Find the Right Style Plus Size Fall Dresses for You

Plus Size Fall Dresses

Find the Right Style Plus Size Fall Dresses for You

 Fall or autumn is the time of the year when the nights start to get longer and colder. After that, it is the cozy season as cardigans and sweaters emerge from the wardrobe.

Fashionable clothes, luckily, are not restricted to the hot summer season only. Every fashion designer with a proper name comes with unique fall season collections. It means an extensive range of fall-season-worthy dresses you can pair with your black boots.

Which are the timeless fall dresses, especially in the Plus Size? Continue reading to know more about Plus Size fall dresses that are work-appropriate and can be worn for evenings out, to formal parties, weddings, or simply as everyday pieces.

Introducing Plus Size Fall Dresses – A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit 

With fall setting in, it is time to pack the summer wardrobe and put them away for the following year. Things are getting chillier now, and you need the right dresses to beat the chill! Yes, you can pair your jeans and trousers with shirts and tees. But dresses are also a must; after all, they are a wardrobe essential.

Your Plus Size wardrobe needs classic pieces that make dressing so much more effortless. Dresses are versatile and stylish. And you can pair the Plus Size fall dresses fabulously with different kinds of shoes, accessories, and cosmetics to look your best.

International fashion designers suggest that whatever dress you pick for yourself, ensure that it matches your lifestyle. For example, if you are a mom, you must choose plus fall dresses that allow you to move around to see you through the day. On the other hand, if you are a college-going woman, you need attires that are not just layered but also give you a lot of freedom and comfort to attend events, classes, parties, and more. Make sure the dresses are not just functional but chic and fashionable too.

Follow this guide to find the perfect women’s Plus Size fall dresses. 

Layer your clothes.

Take out your shirts, long or short-sleeved.

Tank tops are also good to go.

Turtlenecks are the best choice, and so are button-up blouses.

Go in for tight leggings for added protection from the cold wind.

Keep your cardigans, coats, and sweaters handy.

A leather jacket looks stylish and keeps you warm.

A trench coat is a must if it rains during autumn.

Hoodies are also an excellent way to stay comfortable with a sporty attitude.

Skirts and pants look fashionable, but if you wish to look sexy and daring, wear shorts and minis, and tights underneath.

Guide to finding the perfect fit for Plus Size fall dresses

1. Start with your waist. You need to see where the waist of the fall dress falls on your body.

A dress with an Empire waist will fit you at the bust and flow down right below the bust. This is an ideal style for women with curves. Apple body shapes should go in for this style.

An A-line dress also fits your bust, but it goes down to fit your waist too. It is a flattering style for most women of all shapes and sizes.

A drop waist is a style that hangs freely, reminding you of flapper dresses. The waistline of the dress goes below your natural waist. This style looks fabulous on women with rectangular body shapes.

A fit-and-flare fall dress is another style that looks good in all shapes. This style should be one of the first preferences for Plus Size women because it creates a slimming effect due to its tight-fitting bodice. Women with an hourglass figure, apple shape, and rectangular shape should go in for these Plus Size fall dresses.

A shift dress or a column dress is a rectangular-shaped dress. It is comfortable, doesn’t hug you too tight, and is forgiving. Thus, it is a good choice as a Plus Size casual fall dress. If you have an hourglass figure, avoid this dress; if you need to wear it, use a belt at the center.

A sheath dress is a good option as plus size fall formal dress. The dress fits your form and suits cocktail parties or date nights. This is the ultimate evening attire for women with athletic body shapes and hourglass figures.

A trapeze dress follows the A-line cut but is an exaggerated version. It doesn’t fit your form with a triangular shape. As a result, the dress does not highlight your curvy figure. It is a good dress for women with a rectangular body shape.

A wrap dress is a form-fitting dress, extremely body-friendly. Go in for this dress if you have an apple shape or an hourglass shape body. For your curves, this dress does the ultimate justice.

2. The length of the Dress is the next important consideration. The choices are:

Mini fall dresses are fun, flirty, and ideal for females across different ages, colors, shapes, and sizes. You should be comfortable wearing the dress. Show off your shapely legs dressed in a Plus Size mini dress.

Knee-length dresses are suitable for office and meetings. It’s more of a formal gown. There are different options, from free-flowing to silhouette hugging. Wear your heels with the midi dress, and you’ll look amazing.

Maxi dresses are always a super favorite for Plus Size women. These are comfortable and range from shapeless styles to form-fitting ones. You can tie a belt at the waist for your curves to highlight your best features.

Trendy Styles for Plus Size Women This Fall 

Plus Size long fall dresses that cover most of your body are the first preference for women. Here are a few choice-able options.

A Plus Size fall maxi dress is an ideal choice. A flowing sheer-made maxi with voluminous sleeves is a lovely dress for parties and at home. For a seductive look, go in for slits thigh-high. Wear a maxi made from jersey material for a layered, comfortable, and minimalist look. It could have a wrap top that curves you around the bust and waist. A toe-length skirt extends your sex appeal.

