How To Buy Jeans Online That Fit?

How To Buy Jeans Online That Fit?-model view

Girls who love online shopping should have had similar experiences: those beautiful clothes worn on models, when you wait for a week or even weeks to receive the goods, the upper body effect is completely different from the model, then how to buy jeans online that fit?


In such a situation, it’s better to be able to return, but if you can’t, it will be more than worth the loss.


Then, there is a question: through the limited product information on the website. how to buy jeans online that fit?


1. What kind of jeans are you suitable for?


Before solving this problem, we have to know what kind of body we are.

Everyone often knows four standard body classifications. Today, one more is added.

Common female figures can be classified into five types:

1. apple shape

2. pear shape

3. hourglass

4. inverted triangle

5. straightedge shape


The typical apple-shaped body. You can clearly see the fleshy belly, and the curves from the waist and hips to the thighs are round and round.

For girls with this figure. two important points should be paid attention to when choosing jeans: mid-high waist design, and avoiding tight pants.

High-waisted straight-leg jeans that French girls love. Remember to choose a slightly stiffer fabric. Which visually makes the belly flat and the buttocks curled up.


When it comes to the pear-shaped body. it is obvious that the upper body is relatively thin. And it is accompanied by the common problems of pear girls such as false hip width and thick thighs.

Girls of this kind of figure should also avoid skinny jeans. especially styles with stretch, which can easily expose their body disadvantages.

It is recommended to choose straight-leg pants or wide-leg pants. High-waist styles increase the ratio and visually stretch the leg length. with shirts, sweaters and other tops that “inflate” the upper body, balance up and down. And the whole person is a lot pleasing to the eye.


For an hourglass figure. it is recommended to wear retro mid-waist straight-leg pants in the 90s style.

The neat straight lines make the hip width not so obvious. match it with a waist pinched shirt or short top to show the thin waist generously.


I often hear girls with apple and pear shapes complaining that jeans are not easy to buy. In fact, girls with inverted triangle and straight-length shapes. Commonly known as “no butt” also find it difficult to choose pants.


The figure is a mixture of the “inverted triangle and straight-edge shape”. The shoulders are particularly wide and the waist and hips have no obvious curves. When wearing a strapless tight dress, these two points are thoroughly exposed.

If you wear thinner pants, it is easy to appear top-heavy. The effect of wearing straight-leg pants is not good. But it will also make straight-length girls look no curve.


Let pear-shaped and hourglass-shaped girls have this kind of figure. Tapered jeans are loosely cut at the hips.

They were originally designed to hide the wide hips of mothers. But H-shaped girls have a cool and rusty feeling when worn, and they look good when worn with short boots.

If you follow this line of thinking. Tapered jeans are also very friendly to girls with a thin inverted triangle and ruler shape.

There are still a lot of girls with a straight-edge figure in life. And the paper figure like a model belongs to this kind.

Wearing a suspender skirt and a low-waist H-shaped long skirt is very advanced. But it doesn’t match the jeans to a certain extent, and it is easy to appear without curves and without buttocks.

If you don’t want to make your figure look flat without any curve, you can try to wear some loose-fitting shirts. The hem is tucked into micro-flared jeans or wide-leg pants. It appeared.


2. How to choose jeans based on data


Many people buy jeans online. And basically choose 24, 25 or S or M.

Each country and each version of jeans has a slightly different size standard. And some will give more detailed data.

So we give more detailed suggestions. We always recommend that you measure your waist, hip, inseam length, preferred waist height, and choose based on this. Whether you want a loose or tight design. These measurement figures are reliable standards.


Doesn’t it sound troublesome? In fact, when we usually buy jeans online, we also look at the waist and hips to some extent.

The inseam length (the length from the crotch to the crotch). The thigh circumference (the circumference of the thickest part of the thigh). The preferred waist height (do you prefer high waist. Mid-waist or low-waist), etc. Can also be included refer to.


For example, for girls with a pear-shaped body. When shopping online for jeans. The first thing to look at is the hip circumference, and then the waist circumference.

This is because pear girls generally have wide hips. If you only look at the waist circumference. it is very likely that the pants you receive are not enough hips, and it will be uncomfortable to wear them.

In addition, if you want a fit and comfortable effect. (generally elastic fabric) choose 2-6 cm larger than your hips.


Girls with thick legs should pay attention to checking the thigh circumference. Especially those with tight thighs like leggings and flared pants.

Generally speaking, thigh circumferences are not indicated on women’s clothing websites. And can be estimated based on the elasticity of the fabric (usually the product details will be written) and the upper body effect of the model.

More familiar product types can be purchased directly based on experience. If you are buying a certain pair of jeans for the first time. It is recommended to ask customer service or take a closer look at the details and actual shots.


When you buy mid-to-high waist jeans, have you ever had a similar experience. obviously they chose pants based on their waist circumference. But found that the waist circumference is too large behind the upper body?

Here we suggest that if you buy high-waist jeans online, choose 4-5 cm smaller than your waist. If you have a medium-high waist and loose, you can choose a slightly smaller 2-3 cm, which is more comfortable to wear.


In terms of trouser length. In addition to referring to the data of the jeans itself, we also need to compare the height of the model. First, compare the height of the model and yourself.

Second, pay attention to what shoes they are wearing in the photo. then ask yourself if you plan to use jeans more with high heels or flat shoes. The latter one is very practical for buying trousers.

In addition, if a shorter woman buys jeans that are too long. they can also decide to let the tailor cut a few centimeters of trousers according to the heel height that they most often match.


3. Those jeans are popular this year!


Straight jeans that fit almost all shapes are still the most popular type of pants this year.

The eternal nine-cent straight-leg pants for French girls can’t be bought too much.

The whitish washed light blue is most suitable for the gentle atmosphere of spring. It can be matched with knitted cardigans and doll collar shirts to create a retro and romantic French style~


You can also try the popular outfits on the show: sea soul shirts, ballet shoes, short jackets and straight jeans…

All classic items that must be in the wardrobe. add a baseball cap, and immediately have the coolness of a street girl appearance.


If you want to look cooler, the 90s straight trousers are also a trending item this year. It can be luxurious or casual. And the loose-fitting trousers have a retro, elegant and fashionable feeling.


Fashion experts agree that: “You will always come across when you need a pair of classic black or blue jeans.”

But if you already have several pairs of black and blue jeans, you can try the white one, nine-point bootcut. Or straight wide trousers can be used. All-match attributes are very high, and very fashionable.

If you are worried about the weight of white trousers, you can choose straight trousers (micro-stretch fabric) with a slim fit design, which is not so tight to wear but can comfortably and naturally modify the leg shape and visually extend the leg length.


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