How To Dress Plus Size Clothing

How To Dress Plus Size Clothing

How To Dress Plus Size?

Nothing compares to a fabulous outfit that screams “stylish and confident.” and this is why every woman strives to attain wardrobe perfection. But here is the thing. finding the right outfit that does justice to your sense of style and personality can be quite the challenge. And for the full-figured or plus-sized woman, this is even more tasking.
While the gray days of marginalized plus size fashion is way behind us. The big-boned woman has yet another challenge to contend with. finding the perfect outfit and the perfect “fit.” Hopping from one wholesale plus size clothing store to another in the frustrating search for the right wear. and then ending up with the wrong on so many levels clothing is something that no plus-sized shopper deserves to go through.
But with our fail-safe guide. your shopping experience and wardrobe game are about to take a turn for the better. Without further ado. let’s get you started on a spectacular and stress-free plus-sized shopping!


 Body Shape is Key

Sorry to burst your bubble, but plus-size isn’t a body shape. Every woman, including plus-sized women, is defined by a particular body shape. On this note, several body shapes are peculiar to full-figured women. Some of these include an hourglass, apple, pear, banana shapes, and so on.
The top-secret to getting your clothes right is to choose those that fit your body shape like a glove. According to the principles of style. everybody shape has specific clothing styles, patterns, and fabrics that complement it. So, selecting clothes that are not made for a certain body type is a recipe for regret. Fortunately. wholesale plus size clothing suppliers now offer a fantastic array of plus-sized clothes that you can choose from. Finding the right fit shouldn’t be a problem.

Don’t ignore the fabric

Dressing and looking good is great, but looking good but uncomfortable is not so great. When shopping for plus-sized clothing, comfort should be a top priority. And nothing defines a garment’s comfort as the fabric it is made from. Fabric selection also goes hand in hand with the body part that the potential clothing will be sitting on, the occasion, and the time of the year.
For example, a polyester top that sticks to you like a second skin is bad news for summer. Polyester doesn’t care about your comfort in hot weather. best believe it would rather absorb heat by creating an insulating layer over your skin. leaving you drenched in a pool of your sweat.
Gross right? So during hot weather seasons. do yourself a world of good and stick to clothing that is made with breathable fabrics. like natural fibers; wool and cotton are good examples. The same rule applies to cold seasons; opt for clothing items made with fabrics that won’t leave you out in the cold. Leather, fur, faux fur, and fleece are great options.
For sports associated clothing which tends to be intimate, fabrics. like cotton, colic, spandex, and microfiber are your best bet. For special occasions like party wears. you can’t go wrong with dresses made of or with a combination of satin, silk, organza, Carmeuse, and velvet. In a nutshell. understanding the composition of fabrics will help you make a “fitting” choice. Lastly, try to steer clear of flimsy fabrics if you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction.

Size is nothing but a number

Now, this is the real challenge! For plus size clothing shoppers. finding the perfect fitting size is like finding a needle in the haystack. Sizing is always a hassle, but it is an ‘easy-to-solve’ problem. While manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers usually offer a size guide or chart. there isn’t a definite sizing system. And this is neither the manufacturers nor the retailers’ fault.
The numbers are usually a guide, and what may work for somebody else of the same build may not work for you. You can choose to size up (Order a size above your normal size) when shopping online. so you don’t wind up with clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable. On second thought, that size you think is too small might be the best fit. Bottom line? Forget about the numbers on the label and explore multiple sizes. Remember, experimentation only breeds stunning discoveries.

Know your dresses

There is something about a well put together dress on a complementing gorgeous. full-figured body that is elegant, classy, and simply alluring. But achieving this effect takes some “dress know-how” . This also has everything to do with knowing your body shape. Like with other clothes. plus sized dresses are often tailored to fit different body silhouettes. Each dress style either accentuates or downplays certain body features. Below are common plus-sized dress types and the body shapes they work best for;


This classic dress style defines an hourglass shape to the tee. it is made to perfectly fit the torso (shoulders to the hips) and then drapes down beautifully to the hem. It is a versatile dress style that can easily fit any full-figured woman.



Empire dresses bunch up beneath the bust as opposed to the waistline. hence they highlight your upper body and not your lower body.  These dresses are the perfect pick for oval or apple-shaped women.



Straight dresses are effortlessly stylish and comfortable. It is the dress that says, “I want to look casual yet sophisticated.” The design completely deviates from the waistline and falls straight from the shoulders. This is the dress for plus-sized women whose shoulders are equal to or wider than the width of their waists. Apple and rectangle-shaped women, in particular, usually look charming in this dress.



the name already says it all. ─ these dress types feature sleeves that encircle the shoulders to highlight the cleavage and the neckline. This peculiar sleeve pattern strikes a balance for women with narrow shoulders and wide hips. An off-the-shoulder design combined with an A-line silhouette creates a ravishing hourglass impression for rectangle-shaped women.

Colors are Your Best Friend

That rule that says white clothing adds more bulk to plus-sized women while black colored clothing items is “slimming” couldn’t be farther away from the truth. Heck, why should anyone confine themselves to certain colors when there are so many vibrant and mood-lifting colors out there? Makes no sense. Forget what you’ve been told. but colors, no matter the shade or hue, can take an ensemble from lackluster to gorgeous in seconds. And have we talked about the positive energy and vibrations that come with wearing vibrant colors!
In all honesty, wearing an outfit in a color. so that you identify with can take your mood and confidence from zero to a hundred. And with an interesting and exciting array of colorful and fabulous plus-sized clothes scattered all over the fashion realm, it will be considered a “fashion sin” not to explore. And if wearing black colored clothing articles is your thing. try to spice it up occasionally with a splash of colors. ─Your mood and confidence will thank you. So the next time you go shopping, dare to be colorful.

Crawl out of Your Comfort Zone

Hello, Plus-sized clothing doesn’t mean basic. Eager to wear a crop top? Go for it. Love that jumpsuit at the store? Hit the order button. Enthusiastic about color blocking? By all means, give it a try. Buy and wear whatever floats your boat and make no apologies for it. There is only one requirement─ the clothes you choose should adapt to your body shape. And this is quite easy to execute. You only need to employ some tips and tricks, and you are good to go.
For crop tops, choose those with a longer cut and throw in a high waisted pencil skirt. For color blocking, select multicolored clothing articles whose vertical panels and darker shades are located on the parts you want to conceal. This will help create a slimming effect.
And one more thing, don’t shy away from stripes and bold patterns. Despite their hitherto tacky reputation. stripped outfits can give another dimension to your look. Plus, wholesale clothing stores now display stripes with asymmetrical patterns that are sure to make you look slimmer. Clothes with inward stripes are the secret to a slim waistline. and the thinner ones are also perfect for your gorgeous full-figured body.


Shopping for and buying the right plus size clothing shouldn’t be a herculean task. The global clothing and fashion industry have become more inclusive. Hence, plus-sized clothing has gained more recognition than ever before. Today, there is a wide range of plus size clothing and clothing stores littered all over the world. However, choosing the right plus-size apparel can be dicey and difficult. but when the right tips and tricks are adopted, plus size shopping will be as easy as pie.
And if you know the right places to look, you won’t only find the perfect fit, but you will be rewarded with “variety” too. And yes, it is always best to have many options to choose from. In light of this. a wholesale plus size clothing store like ours is the right place to be because we merge variety with ease. So, whether you are a retailer or an independent buyer, there is something for everyone.

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