Plus Size cocktail dresses made from velvet that flatters your figure. Richer the print, the better the look. Turtle necks look fabulous and feel comfortable during the cold season. Wear your strappy heels, and you can set the stage on fire.

Plus Size halter neck midi dress looks great on your curves. If you have beautiful arms, showcase them wearing this show-stopper dress. A midi dress that stops just above the knees also shows off your graceful legs.

Plus Size Stylish Ribbed Dress looks great in knitted fabric. A v-neckline gives the dress the correct depth. Puffed and long sleeves are stylish and keep you safe from the chill outdoors. This is an excellent option for evenings. Layer it with a scarf if it is too cold.

Plus Size A-line T-shirt Dress: Try this trendy minimalist fashion. The most-loved part is that you can wear it all year round. This is a T-shirt dress with a pleated skirt. The cut and elegance of a formal dress make it a hot favorite while keeping you comfortable.

Plus Size Bodycon Dress: Why not? For your fall collection, go ahead with a front button bodycon that can be a perfect cocktail dress during autumn. Details like a plunging neckline with a polo collar add dimension to the dress.

How to Accessorize Your Plus Size Outfit for Maximum Impact?

Wearing the right accessories is crucial to look your best. Here are some tips for your Plus Size fall dress.

  1. Shoes: Wear your strappy heels for a night out or a cocktail event. To keep things casual, go in with your pseudo or knee-length boots. A crystal-embellished pair of sandals look good on formal occasions.
  1. Warm Accessories: Since the weather is pretty chilly by now, you should be equipped with accessories that keep you warm, especially outdoors. You can try tweed or felt hats. Scarves are a woman’s best friend. Flannel is a good choice. If you live in colder areas, go in for knitted scarves. The next thing on your list should be gloves. Leather and suede gloves are trendy.
  1. Statement Jewelry: Iconic neckpieces, bangles, and earrings complete your look.
  1. Belts: Go in for belts at the waist to flaunt your curves at the waist. Leather or knitted belts, big or small, go well with your fall dress materials.

Tips on Shopping for Affordable Plus Size Clothing 

Affordability is a significant aspect of Plus Size clothing. Here are a few ways to help you cruise through when shopping for the perfect Plus Size fall dresses.


Tip No. 1 # Go in for premium-quality garments. Even if these cost a bit more, the high-quality dresses will be your go-to staple garments for a long time. In the long run, eventually, these will work out more cost-effective than cheap dresses that are meant for use a few times and then need to be thrown.


Tip No. 2 # Go for specialized Plus Size stores to get clothes that are made for your size and shape. Consequently, the dresses are more flattering and not simply made more prominent to suit the plus size. At stores like Chiclover, much focus is given to tailoring clothes that fit you well and are modeled for curvy figures. Again, buying clothes from such a store means you use your money economically.

Tip No. 3 # Shop at a local supermarket. You’ll be surprised by the range of choices you can get in the clothes section at supermarkets. With good discounts and attractive deals, you can shop affordably for Plus Size fall dresses.

Tip No. 4 # Online resellers can also be checked out if you are looking at buying cheap. In addition, there are charity and secondhand shops that have started keeping a decent collection of Plus Size dresses.

Tip No. 5 # Lookout for sales, which usually happen around festivities. If you want to put your money in the right place, you can wait till the fall season starts and then take advantage of Christmas and New Year sales.

Choosing the Right Fabric, Pattern, and Color When Buying a Dress in Larger Sizes 

Fabrics: Velvet, satin, corduroy, leather, wool, silk, tweeds, wrinkle-resistant viscose, and chiffon are typical fabrics for fall. You can also wear a 100% cotton dress during fall if the weather isn’t too chilly. The intent should be to choose heavier fabrics to ward off the chill.

Pattern: When it comes to the print, fall patterns are typically flowers, vivid and cheerful. Since you are on the heavier side, your Plus Size fall dress should usually have smaller floral prints that create the illusion of a slimmer body. The best floral prints for this season are hibiscus, thistle, pansies, and roses.

Colors: Besides the fall colors, which are the earthly browns, chestnuts, and oranges, you can also comfortably wear dresses in hues like classic blue, burgundy, wine, dark gray, pink, shades of cinnamon, walnut, caramel, and gingerbread. For softer tones, go in with beige, marine-inspired colors like aqua, sea green, or turquoise. Other colors to flaunt during the fall are royal colors like the shades of purple, gold, and silver.

Conclusion - Find the Right Style Plus Size Fall Dresses for You

Plus Size fall dresses are a must-have in your fashionista wardrobe as autumn sets in. We have taken you through the best fabrics, colors, patterns, tips to wear and look your best, and how to find the right dress for your body type.

Are you looking to buy fashionable and chic Plus Size fall dresses online? Visit Chic Lover as this is one of the best e-fashion stores for heavier women. This is where you can find suitable attire for your size in different variations and styles. So shop to your heart’s content for fall dresses of your size at Chiclover.

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