Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

851 products

851 products

The primary focal point of any ensemble is the outfit rather than other accompanying effects that work to build up a whole look – like the accessories, hairdo, and makeup.  The Chiclover wholesale plus size clothing is a plus-sized inclusive clothing line that will put you or your consumer-base at the forefront of the plus-size style rave.

Why should you get in on these sales?

Here's why!

Affordability: Virtually every piece goes for less than $20 with just a few selling for a little under $30. With this affordable pricing, you do not need to break a bank to look good and comfortably go for multiple pieces without maxing out your credit cards.

Versatility: From different designs, fabric, styles, and patterns to various colors and sizes, we cater to every plus-sized lady's fashion need. Work out, date night, a quick errand to the grocery store, nightdresses, and pajamas – you name it, we have it all in stock on our wholesale plus size clothing collection.  You know what they say; ‘variety is the spice of life.’

Wearable All Year Round: While we have a host of clothing for the winter season, which is fast approaching, we also have clothing suitable for other seasons and weather conditions. Whether it's a dip in temperature, our autumn/winter casual denim suit is tailored to keep you warm while still ensuring you're going to be a head-turner for the evening. For the summer, our women's summer jumpsuit made from the finest of heat-friendly fabric has you covered.

Fashionable:  Our wholesale collections come in ready-to-wear chic and sexy silhouettes. At Chiclover, we believe everyone should dress up loving their outfit and not feeling like being fashionable is an alien concept achievable by only a select few. And so, we stock up with only the most stylish and trendy pieces in the market for you to select from. Say no to dowdy and dull as you embrace the confidence that comes with looking dashing in any ensemble of your choice. 

Get fashion staples that are a must-have for your closet and will make good additions to your retail store because, at Chiclover, your ‘styletisfaction’ is our priority. Merry shopping!