Bulk Shopping From Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Online

Wholesale-Plus-Size-Clothing From CHIC LOVER

Bulk Shopping From Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Online

Beautiful and stylish clothes are something we can’t do without. Literally, everyone needs some voguish wardrobe pieces to do justice to their fashion sense.  Dressing up in cute clothes goes beyond looking good for the cameras or getting compliments and “likes” from the gram.  Most times, we – wholesale plus size clothing are addressed according to the way we are dressed.

And why is this so? It’s because the kind of clothes we wear speaks about our sense of style, how appreciative we are of good fashion and above all, our self-confidence. This is the reason why when going for wholesale plus size clothing (including retailers looking to sell to the final consumers at a profit), you should ensure that your dress gives off a feel of the style you want to be associated with.

To save you the trouble of finding a clothing store after your heart (or wardrobe), you can always trust Chic lover for stylish wholesale plus size women clothing. At chic lover, we are committed to transforming the style game of many and to getting fast-selling clothing products to black women around the world. As well as selling to individuals buyers, we also sell wholesale plus size clothing in bulk to wholesalers, brands, and retailers.

Why You Should Go For Chic Lover’s Wholesale Plus Size Boutique Clothing

There are a few boxes to check when looking for plus size clothing wholesale vendors to purchase pieces from. Buying clothes comes with its up and downs. It’s effortless to get satisfied with your selections. Still, it also takes little effort to be thrown off your guard with unsatisfactory purchases and services.

While it might be a daunting task to get a store that stays true to its goals and cares about its customers’ needs, it is absolutely achievable to get wholesale plus size clothing vendors with whom you can build long-term sales relationships.

Before patronizing any store for wholesale plus size clothing for resale, some questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Are they a trustworthy wholesale plus size clothing store?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Is their clients’ satisfaction a priority?
  • Do they sell quality and standard wholesale plus size clothing or inferior and substandard ones?
  • Are they always in stock?
  • Do they have wholesale plus size boutique clothing that suits your body and taste?

And even more.

With Chic lover, you can be assured that you will tick all these boxes and even more. That being said, here are reasons why our pieces are the best for you, and our store, the only place you should be shopping wholesale plus size clothing for resale.

Here we go…

Fashionable Styles:

You may have heard that trendy wears are not for plus size ladies, but that’s so wrong. No one wants a wardrobe full of non-voguish clothes and will actively search for plus size clothing wholesale vendors with the latest trends.

At the chic clover store, we stock up with fashionable wholesale plus size clothing for resale that will make any style-aware woman keep coming back for more. You don’t want to miss out on dresses that will convert visitors to permanent shoppers now, do you? So jump on this train.

Affordable Prices And Cheap Wholesale Plus Size Clothing:

Our pricing deal offers anybody the opportunity to look good on a shoestring budget while giving off the “million bucks” aura. Our pieces usually go for about $20 and below, with a few selling for around $30.

We also offer discounted sales regularly to help our customers access quality but cheap wholesale plus size clothing. You can take advantage of such low prices to stock up with as many pieces as you want.

Quality Wholesale Plus Size Boutique Clothing:

You want to avoid doing as a plus size clothing wholesale distributor, distributing or selling substandard and non-durable wholesale plus size clothing. The inferiority of a dress will show up in the long run and cause you to lose customers.

But we got you covered with skin-friendly, neatly made clothes that won’t crease or run their color when washed. We believe quality is as important as quantity and our customer’s satisfaction is our priority.

Lots Of Options To Pick From:

We ensure versatility in varying options of style, color, patterns, designs, fabrics, and sizes, including wholesale plus size clothing 4x 5x 6x. Having lots of options prevents you from limiting your closet –you spice up your fashion game with varieties and not stick to only specific kinds of clothing.

It also offers you the opportunity to consider other choices that are not your preferred choice and guides you into making informed decisions when finally settling for any wholesale plus size clothing for resale.

Size Inclusive:

There are size charts to guide you when shopping based on your sizes. Many wholesale plus size clothing vendors may provide these charts to help you know your size based on your bust, waist, and hip sizes, but these charts do not have the final say. Sometimes they project a smaller-than-you-size, and on the flip side, they may size up(bigger than you). This is why at Chic Lover, we make our products in various sizes, including wholesale plus size clothing 4x 5x 6x to accommodate every plus-sized body size.

Comfortable Wholesale Plus Size Women Clothing:

What’s even better than cheap wholesale plus size clothing? When these clothing pieces are so comfortable, you never want to pull them off. The comfort a dress brings cannot be overemphasized. Your demeanor will tell when you are not comfortable in your clothing and when you are.

Being uncomfortable will make you look grumpy and walk with a little less air of confidence. Avoid such terrifying moments by going for only the best comfortable wear from chic lover wholesale plus size clothing suppliers.

Easy Payment Methods:

We not only sell cheap wholesale plus size clothing, but we also make paying for them easy, fast, and void of stress. We receive payments via PayPal (which is also an easy option for buyers outside the US), Bank payments, and Western Union, and direct online payment for small or sample orders.

