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      25 products

      Have you always loved it when you see other women wearing lingerie in commercials? Wearing lingerie does come with power. However, not many of us have been lucky enough to come across lingerie pieces that we fall in love with. 

      Getting the right lingerie certainly enhances the way you feel about yourself. It is a significant confident booster. The mere thought of just having a piece in your closet will make you feel confident even if you are not wearing it.

      You do not have to be in a relationship or married to own a quality piece of lingerie. There are absolutely no limitations to who can wear it. This is something you will enjoy showing off as it will make you feel like a goddess. 

      Owning lingerie will instantly get rid of body hate or any insecurities you may feel you have about your body. Invest in the Chic Lover lingerie collection, and you will feel empowered, feminine, and also love your body more. 

      Note that good lingerie does not have to be expensive; you just need to lock wholesale lingerie suppliers that you can trust with getting you fantastic stuff. Wholesale lingerie vendors worldwide are doing a great job of helping women show love to themselves and boost their moods. 

      At Chic Lover clothing, we have a lingerie collection that will meet you at your point of need, and you don’t have to break the bank for it. Here are some pieces that you are going to love.


      1. See-through lingerie

      Every lingerie enthusiast will tell you that this is the one lingerie type you cannot afford to not have in your closet. The beauty of this Chic Lover piece is that you can wear it even outside the bedroom. 

      This piece comes in the form of a bodysuit, and you will love it for night outs or other casual dates. All you need to do is wear cups beneath it or a bralette to cover the sensitive parts of your body. It can be worn with denim pants and various skirts. All you need to do is coordinate the colors and decide if you will also add a coat. Denim and leather jackets go well with this. 

      A shawl or a neck scarf can also help you pull an elegant look with this. 

      Incredibly, Chic Lover see-through lingerie comes in 12 unique colors. Suppliers who buy lingerie in bulk will always have the pieces in white, blue, purple, pink, yellow, black, red, green, orange, skin color, sky blue, and rose red.

      The lingerie comes in one size, which caters to all body types and sizes. They are made of polyethylene fabric, which has several benefits: being easy to clean, resistant to wear and tear, and not reacting with cleaning detergents.

      The long-sleeved lingerie has hollowed details and has jumpsuit style. The lingerie can fit ladies of heights between 150cm to 180 cm and weighing between 40 and 80 kgs. You can get the pieces for $6.80 and discounts for wholesale.


      1. Bra and panty sets

      If you don’t have bra and panty sets in your closet, you are doing it wrong. If you are yet to get into the lingerie craze, then this is where it all begins. Our bra and panty sets are undergarments that every woman should own. 

      Apart from the fact that having this set is the beginning of your lingerie collection, it eliminates the weird feeling of having a funny mix of undergarments. When you have such coordination with your undergarments, you will realize and newborn sense of self-confidence, and you will be ready to conquer the world. 

      Think of the matching set as matching fingernails and toenail polish; it is stunning. This will go a long way in affirming your femininity. The guide to getting the perfect collection of matching bra and panty sets is maintaining a good color scheme. 

      While you have the luxury of choosing from multiple colors, you should maintain about three. Have them in basic colors such as nude, white, black, and other colors like red. To get the most out of your set, ensure that you consider your skin tone; pick colors that compliment it. 

      Lace sets are very flattering and would be good to have, whether for going out or for the bedroom. Also, for maximum comfort, ensure that you get the correct sizes.

      Chic Lover sexy lingerie wholesale vendors have the sets in several colors, such as rose red, black, blue, purple, yellow, red, white, and nude.

      The sets are ideal for dresses and tops that come with flattering back cuts as they are backless. Having a bunch of the Chic Lover lingerie will really come in handy. The sets come in one size, ideal for women with heights ranging between 150-180 cm and weighing 40-80 kgs.

      The bra and panty sets are of mesh style with hollow details and are also made with nylon material. The best part is that this fantastic set goes for $5. If you are buying lingerie in bulk, you are bound to get amazing discounts depending on the number of pieces you will take home. 


      1. Two-piece see-through nightwear

      This is yet another flattering piece that you will not miss in lingerie vendors' wholesale collection. Who said that your nights have to be boring or graced by the traditional pajamas. Chic Lover two-piece see-through nightwear is the ultimate definition of elegance.

      With this lingerie, you will not wake up with sweat-soaked beddings as the mesh style allows for the circulation you need all night long. The crop top and skirt that make up this piece are very comfortable, and you will even forget that you have them on during your slumber.

      The top is exceptionally versatile, and if you like, you can choose to pair it with your favorite denim pants with cups underneath.

