, a couple of chic online stores have come up that exclusively design and sell garments for plus sized women.

Chic Lover is one such happening online fashion store that brings a plethora of plus size dresses for women who are not the normal size. Here you will come across stylish slip dresses suitable for all occasions. Order a trendy Plus Size Slip Dress by Chiclover and watch your transformation into a fashionista.

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