2 Easy Ideas Tell You How To Dress Up At Shirt And Jeans In 2021?

How to dress up at shirt and jeans in 2021
How to dress up at shirt and jeans? In the summer, there are a variety of single products and different styles to wear, so that girls are dazzled. In fact, no matter what season it is, simple basic items are the easiest to match, and they are also the most frequently matched.
how to wear a shirt and jeans 
In the summer, jeans may look a little dull, but when paired with a T-shirt, they will look very cool. Moreover, these two classic combinations will not be outdated in any way. and the matching will not go wrong a lot. When there is no time for matching, it is the first choice for women.

01 Printed T-shirt + Jeans

For many women, the body may not be perfect, especially if the problem is concentrated on the lower body. At this time, you can choose jeans with carrot legs, which are more tolerant of the body and can play a good role in modifying the body.
If you prefer a lively and enthusiastic leisure style. you can choose an orange T-shirt with a printed style. If you want to match it without making mistakes. it will be better to match it with a pure black T-shirt if you have a classic sense of fashion.
High-waist style jeans have a visual effect of heightening. They are a popular style throughout the year. They are really friendly to girls with short legs. They can cover up the shortcomings of the figure and highlight the shortcomings. Long legs out.
Whether it is blue or gray. simply matching a white printed T-shirt can show the coolness of summer and a simple fashion sense.
Jeans are available in different colors, but in the summer, blue and black are the most common. Straight blue jeans with a black t-shirt will give you a youthful and lively feeling, full of street fashion. You can also use black shorts and orange T-shirts with color accents and black for balance.

02 Pure color T-shirt + jeans

When choosing jeans, be sure to choose the one with the most modification to the body and leg shape. such as the most basic style of straight-leg pants or wide-leg pants. It is more recommended that girls with thin legs can choose straight pants, which are only slightly looser than their own legs. It is more suitable to match a sleeveless vest in summer to show a good figure.
The wide-leg pants have a certain drape, and the denim fabric is youthful and lively. With a short white T-shirt vest, the two colors are used to the extreme.
In addition to trousers, the matching of denim shorts and t-shirts is also very suitable, especially in summeR. the proper skin exposure can completely solve the problem of not being cool.
Cycling pants have been particularly popular in the past two years. and the visual effect will be more fashionable. They are very friendly to women with good figures and thin legs. Paired with a simple white T-shirt, they are both fashionable and trendy when going out on the street every day.
how to wear a shirt and jeans (4) 
The color of jeans is the most important. Blue jeans are a very common color, but there are also shades. The collision between pure blue and bean green is also a combination of refreshing colors. , This is also a relatively simple way, can give people a feeling of full of vitality.
Summer originally needs color embellishment. It is also very good to be able to use blue and bean green to the extreme. showing the coolness of summer, and it demonstrates a combination of fashion and retro.

How to dress up at shirt and jeans

The most frequent appearance in summer is still the simple T-shirt, which is easy to match and always has new ideas. A super casual way to wear this summer, called “T-shirt + jeans”, brings people a sense of vitality.

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