      The lingerie comes in one color, black, and it is a one size fit ideal for women weighing 40- 80 kgs. The nylon material lingerie is also graced with hollowing-out details and jumpsuit style. You will be surprised by how affordable this beauty is, going for $6.50. 


      1. One piece bustier

      The one-piece bustier set is the one lingerie that every woman deserves to have in their wardrobe. Whether they are married, single, or in a relationship. The reason they should have them is they are sexy. 

      The exciting thing about the one-piece bustier is that even though it provides more coverage than any other type of lingerie, it still sexier than them. We can start by how they complement all body types. This lingerie type has its way of accentuating curves, making you love every aspect of your body.

      If you love to go all out on special occasions, then this is a piece you will never go wrong with. By just looking at it, you will see “special” written all over it. The strappy details on the neckline and the pelvis is a killer and probably will be the best thing you will love about the bustier.

      The versatility of this piece also makes it one of the bought cheap wholesale lingerie. You can wear it at night, and it is also perfect for day wear. The lingerie will give you a seamless look that you need for seduction and personal pleasure too. There is also something about body hugging fits, they are just sassy, and this is something you will also love about it. 

      Not to forget, it is effortless to wear. Whether you are taking it to bed or glamming it up with a pair of denim pants or a skirt, you can also throw something like a shawl or jacket over it, and you will be perfect to go. 

      Since it is not bulky, layering it becomes seamless. A one-piece bustier never goes out of trend, and you can never go wrong with it if you want to look stylish. This explains why vendors always buy lingerie in bulk; women love it. 

      The Chic Lover one-piece bustier comes in one color, black, and one size. It can fit women between 40-80 kgs with heights ranging between 150-180 cm. The lingerie style is a jumpsuit with hallowing out detail. 

      The bustier is made of one of the best fabrics for lingerie, nylon. It has a strong and elastic fiber, making it easy to fit. Also, it is very easy to clean and wash. The fabric is also resistant to stain and wear and tear, meaning you will have this piece for a very long time. If you are 

      looking for chic and cheap wholesale lingerie, then you are in the right place. 

      This piece goes for only $4.70, and wholesale lingerie suppliers get discounts depending on how much they spend on the pieces.


      1. Lingerie set with thigh high socks

      There is no doubt that every woman would love a piece of these, even if they do not consider themselves daring. How do we know this? It is among the most purchased items from the information we get from lingerie wholesale vendors. 

      The thigh-high set is a fashionable accessory that you need to compliment your lingerie collection. If you ask most women who have tried it out, they will tell you it is way better than the pantyhose. That is particularly because you will not have to deal with the warmth and humidity that comes with wearing the pantyhose.

      There is no other better way to accessorize your legs than wearing thigh-high socks. They are beautiful and sexy. Unfortunately, they would not be ideal for taking to work if you wanted to. They are suitable for the days that you want to feel confident and add vibrance to your lingerie.

      The thigh-high socks are perfect for those days that you just want to dress up. Paired with the right pair of heels and dress, it brings out a completely stunning look. If you are the kind of woman that loves to be in control, then there is no way you should miss this in your collection. The socks make women look so empowered, confident, and in control. 

      If you have muscular legs and bulky calves, then this is a good option. The thigh-high socks usually make the legs appear longer and leaner. More so, they will draw attention away from the calves. 

      Chic Lover thigh-high socks will spice up your lingerie collection effortlessly. Most suppliers go for wholesale lingerie because they know how much these pieces sell. Empower yourself with the polyethylene fiber-made socks. They come in one color, black, and one size to fit different body sizes.

      The sleeveless set has hollow details and comes at a highly affordable price of $5.50. for wholesale lingerie suppliers, they will get amazing discounts depending on the number of pieces they will pick. 


      1. Mini lingerie

      If you consider yourself a minimalist, there is something for you at Chic Lover. This is top on the list of our sexy lingerie wholesale collection. This collection is considered very unique and mostly limited in the market. Luckily for you, it forms part of our lingerie vendors' wholesale collections.

      They are great for both petite and plus-size ladies and women that prefer to have light fabric on them. This is a simple wardrobe staple that you cannot miss out on.

      If you believe less is more, this is the kind of lingerie you need. The mini lingerie is the ultimate definition of sexy and elegant. We have 13 colors to ensure that every woman’s preference is met. We are talking about black, yellow, white, blue, purple, rose red, pink, white, red, orange, blue, green, and more. 

      The bikini-style lingerie is made of strong nylon fabric with hollow detail, and each piece goes for $8.90.


      1. Fishnet lingerie

      You cannot possibly consider your lingerie collection complete if you don’t have fishnet pieces. They are among the most selling of our lingerie vendors' wholesale collection, and you need to grab yourself one. 

