How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women?

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women

How to look skinny for plus-size women? The big-skeleton and obese figure of the big-size ladies. the biggest problem for these girls is actually not the outfit but the confidence.

In this era of fast fashion aesthetics. some fat girls have already planted the seeds of inferiority and self sorrow in their hearts. I feel that I can only dress nicely when I lose weight, and I don’t like myself, or even hate myself.

As the human body’s instinctive pursuit of beauty, you can move towards a better slimming goal. But on the road to move forward. we must not forget the encouragement of self and the improvement of fashion power.


Some girls are still confident even if they don’t have a very good figure. and the whole person is sprouting a positive and youthful atmosphere. Confidence is the most beautiful thing about a girl. and with the corresponding dressing skills and tactics, you can also show off your own style.

If you feel that you are looking at horrible scenery with a fat body, then you are really the one who is really horrible. but if you change your mind, you are beautiful, confident, and free, then you are a unique individual.


How to do How to look skinny for plus-size women? Remember these two points.


1. Color

①The same color system or similar color system is the main one. and the contrasting color with sharp contrast is rejected

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-①The same color system or similar color system is the main one. and the contrasting color with sharp contrast is rejected

For big-size girls, your way of dressing is full of restrictions. The first thing you need to overcome is color. Wearing the right color can make you visually lose 10 pounds. Many girls like to play with color contrast. but the contrasting colors will make people pay more attention to your fat lower body.

For example, the black umbilical top is quite thin on the upper body. but the acetate satin finishes The mint green wide-leg trousers actually show the sturdy lower body unreservedly in front of everyone’s eyes. and the green is so dazzling against the black background. you can see through your original figure at a glance.


It is better to simply choose the same color system or a similar color system to make the color coherent. and form an extension of the vertical and line. Doing this well will help you look thin. The dark blue V-neck shirt is paired with nine-point wide-leg trousers. The light fabric rippling with light and free breath. coupled with the quiet and deep dark blue, is really a rare high-end choice.


②Suitable for wearing large area printing patterns

This is a choice of color patterns, big-size girls must try it more. The important thing about dressing is to have the right attitude and look for the right style. Attitude means to be confident and sunshine. and not to have too many expectations for a piece of clothing.

Clothes can only play a decorative role, but they cannot be against the sky. Change fate. Let’s talk about finding the right style. A large area of ​​floral and printed clothes can show the charm and elegance of a plump body just right. With printed patterns on the body, you can have the charm and atmosphere that thin girls can’t match.

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-purple square-neck dress

The shadow of the floral dress, let’s take a look at the demonstration of full marks. The purple square-neck dress has a French taste. The smooth skirt line creates a charming S-shaped curve from the plump curve. The purple floral-patterned skirt is elegant and beautiful. Without the sense of literature and art. there are curvaceous and magnificent postures, it is really a rare visual feast.

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-blue jeans underneath

Broken flowers, short sleeves, short skirts, and waist put. these words are enough to complete the beauty of summer. With a pair of dark blue jeans underneath. when the breeze slowly blows up the skirt, the faint line of the legs sticks out.

The exquisite figure has a smooth curve. which is neither fat nor mixed with the charming and beautiful style of mature women. If you have concerns that purple florals are too old, you can choose a lighter fabric.


The light and comfortable square-necked dress is like a cup of sweet tea on a summer afternoon. and the fresh and energetic playful girly feeling lingers between the lips and teeth for a long time. and can not be forgotten.

The atmosphere is full of wear, enough to make people ignore the problem of your obesity. A fat girl who wears the right clothes can still be beautiful.


2. Skills

③High waistline highlights the beauty of curves

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-③High waistline highlights the beauty of curves

Looseness does not fit well and looks thin, this is the eternal law. Our women’s body lines are the thinnest waist, hips, and hips protruding, whether you are 90 kg or 150 kg. the body structure will not change.

For a fat figure, don’t blindly choose loose clothes to cover the flesh. but learn to highlight the thinnest part of the body, so that you can wear the curvy beauty you want.

