Do You Really Buy Clothing Online? -4 Tips Teach You To Choose Easily.

Do You Really Buy Clothing Online

The number of fashionable women on buy clothing online is increasing. but when the real items are in their hands. colleagues or passers-by cast their eyes very strangely. Today I teach you how to choose the best clothes for you

Clothing Quality Appraisal Method

1. Look at the edge of the cloth

If the edge of the cloth is neat, the weave of the material itself is also neat.

2. Look at the lines

The vertical and horizontal lines of a better fabric should cross vertically.

3. For the light

You can clearly see the number of knots and whether there are disconnections. This method is the most reliable way to observe wool.

4. Nose smell

Wool should not smell of oil, and chemical fiber fabric should not smell of medicine.

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Recognition method of front and back of clothing

1. Generally, the front side of clothing is relatively flat, smooth, and delicate. the backside is darker, the cloth edge is rougher, and the texture is unclear.

2. The plain fabric has clear color and pattern, and the bright color is on the front. the jacquard fabric is finely woven on the front, and the side with long picking yarn is the reverse.

3. Twill weave fabrics can be seen in the oblique pattern. The front twill of gabardine, double-sided card, polyester card, and other fabrics is inclined from right to bottom left. the front twill of yarn card, whistle, polyester-cotton, and other fabrics is inclined from left to bottom.

4. Wool fabrics or some chemical fiber products are double-folded, and the front side is folded inside.

Dress smartly after getting fat

1. When making clothes, try to use fabrics with linear patterns. It is best to use line cutting when cutting. This will give people the feeling of being thin.

2. Do not make clothes that are too tight or too loose. Too tight will reveal a fat appearance, while too loose will make you appear larger and more fat.

3. Skirts worn by fat ladies should not be too short or too long. The length should be below the knees. A skirt that is too short will reveal the fat on the legs. Too long will give people a “short and fat” feeling.

If you wear it out into three sections of “upper, middle, and lower”. it will appear that you are naturally taller, that is, using different colors for the upper body. skirt and stockings will look slender.

4. If your calves are fat, don’t wear your socks and shoes too noticeably. The more popular the better, and the colors should not be too bright. So as not to make people feel obese when people pay attention to your legs and feet.

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Match skin tone and dress color

In today’s colorful world, not every color is suitable for everyone. Everyone has their own choices, so how to choose clothing colors that suit your skin tone?

First of all, the following points should be noted:

1, gray skin

This friend’s main colors should be blue, green, violet, grey-green, gray, deep purple, and black. This kind of skin color unfavorable use white as dress and adornment. not quite suit pink and pink green, another color all can wear.

2. Dark skin

Wear warm clothes. Mainly white, light gray, light red, orange. Also can wear a pure black dress, with light apricot, light blue as auxiliary color. Yellowish-brown or yellowish-gray will appear bright face if wear green-gray clothes. the face will appear ruddy some. Not suitable for lake blue, deep purple, cyan, brown collocation.

3. skin color is black red

Can wear light yellow, white or fish-belly white and other colors of clothes, so that the color of skin and clothing tone harmony. Avoid wearing light red and light green clothes.

4, ruddy skin

Suitable for the use of micro saturated warm color as clothing. can also be used light brown-yellow, black and color decoration, or pearl color to match the skin tone. Do not use violet, bright yellow, the light color tone of green, pure white. Because of these colors, they can overemphasize the redness of the skin. In addition, the light color of cool colors such as light gray is not appropriate.

5, the color of the skin is red

You can choose light green, dark green or peach clothes. but also wear light-colored clothes with small stripes to create a healthy and lively feeling. Avoid clothing that is bright green, bright blue, purple, or solid red.

6, yellow skin

To avoid wearing bright blue, purple clothing, and warm color, light color is more appropriate. can also wear white red or white red lattice clothes. This will make the facial skin color more colorful.

7. Dark-yellow skin

You can choose light-colored mixed colors such as light apricot, light gray, white, etc., to dilute the contrast between the clothing color and the skin tone. Avoid wearing camel, green, black, etc.

8, white skin

Should not wear cold colors, otherwise, it will be a more prominent pale face. This kind of skin color generally does not pick the color of clothes. generally one can choose blue, yellow, light orange-yellow, light rose, light green a kind of light color clothes. Wearing red clothes makes the face rosy. Alternatively, you can wear orange, black, violet, etc.

9. White in red is the best skin tone

It is not advisable to use strong colors to destroy this natural color. Choosing plain colors can better bring out natural beauty.

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Match according to body shape

1. Obese

It is suitable to choose a dark, cool tone that is rich in shrinkage. which makes people look thinner and produces a sense of slenderness. If you wear light shades, the shadows on your face are very light, and people will look fatter.

But for women with delicate and plump bodies, bright and warm colors are also suitable. for fat women, it is best not to wear clothes with exaggerated patterns. Choose a solid color or a three-dimensional pattern. The vertical color stripes can make the fat body elongated straight. creating a slender and slim feeling. When obese people wear short tops, try to avoid short skirts. The ratio of tops and bottoms should not be too close. The larger the ratio, the more slender. The coat is still open for the best effect.

2. Thin body

The color of the clothing is a light color with a sense of expansion and expansion. and the calm warm color makes it a sense of enlargement and plumpness. If you can’t use the cool blue-green tone or the bright and warm color with high brightness. it will appear thin and transparent. You can also use the color adjustment of the clothing. such as large lattice patterns, horizontal stripes can stretch and extend the thin body horizontally. and become a little plump

3, heavy plow type figure

The upper body is thin and the waist is thin, but the thighs are thick and the hips are too big. A bright color tone is applied when wearing a coat of white, pink, shallow blue. Use dark colors such as black, dark gray, coffee, etc. Up and down contrast prominent on the slender body. hidden lower body effect will be better. The hips are too big to wear too short a coat.

4. Apple-shaped figure

The upper body is chubby and the chest is protruding, the waist is thicker, and the legs are relatively thin. This body shape is just the opposite of the heavy pear shape, and dark clothes such as black, dark green, and dark coffee should be worn on the upper body. The bottoms are brightly colored, such as white, light gray, etc. White trousers and black tops work very well.

5. Body shape with short legs

The colors and patterns of the top clothes are more conspicuous than the bottom clothes. or choose a uniform color suit, you can also increase the height; try to wear dark-toned trousers and so on.

6. Body with thick calves

Whether you wear short skirts or pants, try to use dark colors for long and short socks to make the calves look a little thin. Thick waist shape: It is best to wear dark tops such as black, dark coffee, and tie a pair of the same color as the clothes. Or a close-colored belt, which will produce a thin waist effect;

7. Body shape with narrow shoulders

The tops should be dressed in light colors or with horizontal stripes to increase the sense of width. and the bottoms should be darker colors to bring out the thickness of the shoulders.

8. Women with plump bottoms

When wearing a popular short coat. you can put out the sweater or knitted sweater underneath, or tie a middle or wide belt at the low waist. which can balance the proportions of the upper and lower body, and can also be used as a cover for modification. Women with short necks should not wear high-necked clothing. so that their shortcomings are more prominent! V-neck and low-necked clothing are suitable for dressing up.

9. Normal body shape

There is much more freedom in choosing clothing colors. Bright and warm colors look pretty and colorful. Dark and cool colors can also be matched with cool and charming colors. Popular colors are more fashionable. You only need to consider the suitable skin color and match the color of the top and bottom.

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