Different Types Of Fashion Styles – 8 Popular Fashion Elements For Autumn And Winter

Different Types Of Fashion Styles

Different types of fashion styles have always been dominated by fashion trends. Consumers are also staying on the edge of the trend, keeping up with the current trend of consumption.

So if you want to maintain a certain competitive advantage. Must stay ahead and be the first to react quickly to the latest fashion trends.

The 8 popular fashion elements of 2021 autumn and winter, you are the darling of fashion when you learn!


1. Shoulder pads of the era


This autumn and winter, shoulder pads are back!

The 8 fashion and popular elements of 2021 autumn and winter are just right to get the goods!

Shoulder pads were the most popular fashion weapon in the 1980s. Over time, most people have habitually cut this “strange” thing.

But in recent years such retro signs have returned. In this autumn and winter. the endless shoulder pad designs have returned to the trendy area of ​​fashion. Let the retro continue!

If you want to try to lead this trend. You can try well-tailored sports jackets and suits. Or choose a romantic dress with fluffy shoulders. Create a sexy, casual, cold, and handsome female image.


2. Fluffy sleeves


According to the BBC, one of the hottest fashion searches is the 70s fashion with wide, fluffy sleeves.

This kind of sleeves with fluffy elements added to the jumpsuit instantly makes the overall style of the clothes completely three-dimensional. It also makes the whole image more atmospheric and elegant.

So it’s time to take a closer look at the nearest antique shop or mom’s wardrobe. Find out those coveted antique clothes and ingeniously blend them in new outfits.


3. Overalls


The jumpsuit was originally an article of protective clothing designed for manual labor. Now it is both fashionable and practical. Choose the most suitable one for yourself. These long-sleeved ones are available in a variety of styles. So, you will not be short of options.

Now many fashion enthusiasts use the overalls as a jacket and wear the shirt in the same way as the high-necked bottoming shirt.

The coat does not have to be well-dressed, just drape it over your shoulders, and exude an aura of confidence.


4. Double pack combination


The waist bag that suddenly became popular last year has successfully counterattacked.

But this year’s autumn and winter double bag combination has once again attracted attention. It has become a figure that can be seen by street photographers and celebrities.

One big and one small, keep the same color, but the shape and size are quite different. It also adds a lot of interesting sentiment to people’s accessories.

The bright-toned double-bag combination swayed with you, with distinct levels. Shows more feminine charm.


5. plaid Pants


The enduring element of plaid has spread again in the four major fashion weeks of autumn and winter. After the Scottish plaid is the head, the Vichy plaid has kept up. An unpredictable trend of plaid once again swept the fashion circle by surprise.

The charm of plaid trousers should not be ignored. Use it to mix and match a variety of basic tops.

For example: white shirts, white Ts, knitted sweaters, and other items create a simple and casual style.

In the fall and winter this year, it is still the world of wide-length straight-leg pants. Especially the ultra-long trousers are worthy of attention.

And this color-toned plaid suit + skirt can give people another sense of brilliance. And cleverly match this year’s popular forest color system perfectly.

If you feel the color is too dark, you can use pure shades such as beige and linen to neutralize it. It can give people a high-level texture instantly.


6. Snakeskin printing


The trend of snakeskin printing has been slowly attracting people. Now it has officially occupied the fashion industry.

Although the return of tiger print and leopard print is completely expected, the trend of snakeskin printing in autumn is somewhat unexpected.

Even today, the snakeskin pattern still has some illegal and luxurious things. But its innate unique pattern still instantly raises the aura.


7. Leopard print


Many women may frown and feel that leopard prints are far away from them when it comes to leopard prints. and those as far away as mothers will wear them.

Moreover, the leopard print is easy to be old-fashioned and not advanced. and it is difficult to wear a fashionable sense.

But this year’s leopard print is the favorite of fashionistas. It appears in all kinds of costumes

Including pants, jackets, dresses, suits, etc.~

Animal prints have always been a symbol of power! For autumn and winter, animal prints are very wild in fashion. Whether it is leopard print, tiger print, snake print, zebra print, it exudes feminine strength and independence.


8. Top hat


Some time ago, the fisherman hat became a favorite among many consumers. From summer to early autumn, the fisherman hat is a good solution to the hot sun rays in summer.

And this season bucket hats appeared. It is a stronger and more mature style. The colors are more in line with the dark colors of autumn and winter, and there are more shapes on the patterns and details.


The above is the 2021 autumn and winter trend elements compiled for everyone. The fashion trend may not change much in each season of the year.

However, when new products are updated every season. Trend elements should be appropriately integrated according to the characteristics of each season.

So when dressing and matching. Follow the popular elements and combine your own style at the same time. Naturally integrate the popular elements of each season into it. Without losing the fashion, but also has its own unique style!

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