How To Be A Fashionista? – 8 Tips To Make You Tasteful And Elegant

How To Be A Fashionista - 8-Tips-To-Make-You-Tasteful-And-Elegant
How to be a fashionista? This is often troublesome for all kinds of clothes. So is it really difficult to choose clothes? how to be a fashionista? Actually, it is not particularly difficult.
 If a woman really wants to squeeze into that glimmering fashion circle, then there are certain skills needed when dressing. If you study hard and grasp these things well enough. I believe it will have an effect on how people see your overall looks. they’ll be able to spot the difference from what’s considered “normal.”

How To Be A Fashionista? – 8 Tips To Make You Tasteful And Elegant


How To Be A Fashionista? – 1. Use waistline

How To Be A Fashionista - Use-waist-line
First of all, if a woman makes good use of the waistline when wearing it, it will be easier to wear a sense of beauty. At this point, it is also quite suitable for women whose upper body is relatively slender and the lower body is slightly thicker.
It’s not just the waistline that you can showcase in high-waisted skirts. You also get to do away with any of those unflattering jiggle marks!
But if your goal is thinness, then choose carefully. some fabrics will make it impossible for anything. but skin exposure while others may show off too much underwear or booty (or both).
No matter what though. no one wants an amorphous blob on their body at all times so take care when picking out outfits for yourself!
Choosing a high-waisted skirt with low slits is an excellent way to cover up any shortcomings of the body. If you have thin hips and wide thighs then wearing this type of clothing will make it seem like there’s nothing wrong!
You can also choose between light-colored tops paired with dark bottoms (e.g., black) for an extra slimming effect. or white shirts embellished by elegant ruffles on top and bottom.

How To Be A Fashionista? – 2. Properly exposed skin

How To Be A Fashionista - Properly-exposed-skin
Maybe people usually think that if you are overweight, it is best to cover all of your body when you wear clothes. This seems to be safer. However, for some women who are slightly fatter, you can actually choose the appropriate way to wear exposed skin.
For example, you can wear a pair of 7-point pants and then expose your feet. This dress is not only fashionable but also beautiful!
Women have other options to make their outfits more interesting with different styles. like slant-off-shoulder tops paired up nicely against jeans or any other type they desire. for an elegant look that will be trendy.
This year too without worries about being outmatched. because every detail counts when crafting these looks

How To Be A Fashionista? – 3. Sense of depth

How To Be A Fashionista - Sense-Of-Depthc
To make an outfit more creative, we can adopt a layered approach. This way of dressing is also very tasteful and when there are layers then the sense that it provides comes in with its own three-dimensionality. to give off this powerful feeling which. will have people looking at your beautiful figure from all angles!
There are many ways to make a hierarchy, and one way is with color. A woman can choose her colors like this: for example, she could wear stripes or solid-colored clothes that match each other well. I think it’s interesting how different hues bring out your personality and show off who you really want people to see!
This is not only eye-catching but also very colorful. because of its bright shades of each individual color combined together on one garment or design element

How To Be A Fashionista? – 4. Fabric

How To Be A Fashionista - Fabric
The decision to layer or not can be difficult, but the fabrics should always have your style in mind. When choosing what goes on top of which piece? That’s where each fabric offers its own personality and charm!
The choice of fabric can make all the difference. The way it feels looks, and sounds are influenced by its quality too!
It’s difficult for one garment to be both beautiful AND functional. but they’re not designed that way on purpose either. because when you find just the right material then your clothes will speak volumes about who you are without even saying anything at all!
The combination of fabrics is a stylish and feminine choice for any woman who wants to be fresh.
From the casual denim fabric paired with elegant chiffon. it also looks very comfortable without being too overwhelming on your outfit choices.
It’s always a good idea to mix and match fabrics of different colors for some interesting effects.
When casual denim meets elegant chiffon it seems like. they would be an unlikely combination. but surprisingly works well together because there is something. about each fabric that inspires other qualities in its partner.

How To Be A Fashionista? – 5. There is a degree of relaxation

How To Be A Fashionista - There-is-a-degree-of-relaxation
Among the techniques of dressing. one that can be used to make you look slim and decent is having a degree of relaxation.
This technique has been found relatively easy by many people who have mastered it. well enough not just for their lower body. but also on top where they wear garments more snugly around certain areas like hips or bust line.
If your upper body shape looks less curvy than what’s below then. try opting out with looser clothes over others. which will give off an appealing appearance.
For example, women can wear a looser shirt with tights and still look fashionable. The light colors are perfect for summertime because they don’t make you hot or cold like darker hues of blue do!
If your figure is Pear Shaped then try choosing bright colors instead of dark ones. will give off an opposite effect that makes people think “youthful”.

How To Be A Fashionista? – 6. The colors echo

How To Be A Fashionista - The-colors-echo
For the overall outfit, you should not have more than three colors. You can be as complicated or simple with your outfits- whichever suits your fashion sense best! The colors should also echo one another to make it look more coordinated when put together properly
The rule of thumb when designing an outfit is not to have too many colors on the whole body. and try not to get complicated. This will make it easier for everything matches up better together!
For example, a woman can choose to wear her white T-shirt on the upper body and black trousers. She could go for a yellow half skirt or dresses which are also very feminine. but if you want something more classic then these options won’t do justice!
You could instead put together an outfit consisting of one dress in blue. with a small square bag across your chest paired up nicely by high heels (which will match).
This combination always feels like it has been done before yet still looks elegant at times. either way, I find myself drawn into its simple appeal every time

How To Be A Fashionista? – 7. Use the collar

How To Be A Fashionista - Use-the-collar
The dressing is an art. The choice of collar can make a big difference in how you look and feel about yourself. depending on what type of face shape or body type that you have!
If your square-shaped features are balanced. with round neck designs then this will be ideal for evening out sharp lines across. the top while still making sure everything looks perfect. from all angles thanks to its elegant design principles.
If you have a round face, it is best to wear a V-neck shirt. The look of this style will make your features seem more severe. and elegant than if they were framed by an off-the-shoulder or low-cut blouse.

How To Be A Fashionista? – 8. According to age

How To Be A Fashionista - According-to-age
Don’t dress yourself up casually and don’t wear clothes that don’t fit your age. If you want to be more beautiful, then take care of how you present yourself. put effort into looking good because people notice these things!
Dresses are a woman’s best friend. They can be worn to work or dress up any outfit for an event and they never get old! The right kind of dress will show off your figure in all the right ways while making you feel like pure royalty. The dress is elegant and gentle. It’s for women of any age!
In fact, it is necessary not only to understand theoretical knowledge in dressing. but also to apply it to practical operations. Only by doing this and trying constantly, will you know what type of outfit really suits you. How to be a fashionista? After learning what Chic Lover has shared above, it is not difficult to become a fashionista.

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