6 Tips To Help You How to Dress for Your Body Type Plus Size

How to dress for your body type plus size?
How to dress for your body type plus size? Regardless of boys or girls, being fat is a very troublesome thing for us. Fat girls always can’t match the effect they want, making themselves feel inferior. We will analyze the dressing and matching pictures of fat girls in turn to create the most authentic and familiar skills bible. Let’s take a seat for all the fat girls! As a wholesale plus size clothing for many years, we hope that several of our opinions can help you wear plus size clothes better.

Pear shape

The key analysis: generally belongs to the pear-shaped body, especially the girls who sit in the office for a long time. The most prominent manifestation of the so-called pear-shaped body is that the buttocks and thighs are particularly fleshy.
Even if you have a pair of long legs that everyone envies, leggings are definitely a style to avoid, not allowing your body to lose coordination. High-waist pants will visually enlarge the area of your hips, so don’t try it lightly. Short tops or tight tops are not suitable for pear-shaped beauties, because if you slim your upper body, your hips and thighs will expand infinitely. Little looser straight-leg pants or wide-leg pants can make the proportion appear coordinated.

Apple body

Key analysis: Apple-shaped beauties are embodied in slender limbs, and all the flesh is accumulated in the waist and abdomen. The beauties of this kind of figure should not wear tight dresses. bright-colored clothing will also make you look bloated, shiny gold and silver all need to be avoided. and dark-colored clothing can effectively make up for the lack of waist and abdomen.
Don’t wear an exaggerated belt around your waist. This attempt to divert your attention is usually superfluous. The upper and lower cut style clothing is good for attention. In short, for the part of the body that is not perfect, it should be weakened as much as possible to reduce the degree of eye-catching.


The key analysis: petite beauties dress better than 175cm tall ones, and they can show their petiteness in casual wear. But how to make themselves look petite but not short? Over-the-knee dresses and coats are absolute Prohibited items, a heavy upper body will make you shorter. Small girls should wear more high heels. In addition to increasing height, they can also create an aura. Although many baby shirts have a high-waist effect, they are also likely to make you look like a middle school student. Such a dress will make you lose a lot of momentum.

Body type with overly plump breasts

The key analysis: girls with full breasts are usually envied by people, but they also have a lot of trouble dressing. Wearing the wrong clothes can easily cause-effect of upper body obesity. so turtleneck shirts or flat shoulder T-shirts are styles that need to be avoided. Don’t try to wrap your chest tightly, and choose a V-neck boldly to make your neck look slender, highlighting the slenderness of the overall body.
Many fat people are distressed by their figure, and they can only reluctantly cut love when they encounter good-looking clothes. Of course, dressing and matching have become the most hidden problem. Even if fat women can’t lose weight successfully, but as long as they dress to avoid these taboos and misunderstandings. they can actually wear thin and beautiful clothes if they choose the right clothes.

NO1: overly loose clothes


Fat beauties shouldn’t fix the idea that they are best if they wear loose clothes. In fact, too loose clothes will aggravate your defects. If you are not careful, you may dress like It’s a big bucket. Why is the same fat girl, the black series of dresses are calm and thin? The white little girl print on the skirt is very good to add some liveliness to the skirt, and the design of the doll’s neckline can be cuteNO2: cumbersome and fancy clothes!

NO2: cumbersome and fancy clothes

Beautiful women must refuse cumbersome and fancy clothes. Fancy clothes can make people feel heavy and add a burden to the body that is not bulky. On the contrary, simple clothes are more generous and comfortable. The editor has always believed that in fact, fat beauties can wear beautiful dresses as long as they choose the right dress style. The long dress can easily cover up the short legs when wearing the upper body. It is indeed a good tool for slimming. Paired with a pair of boots, modern Fan Shizuo, the fabric is thick chiffon, it can also be worn as a base

NO3: too tight clothes

Many beauties have correctly realized that too tight clothes are not suitable for them. Even if you want to show off sexy sometimes. you should not wear too tight clothes, because then the fat on your waist will show up.
The above three big fat beauties are taboo misunderstandings about dressing, fat girls must not step on them! In order to make fat beauties more beautiful.
What trousers are suitable for fat girls? A guide to choosing plus size pants for fat girls
What kind of plus size pants do fat girls wear to look thin and look good? Fat girls know that nothing looks good in a pair of small thick legs. However, many fat celebrities and celebrities in the fashion industry have also found pants that suit them and wore their own styles. So fat girls are suitable for wearing suitable pants? Believe in yourself, fashionable pants can also be worn by fat girls.

Pants for fat girls: Plus Size wide-leg pants

If you want to say what trousers are good-looking and thin for fat girls, the first recommendation must be wide-leg trousers. The wide trousers can easily hide the legs no matter how thick. However, if you want to wear wide-leg pants with a super fashionable atmosphere, the waist should not be thick. so in contrast with the trousers, so as not to widen all the way. Or choose a nine-point, seven-point, or eight-point style, revealing the slim ankle also has the effect of slimming.