We have a 3-day window(after making an order) for general payment to be completed. We are always open to receiving any communication on why payments might be delayed or should be extended.

All Timeless Wholesale Plus Size Boutique Clothing:

Classic wears never go old. This is what we offer our customers – timeless wholesale plus size clothing for resale that you can repeatedly wear and in any season without them losing their style and shine.

As a retail wholesale plus size clothing vendor, it is pertinent that your customers trust your style judgment. One way to prove your trustworthy fashion sense is by distributing classics that will always come in handy in the long run, just like a denim jacket. We never fail in delivering wardrobe staples that will complement your frame and remain wearable all year round.

Timely Delivery:

Our standard shipping delivers sales within 15 to25 days. Express shipping delivers in 4 to 7 days (this is advisable when ordering wholesale plus size clothing bulk).

With a timely delivery, you do not have to wait for months for your apparel to arrive nor do you have to wait for a long time before rocking your dresses. We deliver on time and ensure that purchases are in good condition during shipping and delivery.

Flexible Return Policy:

As part of our reliable customer service, we have friendly return and cancellation policies to foster a more transparent buyer-seller relationship. Following our flexible policies, you may cancel an order only before it is shipped or produced.

You may also return your order within 14 days after receiving it, contingent on some terms and conditions. You will also get a refund for your cheap wholesale plus size clothing if your return is accepted and your refund processed. Sometimes, there might be issues of late or missing repayments. This, we also take care of after you have exhausted the processes of going to your credit card company and your bank.

Dropshipping Services:

We offer drop shipping services where retail plus size clothing wholesale vendors can sell products to customers but directly from our store.

How does this work? A customer makes an order from a retailer. To minimize the risks and buy wholesale plus size clothing for resale at a low cost, the retailer will have the customer’s order delivered directly from Chic Lover’s wholesale plus size clothing suppliers.

We take care to ensure that customers do not know our website if you drop ship. We do not add ourselves as the sender, and Chic Lover wholesale plus size clothing suppliers also accept fixing customized logos to the products.

Our Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Catalogue

Chic Lover’s cheap wholesale plus size clothing comes in all forms of eye-catching clothing types. Our catalog has been arranged to help you navigate effortlessly from one collection to another. From sets to athleisure, office wears, and casual dress, you can get anything for any occasion on our catalog.

Here, let’s get you introduced to silhouettes that will give you a wardrobe makeover.

1. Wholesale Plus Size Two-Piece Sets

The wonderful thing about a wholesale plus size two piece sets is that you have it all figured out with a two-piece set at hand. If you are familiar with the hassle of accurately pairing your tops with the right bottoms and vice versa, you can attest to the fact that two-piece sets are an effortless way to work around your wardrobe without losing your charm.

We have matching bodysuits, sportswear, sweatsuits, skirt sets, biker shorts sets, and many more. They are also an affordable alternative and are included in our wholesale plus size clothing bulk options.

2. Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie

it’s not easy to get flattering lingerie in wholesale plus size clothing 4x 5x 6x and other plus size sizes from most plus size wholesale clothing vendors. However, with our wholesale plus size lingerie collection, anything is possible.

Lingeries are meant to be flirty, flattering, sexy, and appealing. You can only get the complete package when you browse through Chic lover cheap wholesale plus size lingerie clothing. They come in all your favorite colors and styles. Show your curves some love by flaunting them in any of our sexy lingerie of your choice.

3. Wholesale Plus Size Jumpsuits And Rompers

Are you on the hunt for the perfect one-piece wonder from plus size jumpsuits suppliers? Then you’re in luck. We have an elegant collection of short-sleeved and long-sleeved jumpsuits and rompers just for you that come in large, extra-large, and other plus-sized sizes. This includes our wholesale plus size clothing 4x 5x 6x.

We have jumpsuits and rompers to go with any weather as well as any occasion. Our short-sleeved letter-print romper is ideal for a coffee date in the summer. Looking to get a raise or a promotion at your 9-5? then jump into the office lady-styled jumpsuit.

4. Wholesale Plus Size Dresses

At Chic Lover wholesale plus size clothing, we have stylish plus size dresses that you can shop according to the styles, color, and season. You can select from a cesspool of mini, maxi, bodycon, boho, pencil, and sexy dresses to dresses in solid silhouettes, patterns and prints, multi colors, and polka-dotted.

What’s more? Our dresses are not size-restrictive, and there’s a dress for everyone. You have no cause to worry anymore about the right prom dress to wear or the dress to wear for that upcoming wedding. Just waltz into our store online and select your best pick.

5. Wholesale Plus Size Jeans

Plus Size Jeans came into our lives and won our hearts over. You can style your denim jackets, tops, and bottoms and get different fashion styles. With just the right accessories and pairing of pieces, you can move from a knockout streetwear lady to a smart casual office lady. Jeans are a staple that will never fade and can be styled up and down to suit the event.

For wholesale plus size clothing vendors, the secret is to have access to various jeans styles like Chic lover high-waisted, bell-like hemmed jeans, distressed jeans, and faux-pearl embellished jeans. This will enable plus size wholesale clothing distributors and retailers alike to have different options to select from.

