How To Measure Pants Size?

How To Measure Pants Size-womens-foot

In daily life, there are often times when you buy new pants because you can’t wear them, but you don’t know how to measure pants size. It’s good to say that you can try it on the spot, but it is also very troublesome. If you switch to an online store, the problem will be more troublesome. Compared with offline physical stores, online stores only provide reference sizes. At this time, how to measure pants size becomes particularly critical.

The method how to measure pants size will be used sooner or later. There are generally three key areas for measuring the size of pants-waist, inner seams, and hips. Sometimes the front crotch is also measured. When buying pants, knowing your size can save time in the fitting room. The following will teach you how to measure your pants size.

How To Measure Pants Size–General measurement rules

  1. Use a measuring tape. A tape is a measuring tool that tailors love to use. It is easy to carry, dexterous and durable, and is the best tool for measuring pants, but it is not irreplaceable. When using a measuring tape, straighten it, but don’t pull it too hard. The measuring tape is made of soft synthetic material, and pulling it hard will cause it to distort.
  2. Stand upright, with your arms hanging down naturally on your sides, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your stance will affect the shape of your pants, so keep your stance upright when measuring.
  3. Seek help from friends as much as possible. It is very difficult, even impossible, to maintain a correct stance and measure the exact size (especially the inner seams). With the help of a friend, you can maintain the correct stance and get the exact size.

How To Measure Pants Size: 1 How to measure the pants size for ladies


1. Measure waist circumference.

Wear underwear or similar close-fitting clothing to measure your waist, but don’t wear tight clothing. Your waist is between your ribs and belly button, which is the thinnest part of your body. You can also fold your body in half, and the crease is your waist. Put the measuring tape around your waist (the measuring tape should be parallel to the ground). The place where the measuring tape overlaps is your waist circumference. The measuring tape should not be folded or wrinkled. If necessary, use a mirror to check whether the measuring tape is flat.

When measuring waist circumference, leave a finger distance between the measuring tape and your body. In order to avoid the resulting size is too small.

Don’t tuck your abdomen when measuring your waist! Use the usual state. You need to buy comfortable and suitable pants. There will be no pants that require you to close your stomach before you can wear them.

How To Measure Pants Size-womens-waist

2. Measure hip circumference.

Bring your heels together. Measure at the fullest part of your hips, which is the widest part of your lower body in the mirror. Wrap a tape around the hips, the tape should be parallel to the ground. Bring the two ends of the measuring tape together in front of you and record the data. Use a mirror or look down at your hips, don’t separate your feet, and don’t bend over.

Just like measuring your waist, place one finger between the measuring tape and your hips to avoid the resulting size is too small.

How To Measure Pants Size-womens-hip

3. Measure the inner seams.

Put on a pair of well-fitting trousers. The trousers should not be too tight or too loose. They should fit your own curves. Measure from the crotch, place one end of the measuring tape on the inside of the thigh and then place the measuring tape vertically on the crotch.

Generally, the internal seam will allow an error of about one centimeter.

When measuring the inner seams, you must stand up straight. You can’t bend down and measure by yourself, so you can only ask a friend for help.

How To Measure Pants Size-womens-foot

4. Measure the front gear.

To wear well-fitting pants, measure the distance from the waist to the center of the crotch bottom. Look down and record the data. If it is difficult for you to see the measuring tape, use a mirror to help, or make a mark on the measuring tape before picking it up and looking at it.

Generally, women’s trousers often show the size of the front gear on the suit trousers, and casual trousers can be ignored.

There are many definitions for front gear. Some refer to the size from the waist of the back, through the crotch to the waist of the front. When buying pants, you need to figure out the specific definition.


How To Measure Pants Size: 2 how to measure the pants size for men


1. Measure waist circumference.

Men’s measurement is simpler than women’s. Unless they are specially tailored trousers, in general, men can buy a suitable pair of trousers by knowing the waist circumference and the size of the inner seam. Men’s waist circumference is the waist of the trousers, usually just below the belly button. Use a measuring tape to make a circle around the waist. The measuring tape should be parallel to the ground.

In order to get the exact size, wear underwear when measuring the waist.

Like women, when measuring the size, you should leave a finger distance between the measuring tape and the waist.

How To Measure Pants Size-men-waist

2. Measure the inner seams.

In addition to waist circumference, the most important thing about men’s trousers is the inner seam. Put on fitting pants, measure from the center of the crotch, where the zipper goes down, to the bottom of the trousers is the size of the inner seam. If the pants don’t fit, (for example, the pants are so long that you can step on them), then just measure to the place you want.

It is best to put on shoes (don’t let the trouser legs touch the ground) and let others help. You cannot bend over to measure the inward seams while standing upright.

How To Measure Pants Size-men-foot

3. If it is not troublesome, measure the size of the hips.

Although hips are not as necessary for men’s pants as women’s trousers if you want to order pants, hips are very necessary. Stand up straight with your feet together. Then spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Measure the widest part of the hip. Wrap the measuring tape from back to front. The measuring tape should be parallel to the ground. When looking at the data on the tape measure, don’t bend down, just lower your head.

How To Measure Pants Size-men-hip

4. If it is convenient, measure the front gear as well.

When buying men’s pants, you don’t pay special attention to the size of the front. But when ordering pants, the size of the front is very important, especially for men with large waists. Measure from the middle of the crotch to your waistband. Then, as usual, look down at the data on the measuring tape.

Like the crotch of women’s trousers, the definition of the crotch of men’s trousers is not uniform. Sometimes, the crotch refers to the distance from the front waist to the back waist passing between the legs. When buying trousers, when ordering trousers, it is necessary to figure out where the crotch size is referred to by the salesperson and tailor refers to the size.

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