Pants for fat girls: Plus Size flared pants

This year’s popular flared pants are also a choice for fat girls, especially girls with thick calves, which can be easily covered by the waistband. The style with seven, eight, or nine points showing the ankle is more slender. If you have enough aura, you can be a celebrity favorite super long flared pants, stuffed with a pair of high heels, the most beautiful is you. However, if you usually go out on the street, let’s come with minimalist nine-point bootcut jeans. The fat girls are beautiful and fashionable to wear properly. Whether it’s matching sweaters, shirts, or coats, while jeans can easily hide small thick legs. The black effect is the best. Anyway, fat girls and fashionable bloggers love to wear them.

Pants for fat girls: Plus Size Tapered pants

Tapered pants are also very suitable for thick legs, especially for girls with thicker thighs. On the contrary, tapered trousers or carrot trousers are looser on the thighs and relatively tight on the calves.
If you happen to have thin calves, you can also show off your calves very well. Giving you the overall look of thinness. It is still the nine-pointed ankle style that is the tallest and thin. The same color as the top is higher. For fat girls, fitted pants make you comfortable and not fat. Especially dark trousers can hide defects better than wearing tight-fitting styles.

Pants for fat girls: Plus Size leggings

In addition to the loosest wide-leg pants, fashionable micro-flap pants, and fitted tapered pants, fat girls are fine if they want to wear tight pants. Only black is the first choice, followed by lighter colors such as dark blue and blue. When wearing tight pants, you can choose a style with a little hole, which is more breathable. But be careful not to pinch the flesh.
You can also choose to match a mid-length coat to cover the flesh on both sides of the thighs, and also have a slimming effect. Pair with shoes of the same color to make your legs look longer. The style of the trousers slits is fashionable and can distract attention. It is obvious that fat girls make your small thick legs fat. You can also use a mid-length top to cover your ass.

Pants for fat girls: plus size leather pants

How can you lose leather pants in autumn and winter, here is a kind of matte minimalist trousers. That is, a single product that can make thin people thinner and fat people. The matte leather pants will shrink the line of sight, and the light-colored top can divert attention. If you happen to be thin on the upper body, it will be perfect. Sweaters and coats are suitable for winter.

What plus size dresses do fat girls wear in summer? Fat girls must learn how to wear dresses
Summer is coming, and the girls are all wearing dresses. Which plus size dresses is the thinnest for fat girls? This may be a question that many fat people often pay attention to. After all, plus size dresses are exclusive items for women. Only women who wear plus size dresses can better show feminine beauty, and fat girls are no exception. But fat girls have to consider many factors when choosing skirts. So what plus size dresses do fat girls wear to look thin? What skills do fat girls have in choosing skirts? Come and take a look.

1. The length of the plus size dresses

How long is a plus size dress suitable for fat girls? It depends on the degree of obesity of your legs. If it is only thick thighs, then choose skirts around the knees. If even the calves are fleshy, then choose a long plus size dress. Choose chiffon or organza for the plus size dresses as much as possible. The characteristics of this material are lighter, better drape, and not too fluffy and fatter.
Fat girls are most likely to accumulate fat in the waist, crotch and thighs. Therefore, when choosing a plus size dresses for fat girls, choose those skirts that have a targeted modification effect on the fat part.

2. Color selection Of The Plus Size dresses

What color clothes do fat girls wear to look thin? Regarding the choice of color, many fat beauties may know that dark colors (shrinking colors) are thinner, and bright colors (expanding colors) are fatter. Some fat girls always like to dress up and down. Generally black, from the perspective of visual effects, make you look thinner. but sometimes such a combination can make people feel dull and monotonous, and also make people feel unconfident.
The correct matching method is to choose the matching of bright colors and dark colors, such as bright colors on the upper body and dark colors on the lower body; another example is a black dress, a pair of red high heels, or a red thin belt, or a red lip gloss… etc. Many, with the use of color matching, you can look good and look thin. Fat girls, try more color contrast.

 3. The version of the plus size dresses

When fat girls choose skirts, they should also pay special attention to the version. As mentioned above, fat girls generally have fatter waists and hips. So it is more recommended for fat people to choose waist A-line skirts. The version of A-line skirts will gradually expand outward at the waist where there is more fat accumulation.

In this way, the fleshy flesh of the waist and hips can be well concealed, which is both thin and beautiful. Note that if the waist-retracting effect of the skirt is not obvious. You can wear a belt around the waist (the thinner the better) so that the waistline is more obvious. It can be thinner (can be seen by comparing the model picture).

4. Choose sleeves or sleeveless

When choosing dresses, many fat girls habitually like to choose skirts with sleeves. They think that they can cover the fleshy upper arms. If they choose sleeveless ones, they will expose the fleshy upper arms.

How to dress for your body type plus size?

That’s not wrong, but there is also a big disadvantage to doing this, that is, wearing sleeved clothes will visually widen the width of the shoulders, making the upper body of fat girls more sturdy. In fact, if you don’t have the kind of wrinkled fat on your arms, it’s better to choose sleeveless clothes for fat girls. And look thinner, especially for this hot summer, if you lose a piece of fabric, you will be able to cool down. One more time.

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