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women- A-line V-neck dress

Although the A-line V neck dress has a plaid embellishment to express intellectual elegance. the overall lines are smooth and simple, without any cumbersome feeling. The slightly wider and slim A-line style has obvious advantages. It uses sophisticated tailoring, Shows a proud waist-hip curve. a little puff sleeve is also very intimate. easily covering the plump parts such as the shoulders and arms. and the exposed slender limbs calmly make the whole body lose at least 10 kg.


Pay attention to the belt. its function is to make the original line of the skirt fit the wearer’s own concave and convex figure. shape the golden ratio, and present a natural sexy and charming. As explained here, the benefits of a high waistline for a fat figure. people who understand it will understand its superiority.

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-V-neck chiffon jumpsuit

The V-neck chiffon jumpsuit also cares for the fat figure. The light and thin fabrics are silky and comfortable. breathable, and draped, which will visually enhance the lightness. The style of the jumpsuit, especially the waist and legs, is very close to the body. and the trouser tube has a proper margin.

so that the wearer is particularly comfortable and relaxed with the gestures. A belt is tied around the waist. and nude-colored high-heeled shoes are stepped on to sway the free and easy beauty of a big woman. Appropriately fashionable, it is the best choice for daily commuting.

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-A-line dress

Try to choose an A-line dress for the dress, with a high waistline and a long and slender figure. The skirt below the chest is slightly scattered. The unique silhouette design makes you look tall and thin. The pink dress has a unique charm, especially when worn on mature and plump women. The smart and sweet girl’s heart rushes towards her face. With modern and retro curly hair, it is so beautiful that people can’t move their eyes.


④Effective dew skin

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-④Effective dew skin

Under the guidance of our traditional concepts. it seems that only thin people can expose their skin as they want, and fat girls should cover it up. But this kind of thinking is still our inferiority complex. Let’s take a look at the left and right comparisons.

which one is thinner and which one looks better, I believe the answer is self-evident. Blindly cover up, and often try to cover up, making the whole person stronger. It’s better to let go and choose an effective way to lose weight for yourself.

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-Pink puff sleeve square collar top

The areas demonstrated in this set that are more suitable for exposure are the forearms. ankles, collarbone, neck, and a small part of the abdomen. These positions are relatively slender parts as a whole. and they are cleverly exposed and can be conveyed. This kind of visual dislocation, thinking that you are already so thin.

Pink puff sleeve square collar top + white high-waisted wide-leg pants. mastering the two styles of sassy and sweet and tender. just right, very advanced and conspicuous. but not exaggerated, this is the charm of effective skin display.

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women- French style.

The timeless classic dot element is a tribute and thanks to the French style. It is gorgeous, rich, retro, beautiful, and modern, but it will not make people feel dazzled. The whole skirt adopts a combination of one-line collar design and waist placement to show the elegant French accent.

The exquisite tailoring goes hand-in-hand with the soft and bony silhouette. In particular, the side of the skirt is sexy and full of connotations. It swayed and swayed as it walked, letting the looming dim femininity evaporate.

Dressing masters often don’t show large areas of nudity. For fear that if you are not careful, sexy will become enchanting. It’s better to adopt a decent way of teasing, which is just right for fashion.

How To Look Skinny For Plus-Size Women-sky-blue square-necked dress

The sky-blue square necked dress is elegant and elegant and has a ladylike style. The bow-knot style on the shoulders robs most of the eyes and further realizes the shift of sight. The big sunglasses emphasize the atmosphere of a chic urban woman. and inject individual charm into the elegant blue dress.

To effectively revealing the skin. and making it look thin, this look also gives us a very important inspiration. Because the fat figure itself has a sense of volume, it is not suitable for playing particularly cute. and petite role, so learn to neutralize it with a neutral and handsome single product. It can be a tough shoulder pad suit or a humble circle. Frame sunglasses and pay attention to details to have good clothes.

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