7 Tips To Show You How to Dress Your Clothes for Large Bust?

clothes for large bust
Clothes for large bust.

It has always been a very distressing thing. The whole fashion circle is preaching the trend of “smaller breasts and more advanced”. Is it possible that girls with full breasts have no way out on the road of fashion?

In fact, as long as you spend more time on the way of dressing and clothes styles. The hourglass-shaped fire Spicy figure can not only wear a sense of luxury but also attract the attention of male friends!
Open fashion magazines, almost all brands are using scrawny models-for girls with an hourglass figure and a proud chest. After all, this figure reduces the reference value.
Many big-breasted girls have their own troubles when men like women to envy. To sum up, there is only one problem for girls with big breasts: it is difficult to wear a fashion sense with big breasts. bloated in everything I wear. But now the flat chest is the mainstream. So how do big-breasted girls wear? For big-breasted girls, come and follow the editor. After learning it, it will be difficult to think about fashion.

1. Todo: wear slim-fitting clothes Not to do: wear clothes that are too wide or too tight

Many girls with big breasts try to cover up their breasts by wearing loose clothes. Now, you have already gone i. after all, this figure of fashion. For girls with big breasts, clothes that are too loose will look fat and sloppy (this is why you are often considered fat because of big breasts. and clothes that are too tight will appear too “sensual.” It is best to wear slim-fitting clothes.
Self-cultivation refers to clothes that are tailored to fit the curve of the body, not too wide or too tight. A little elastic is the best, and it will be very curvaceous. Too loose, oversize clothes are not suitable for big-breasted girls.

2. Todo: highlight the waist Not to do: wear doll dress or high waist Dress (trousers)

This point actually overlaps with the first point. I singled it out because it is too important. To weaken the visual swelling caused by a large chest, highlighting the waistline is the most effective method (no one). Especially in the unobstructed summer, you can wear clothes with waistline and waistline as much as possible to make the upper body look more slender and exquisite.
In addition to dresses, even if you wear a half dress, remember to stick T-shirts and shirts in to show your waist.

3. Todo: V-neck, big round neck, one-word neck clothes Not to do: high collar or small round neck

The choice of the neckline is very important for girls with big breasts. Don’t choose small round neck or high-necked clothes, which will make the chest the focus of attention. Choose more styles such as big round neck and big V neck. Exposing the neck, especially the collarbone (the one without the collarbone is fat, not big breasts).
If you really don’t want to show your chest, you can choose the following simple V-shaped skirt. The graceful triangle formed by the V-neck and the simple hairstyle will make the upper body look thinner.

4. Todo: small suits, small jackets, motorcycle jackets Not to do: design complex jackets

Small coats such as small suites are useful for reducing the presence of big breasts. But remember to choose a compact and slim-fit coat, too much modification will only backfire. Even if you wear a chest-displaying vest inside. a small suit on the outside can serve as a good cover, and it is also appropriate to wear to work.

5. Todo: long necklace or necklace that is as long as the chest Not to do: ultra-short or ultra-thick clavicle chain

Wearing a necklace to lengthen the visual lines of the upper body is also a small method worth learning for girls with big breasts. A slender necklace is the best choice. Even if you want to choose shorts, the length should not be too short. and the shape should form a straight line with the neck and chest. Small accessories such as silk scarves and ties should also be used, not only to attract attention, but also to cover the big breasts appropriately.

6. Todo: wear sturdy materials and good-textured materials. Not to do: soft cotton, linen, chiffon, mohair, sweaters, etc.

For girls with big breasts, to wear fashion, style is important, and the fabric is equally important. Why is a jacket like a small suit and jacket suitable for you, because the fabric is crisp and can neutralize the “sensuality”. But baseball shirts, sweaters, and cotton T-shirts are not suitable for soft and collapsed clothes
Don’t choose mohair with a sense of swelling. Kate Upton is praised by many foreign media. The crisp shirt can be worn with a few buttons.