6. Wholesale Plus Size Tops

Dressy tops and shirts, just like little black dresses, are a must-have if you want to be a fashionista. Tops are what you pair with your stylish bottoms, except you want to opt for some jumpsuits and rompers. We sell beautiful dressy tops to plus size clothing wholesale distributors and individual customers alike.

Some options include a sheer long-sleeved meshed shirt that will pair perfectly with leather or denim shorts or pan; the wool turtleneck or cowl neck sweater top for fall, crop tops, and T-shirts to wear with high waist bottoms.

Chic Lover plus size tops (including sweaters and jackets, and coats) are not items you should miss out on. Hurry now and get as many as you need to pull off the classic fab-girl look.

7. Wholesale Plus Size Bohemian Clothing

Plus size boho clothing is a rare breed of clothing pieces only a few appreciate and only a handful of wholesale plus size clothing vendors. Due to Chic lover style-inclusiveness, we have a myriad of fashionable bohemian pieces that will make you reconnect with inner your creative but stylish persona.

Boho fashion is a trend everyone is jumping upon, and you should too. Long floral boho dresses are the perfect choice for a beach or nature-themed wedding (you can add a laureate of flowers to your hair to dazzle). Tropical boho dresses will do for a casual date on a sunny afternoon. Try the Chic Lover bohemian collection and thank us later.

8. Wholesale Plus Size Urban Clothing

You can never go wrong with our classic urban-girl plus size urban boutique clothing. You may wonder why you should go urban. Well, urban clothes are always in vogue and trendy. Wedding, graduation, and cocktail dresses come under this category.

A beautiful sparkle urban dress is the right choice for a dinner date at your fav restaurant. As you go about scouting for stylish boutique clothing to stock up with, don’t forget to fill up your store with various kinds of urban dresses from Chic Lover wholesale plus size clothing suppliers.

Chic Lover Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Guide

No one is born with the knowledge of A-rated fashion sense and how to wear wardrobe pieces like a style pro. Everyone needs a helping hand. That is why we have curated a list of wholesale plus size women’s clothing tips and hacks to help all our plus size dames rock their fashion ensembles seamlessly and beautifully.

1. Not Too Tight…Not Too Loose

The goal is to wear clothes that fit and to steer clear of overly baggy dresses that will hide your curves and make you look dull. Also, avoid very tight pieces, which may make it difficult for you to walk or breathe. Feel beautiful and comfortable in the wholesale plus size women’s clothing you wear.

2. Know Your Body Size

To know the clothing that fits, you need to know your body size. There is no one-size-fits-all equation for wholesale plus size clothing. There are cloth sizes for plus size women like wholesale plus size clothing 4x 5x 6x, but wearing clothes sizes bigger or sizes smaller will only defeat the purpose of being stylish and modish.

3. Match With Accessories

No matter your body shape or body size, no wholesale plus size boutique clothing outfit is complete without some accessories to go with. See them as the icing on the cake for a complete fashion ensemble. The rule of thumb for accessorizing is that you should never allow your accessories to overshadow your primary clothing pieces.

4. Snatch Those Waists

You want to accentuate your curves and give off a more hourglass figure as a plus-size damsel. To do this, focus on clinching the waist by wearing high-waist wholesale plus size clothing or using shapewear to tuck in your core and tummy to draw attention to your hips and curves instead.

5. Never Wear Leggings As Pants

Resist the temptation to substitute leggings for pants. Leggings are best worn underneath a short dress and whatnot but are never to be worn as pants or jeans. It’s easy to have your underwear lines show through leggings, and this is a fashion faux pas you do not want to be caught committing. Going contrary to this rule of thumb will have you answerable to the fashion police.

6. Be Mindful Of Fabrics

Wholesale plus size boutique clothing comes in different fabrics and materials. The right dress in the right fabric is gold, so you should take your time to scout for fabrics that flatter, drape seamlessly, and are not too stretchy and tight or crease and fade quickly. Go for durable materials like polyester(not in hot weather), silk, or velvet for a wedding reception. On the flip side, never go for textured fabrics to avoid looking frumpish and bumpy.

7. Be Confident In Your Skin…and In Your Dress

To enjoy wearing beautiful wholesale plus size women’s clothing, you need to love your body and love being in your own skin. Understand that you are big, curvaceous, and beautiful, and no one can take that from you. After that, you raise your head up high and wear your clothing with a smile and with confidence. (If you are interested in our discount plus size clothing, you can also consult here.)

Final Word: Bulk Shopping From Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Online


For every style need, there’s a corresponding stylestifaction. All you need to up your fashion game is to find the right wholesale plus size clothing vendors who also sell wholesale plus size clothing bulk so that you can have all your style expectations met for even the lowest budget.

Chic Lover has committed to satisfying the needs of clothing retailers, brands, wholesalers, and even individual clientele. We are a store you can trust to deliver according to your needs. We are here to serve you, and always remember, your style satisfaction is our utmost priority.

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