Dresses for Petite Women, Let Us Offer You Some Suggestions

Dresses for Petite Women

Dresses for petite women – Every time the season of wearing skirts is when petite girls are worried, especially long skirts, petite girls always feel that only high heels can support their beauty, but in fact, excessively high heels can only reveal their height more clearly.
It’s better to wear a pair of flat shoes that are small and light (turning a disadvantage into an advantage, you must know that this kind of beauty is a dream for tall girls). In fact, the key to the beauty of dressing is not the height but the proportion. The following will tell you how to wear a dress with flat shoes to not appear shortly.
The importance of waistline is not only for petite girls, even the standard supermodel figure is sometimes unbalanced due to improper waistline position. When we judge a person’s height, we can only look at him and perceive his height. , The location of the waistline is also an important criterion.
The babydoll without a waistline, petite girls must not touch it, it will greatly compress your body length, tall and like Caroline Issa also can’t hold it. High-waisted dresses exist for petite girls. Use it to wear flat shoes with both waist and leg length.
In addition to wearing a high waist, Natasha, a 150+ blogger, has another good trick-directly “marking” the waistline with a belt. The advantage of the belt is that where is the waist belt, the body proportion is perfectly divided, and it is no problem to match any style of flat shoes.

Moderately exposed skin can also be higher.

Yes! The degree of exposure determines the height (but it does not mean that you wear it exposed). Try to expose your shoulders, arms, and ankles, so that you can avoid being “overwhelmed” by the dress so that you can have the lightness of a little girl.
A picture tells you how important a V-neck is too small people, especially when wearing flat shoes and long skirts. Changing the high collar to a deep V can lengthen the neckline, giving a neat and slender feeling.
Once it does not look bloated, it will naturally appear taller. Wearing flat shoes, there is a kind of free and easy neat and good-looking. The “V-shaped rule” is also applicable to the lower body. Dresses with slits or irregular skirts are usually the same when you look at them.
When the legs are exposed, you will know that it is amazing! (Remember to keep the legs away from the slits when taking pictures. The place stretches out) With the popular shirt skirt + trousers, you can also challenge the small ones.
In addition to revealing the ankles and arms, the shoes are best to choose the same color extension lines as the trousers. As long as the proportion is appropriate, length + length does not equal shortness.
If you wear flat shoes with a skirt that extends to the instep, you should expose more skin on the upper body and minimize the “weight” of the upper body to maintain a visual balance. This year’s hot off-shoulder design is a good choice.

Wearing the right color, it can be five centimeters taller

Color is very important for petite girls, especially when wearing flat shoes cannot “leverage”. Pure color is preferred because it brings a visual effect that extends vertically from head to toe, or the whole body printing pattern with color jumping is also a very effective strategy for heightening. And those large-area color block combinations, you have to be careful.
A large area of color blocks will divide the figure into sections, even if wearing high heels, it is a disaster for small girls. Highly saturated colors are better than dark colors. Bright colors can increase the overall brightness. A small figure looks lively. At this time, you will find that the heel height is not an obstacle to dressing at all.
Some patterns can be “slim”, don’t let them go! For example, slender vertical stripes (wide vertical stripes may not necessarily make you thin) invisibly stretch your legs. Small print + high waistline + big V-neck dress, the proportion of the figure is optimized to the best, the effect of showing the height is not a little bit.

Mini skirts and long skirts that make you grow taller

Petite girls know that short skirts can make themselves look tall, but they worry that wearing long skirts with flat shoes will look like a dwarf-you! Wrong! The smaller the figure, the more suitable the size. The length of the skirt does not mean that it is oversize.
This kind of skirt without a shoulder line or waist is not surprisingly short. Speaking of the right size, we have to make a digression. Be careful when wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a little girl. If you are a petite figure, don’t wear clothes that will make people feel that “because you are small, you can’t support it”. Your arm, the effect will be better.
It’s true that short skirts can show height, but it doesn’t prove that you can’t wear long skirts. If the waistline is right, you can still wear long skirts. The extra legs exposed by the slits of the skirt are earned. The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel. Because it’s so beautiful, it’s natural, and it won’t be sexy “gritting your teeth.”

Where are your pointed shoes?

Even if you choose a dress with perfect cut proportions, for small girls, you may be beaten back to the original shape because of a wrong pair of shoes. So the foolproof choice is pointed flat shoes. The pointed toe design can not only modify the foot shape, At the same time, it also extends the calf line and is definitely the first choice for petite figures.
For the thin and light dresses in spring, height-enhancing shoes and thick-soled shoes are definitely out. Those heavy soles are very attractive, and the feet are particularly heavy and not a little short. The first rule to show leg length is to choose pointed shoes that are similar in color to the bottoms to maximize the extension effect.
If there is a pair of pointed-toe flats shoes that show the highest height, of course, it is the nude-colored pointed-toe flat shoes, which can magically blur the boundary between the shoes and the legs, and the short coat also helps to lift the overall line up.
With one foot stretched forward and tiptoe up, the protruding pointed tip will make you a few centimeters taller in the photo, which is a must-have photo rule for petite girls. Who says black is overweight? The skirt slit design and shallow pointed shoes can maximize the extension effect, showing high and temperament. In fact, in addition to mastering the matching skills, the most important thing about dressing is self-confidence.
Compared with high heels, the comfort on the feet of flat shoes makes you more comfortable. This kind of self-confidence and grace never differs from height.

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