7. Todo: sexy, simple, or retro style Not to do: Mori girl, girl, BF style

Big-breasted girls should take the sexy route quietly. You have to know how many flat-breasted girls dream of your big breasts. Confident and sexy beauty will make you win more admiring eyes. The sexy goddess in the hearts of countless people-Italian sexy actress Monica Bellucci.
That’s all about the fashion rules for big-breasted girls. In addition to dressing, underwear is also very important. I’ll talk about it next time. If there are big-breasted girls who have exclusive tips for teaching fashion, please share them quickly.
What clothes do large bust girls wear? Big breasted girls are fashionable enough to wear this way
Many girls are envious of girls with big breasts, they think that is feminine! But in fact, girls with big breasts also have their own distress: the breasts are too full. Not only is it inconvenient to exercise but also many beautiful clothes can’t be worn. even if you wear them The visual effect that is too full is too bloated. How do big-breasted girls dress nice and fashionable? Xiaobian will give you a few tips!

1): Choose the clothes you carry with you to avoid being too loose and too tight

Some girls are more reserved, afraid that their breasts will be noticeable, so they deliberately cover them with loose clothes. Others are more unrestrained. In order not to waste this god-given resource, they decided to use tight clothes to show their proud lines. 
In fact, for girls with big breasts, clothes that are too loose will make the entire upper body look bloated. If they are too tight, they will be suspicious of showing off and may expose your belly.
The best way is to choose a top that has a certain degree of elasticity but is not too close to the body. and has a waist in the cut. The identification method is: spread the clothes flat and see if there are inward curvatures on both sides of the clothes
The biggest advantage of this kind of clothes is that when you put them on, your chest will support the whole dress. which can naturally cover your distressed belly, but it is also tailored to outline your waist. Note, do not choose to use the waist belt to close your body. If you want to adjust the partial lines, you can choose a small vest for matching.

2): choose V-neck or wide-neck to divert attention

Girls already know the effect of V-neck and heart-shaped collars on the breast lines of big-breasted girls. Besides to the V-neck, wide collars such as one-word collars, large round collars. Diagonal collars can also easily divert people’s attention to your scented shoulders and above.
At the same time, they can also widen the width of the shoulders to balance the visual. The difference will not make you look like a small shoulder and a big chest. When choosing clothes with a wide collar, pay attention that the length of the clothes should not be too short. At least it needs to be over the waist. otherwise, the upper body will appear stubby and there is no waist.

3): Wear a small short shirt to ease the chest line

V-shaped lines can effectively change over-full breasts. For girls with big breasts who like to mix and match. Choosing a suitable small shirt for matching can sometimes unexpectedly play the role of a V-neck, but pay attention. The length of the outer shirt should not be too long. Besides, the sleeves should not be too tight. If the sleeves are too narrow, the contrast will make your chest bigger.

4): Use the folds of the chest to cover-up

In recent years, Victorian-style shirts have become popular. Multi-layered cuts and wrinkles can sometimes conceal the full chest curve naturally. When choosing this type of clothing, be careful not to choose the type with the folds concentrated on the chest. otherwise, it may have the opposite expansion effect. The type of clothing that happens to have a pocket on the chest is even more unacceptable.

5): A single dark color and heavy material can reduce the visual impact

Generally speaking, it is not recommended for girls with big breasts to choose high-necked clothes. If you have to wear them, you should choose thicker materials as much as possible. The color should be clean and darker. The heavy material can reduce the visual impact, the dark color originally has a shrinking effect. A single color will evenly look at every part of the clothes.

6): Avoid overly eye-catching chest ornaments and long necklaces

Although women love to decorate themselves with shiny accessories. If you don’t want others to focus on your breasts, it is best not to use too eye-catching bras. For girls with big breasts who are not tall.  It is best not to choose a necklace that is too thick and heavy. 
The kind of long necklace that is worn on the outside of the clothes and generally hangs down to the height of the abdomen. please try to avoid it. Because the height of the girl’s chest will cause the necklace to be too far from the abdomen and swing back. Forth significantly when walking. Presumably this It’s not the effect you want.
Deep V necklace

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