How To Make Yourself Look Taller?


For small girls, the biggest worry is how to make yourself look taller?

This is actually not difficult. I summarize a few tips on how to make yourself look taller. Small girls can also have a visually tall figure.


How To Make Yourself Look Taller? – 1. Raise the waistline

High waistline, the secret of having sexy and beautiful long legs. Why are some ladies not outstanding in actual height, but they look very tall visually? The answer is a natural high waist shape!

The high-waisted figure, in short, is a short waist and long legs.

Many women have a small body + low waist. It doesn’t matter if the height is not enough, let’s improve the waistline to compliment it. A series of high-waisted items allow small girls to have long legs.


01 high waist pants/skirts

The easiest and most efficient way to raise the waistline is to wear high-waist style clothing. the waistline of the clothes is higher than our actual waistline. It is suitable for tall, short, fat, thin, thick waist and thin waist.

Tie the top into high-waisted pants/skirts, or tie a knot on the top.

Choose a dress with a high waist design.

How-To-Make-Yourself-Look-Taller-high waist pantsskirts

The high waistline of the bib/skirt automatically divides the golden ratio, and the leg length is up ~



02 Clever use of belt silk scarf

Loose dress? Long sweater? coat? What should I do if I am short?!

A belt helps you solve all problems.

The silk scarf can also be used as a belt, which attracts the eyes and has new ideas.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-Belt-of-silk-scarves-model-view

In addition, you can tie the shirt around your waist to raise the waistline. and modify your buttocks, being careful not to be too low.


03 short top

Short tops/vests/coats can also improve the waistline. Short tops are best matched with high waist bottoms. Be careful not to expose too much waist area and avoid long waist and short legs.

How-To-Make-Yourself-Look-Taller-short top

How To Make Yourself Look Taller? – 2. Show part of the body: less exposed or more exposed

If you want to show up, the degree of skin exposure is also very important. To sum up: no matter how much the skin is exposed, it will lengthen the legs. Of course, the premise is also high waist!


01 skirt

From the figure, we can see that the more exposed the legs, the higher the height, and the less exposed the higher the height.

Be careful not to expose the fattest part of the leg, such as the calf. If the whole leg is evenly fat, choose the longest or shortest skirt.


▍Short skirt

A short skirt with a length of 15 cm on the knee is very friendly to small girls.


▍Mid-length skirt

Mid-length skirts. such as over-the-knee skirts, and skirts that just show the calf are short and thick.

If you must wear it, you can choose a slit skirt, which will look longer.

I highly recommend the wrap-around and slit dress. which shows high efficiency and full level. Waist-high waist-long legs-sexy and sultry are all available.


▍Long skirt

Choose a long skirt with a good drape. The drape long skirt can lengthen the legs, or the length to the instep, or cover the calf, exposing the thinnest part.

Don’t choose. Long skirts with large skirts and stiff fabrics, such as umbrella skirts, will cause a significant lowering of the center of gravity, which is very short.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-maxi-skirts

02 pants

Like skirts, either show more or less and don’t show the thickest part.

Choice: cropped trousers, long trousers, or shorts

Refusal: Five-point pants, six, seven, eight-point pants



Needless to say, shorts are also very effective for showing height.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-shorts

▍Nine pants

Nine-point pants, choosing nine-point pants only needs to expose the thinnest ankle.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-Nine-pants


The trousers should not be too long and avoid stacking them together. Choose high-waisted trousers with drape fabrics. the length of which covers the instep, usually 3cm above the ground is the most suitable.

High-waist straight-leg pants are strongly recommended for all kinds of leg types. and the modified leg type also shows high-fat legs and thin legs can be worn for matches.


03 coat

The coat is best to be worn open. revealing the high waistline inside + the matching method introduced above.

In terms of version, choose a slim, neatly tailored coat to avoid cocoon-shaped, bloated, and long coats.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-coat

How To Make Yourself Look Taller? – 3. The top is loose and the bottom is tight/the top is deep and the bottom is shallow

Whether it’s the upper pine and the lower tightness, or the upper depth and the lower depth. it is visually shortening the upper body and lengthening the lower body.


01 upper Panasonic tight

Short girls should try to avoid overly loose trousers and long skirts with oversized skirts. The reason is that if the download is too wide. it will cause the center of gravity to move down and tend to appear shorter.

The upper loose here refers to moderate looseness. so avoid wearing clothes that are procrastinated.


02 Upper darker, lower lighter/same color & similar color collocation

Well-proportioned ladies can use dark tops and light bottoms to lengthen the proportions of the lower body.

The matching of the same color/similar color, high-end temperament, but also high. Pay attention to a high waistline.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-Approximate-color-matching

How To Make Yourself Look Taller? – 4. Large patterns are short, dark ones are short

A few vertical lines are high


01 The big pattern is short

The color looks fat, and the big pattern looks short. The big suit, just short and fat. If you want to wear it, we can reserve a small part of the pattern area.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-Big-picture

02 Dark is short

Too many dark clothes make them thinner and shorter at the same time.

Small people are more suitable to wear bright/colorful clothes.


03 A few vertical lines are high

Clothes with vertical lines appear taller. Under the same conditions. the fewer the number of vertical lines, the higher the appearance.

For example. school uniform pants are higher than striped pants (under the same conditions)

The obvious vertical lines of striped pants and school uniform pants can lengthen the legs. and the invisible vertical lines of slit pants/skirts have the same effect.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-A few vertical lines show height

Whether it’s skirt paper pants, long or short, as long as it touches the slit. it immediately transforms into long legs. This is why a long skirt that is difficult to wear can be worn with long legs even with a slit.

Except for the obvious vertical lines, vertical zippers, buttons. contrast edging, and colored ribbons all have similar effects.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller-High-waist-slit-dress

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