How To Dress Casual For Women In 2021?

how to wear casual
How To Dress Casual In 2021? When the temperature is getting warmer, girls feel that there is a lack of clothes in their wardrobe. because they don’t look good in any combination, and there is still a problem of lack of clothes after buying and buying. This may be because you have not mastered the skills of daily collocation. The collocation in daily life is not that complicated. Most ordinary people use casual and natural wear as a template. After spring, what are the casual and natural outfits?
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01. How To Dress Casual In 2021 – The comfort of a suit
The complete set of suits has greatly reduced the difficulty of color matching, and the overall shape looks simple and neat. However, in the selection process, the main color should be chosen as much as possible to choose some medium saturation, which looks neither vulgar nor exaggerated.
Can be based on the basic color, such as gray or caramel color. The gray suit with checkered element design looks very fashionable with a retro atmosphere. Caramel color has a brightening effect on skin tone. Simply wear a white t-shirt to go out. If you want to break the rigidity brought by suits, a pair of canvas shoes can be completely done, which looks both age-reducing and relaxed, and fashionable.
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How To Dress Casual? In addition to suits, suits can be matched in a variety of ways. White small suits with jeans are more casual and natural. If there is a problem with the leg shape, you can choose straight jeans and roll up the hem of the trousers to show that the legs are long and fashionable. Or maybe it is a combination of gray, dark gray checkered tapered leg pants. The advantage of tapered leg pants is that it has a strong ability to modify the shape of the legs, a moderate degree of looseness, and a kind of lazy style in the overall shape.
02. How To Dress Casual In 2021 – Comfortable wear of T-shirts
The simple and basic long T-shirt is a must-have item in spring. There are many ways in the matching process, mainly simple and comfortable. The smog blue T-shirt is paired with nine-point wide-leg pants. The fabric is soft and has a strong drape, revealing a part of the ankle that is very tall and thin.
The white long T-shirt with simple basic style and zebra-striped leggings are very good for body wrapping. So if you are a slightly fat girl, try not to match it like this. A good figure can be controlled.
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How To Dress Casual? White is a clean color in spring, and it can be regarded as no taboo in collocation. The lower body of the white T-shirt is matched with dark blue striped tapered-leg pants, which are very tolerant of the figure. This type of pants is looser and does not have any sense of restraint. The retro-style zipper-style sweater is paired with straight blue jeans. It has a sporty fashion and looks very handsome.
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Striped T-shirts are a very popular fashion element in recent years, and many people prefer vertical stripes. Vertical stripes do have a visual effect on thinness, but horizontal stripes are also very fashionable to wear. When choosing a T-shirt with horizontal stripes, you can choose smaller stripes. so that people directly ignore the visual expansion brought by the horizontal stripes.
How To Dress Casual? The lower body is matched with straight-leg pants, and the yellow and white slim-fit suite has a sense of formality, which looks sunny and lively. The lower body with jeans is full of age reduction, casual, and natural.
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03. How To Dress Casual In 2021 – The comfort of wearing jeans
Jeans are an evergreen tree in the fashion industry, and straight jeans are the most popular. The most common matching method for high-waisted straight jeans is to put the upper body into the trousers. It is simple and comfortable to lengthen the height by raising the waistline.
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After entering the spring and summer season, the temperature gradually rises, and the matching method of jeans can become more and more simple. Simple is high-class and comfortable. Jeans paired with short t-shirts or long t-shirts are very everyday, casual, and simple, but there is no lack of fashion sense.
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How To Dress Casual In 2021? 

Nowadays, few women are willing to sacrifice comfort to pursue a sense of fashion. As long as the matching is good and the selected items are clean and neat, they can create a casual, fashionable and comfortable look.

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