      The sexy lingerie wholesale pieces are timeless and will never go out of style. Chic Lover fishnet lingerie pieces allow the exploratory women to have a feel of the fishnet without being stuck with the traditional fishnet stockings.

      These are basically full-body stockings that will leave you feeling luxurious and chic. This is a piece you will never go wrong with when it comes to the game of seduction. The lingerie is see-through, allowing just enough visibility to spark curiosity. It is a great statement for the woman that considers herself kinky. 

      The fit also offers great flexibility as it is excellent for the bedroom, and you can decide to take it outdoors, too, under an elegant dress or skirt. It is a combination of vintage and modern fashion. It is a great piece to spice up your style while maintaining comfort and pleasure. 

      You can decide to add femininity to your look by pairing black fishnet lingerie with a colorful floral dress. You can wear them with denim that leaves out some flesh to be seen. Distressed or ripped denim pants would be a great idea. 

      Alternatively, you can simply fold the pants at the calves and get going. This short-sleeve fishnet can also be worn with a t-shirt. There are tons of ways to style the fishnet lingerie, and you will be glad to have it in your collection.

      Chic lover fishnet lingerie comes in three colors, t is red, black, white, and in one size. They are ideal for ladies with heights ranging from 150- 180 cm and weights ranging from 40-90 kgs. They are made of nylon fabric and this way, you can be guaranteed their resilience, ease of maintenance, and long-term service. 

      The pieces are also very affordable, going for $4.20 each.


      Tips for keeping a good lingerie collection

      Even though the lingerie sector is often neglected, you need to pay more attention to it. You need to love your lingerie. The type of lingerie you choose to wear in the morning will determine if you will have a lazy day or be motivated to conquer the world.

      1. Get the right size

      Don’t shy away from using a size chart to determine what is perfect for you if you have to. The good thing about Chic Lover is we will always have the right size for you. Look through our wholesale lingerie collection, and you will get a fit. 

      The better the lingerie fits, the better you will look and feel.

      1. Always work with the sets

      Nobody has probably told you this but, you always look great when you wear lingerie sets. It can be really tempting to get individual bras and panties, but the sets will always win. Coordination is everything, and you will feel it once you start working with sets.

      1. Invest in quality lingerie

      With good quality lingerie, you will not be forced to replace them every month. More so, no one wants to wear uncomfortable fabrics underneath their garments. High-quality lingerie looks stunning and elegant, and they last.

      Look at the seams to ensure they are well fixed. Ensure that the fabric does not irritate your skin. The great part is that you do not even need to break a bank to get quality lingerie. Chic Lover has a cheap wholesale lingerie collection with fantastic fabric and is also built to last.

      1. Always hand wash your lingerie

      This may sound tedious, but it is the best way to care for your investment. It does not matter whether you have bought the best quality lingerie; you have to invest in care if you want them to maintain their appearance. 

      Handwashing your lingerie with alcohol-free detergents will keep them looking as good as new. Also, ensure they are completely dry before you store them in your drawers to prevent mold development. 

      1. Switch up your lingerie with seasons

      This might come as a surprise, but yes, your lingerie needs to change with the seasons. Think of your lingerie like any other fashion. The type of clothes you wear changes with the different seasons. The same should apply when it comes to your undergarments. 

      This explains why it is essential to have the different lingerie types in your collection. It is in no way extravagant; it is all about preparing yourself for comfort.

      For instance, thong sets may be more comfortable during summer as they have minimal fabric, ensuring no heat build-up. During winters, you can layer the fishnet sets to keep the heat locked in.

      The thigh-high socks are also great during the cold seasons. Most women find bikinis also incredible during winner. Ensure that you balance your lingerie sets for not only appeal but also the functionality.

      1. Prioritize your comfort

      The lingerie you are buying is for you. Although you might be planning dinner dates for them, remember that you are still the one who will be wearing them for hours. Comfort should therefore be in your checklist.  

      There is nothing as frustrating as having uncomfortable lingerie on. Also, think about your personal style when choosing the pieces as it will contribute to how good and confident you feel in it. 

      Take away

      Lingerie shopping is something every woman should include in their activities. If you are yet to grace your wardrobe lingerie, the idea of shopping for some can be intimidating. It doesn’t need to be. You can get very affordable and high-quality lingerie at Chic Lover.

      There is a wide range of items you can explore. If you are getting started with building up your collection, the bikini sets will be perfect for you. You can then add other styles like the fishnet lingerie, the bustier bodysuit, mini lingerie, see-through lingerie, and many more from our collection. 

      Choose good quality lingerie, take care of them, and they will last. When buying your lingerie, keep versatility in mind and never trade your comfort for anything.

      Do away with conventional underwear by buying the sassy and affordable Chic Lover lingerie.