Best Way to Show You How To Style A White Blouse In 2021?

white blouse
How to style a white blouse? The most important preparation for daily wear is the basic items. These basic items are matched with a variety of looks through different matching to style a white blouse (2)
The basic white shirt is recommended for everyone. easily matched with a fashionable and high-level sense. Now accept this matching guide, the dressing skills are practical and easy to learn, come and take a look!

1. How to style a white blouse – Skills

how to style a white blouse (2)
When you wear a white shirt every day, don’t look sternly and rigidly like you wear in the workplace. White shirts have different feelings after different wearing techniques. First, don’t button all the collar buttons, because the neck is short.
It is recommended to open a few buttons on the neckline to make wearing more relaxed and casual. It can also make the clavicle line look looming, charming and attractive.
How to style a white blouse? 
When matching with high-waisted pants. we tuck the shirt hem into the waistband and pull it out slightly. The arrangement is natural and generous so that wearing a white shirt highlights the advantage of one’s own figure. and the small girl also has a sense of sight with long legs.
Common shirt fabrics are prone to wrinkles, so remember to tidy and level them when you wear them. otherwise, the wrinkles on the shirt will appear sloppy. Not skillful and generous enough, the sense of fashion is greatly compromised.
Flat-chested girls have an advantage in wearing shirts, this is their unique sexy. How can the combination of white shirts and black pants get rid of the sense of passersby? Be bold, with only two or three buttons in the middle. The deep V-neck shows feminine charm. The hem is tucked into the waistband. The plus size shirt looks free and easy.
If the upper body is the same loose and casual clothing item. try to slim down with pants and skirts, and the overall line looks more coordinated and comfortable.
Fat women say that slim-fit trousers are too difficult to control. so pay attention to the shirt fabric when pairing loose trousers with shirts. Common shirt fabrics are easy to look fat and strong. Choose lightweight fabrics. The smooth fabrics have a unique drape texture. The elegant chiffon has a feminine charm, and the uniqueness of the fabric shows the feminine curve as much as possible.
Although the trousers are loose, the length problem cannot be ignored. The slightly longer trousers just cover the instep, and the pair of thick-soled shoes has an invisible heightening effect.

2. How to style a white blouse – Dress up

Short shirts are a popular trend in recent years. Most of the shirts are just as long as the waist is at the thinnest position. They are suitable for summer wear. The vertical stripe pattern elements on the shirts are advanced.
An all-white outfit is suitable for trying on a little white. and the color of all clothing items is white, so it is not difficult to wear them. If it feels monotonous, you can also add some different colors. Colors only serve as an embellishment. Don’t emphasize other colors in the past and lose the charm of white.
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Common shirt styles have long been worn out, you might as well take a look at embroidered French shirts. The combination of embroidery patterns and the net yarn is very colorful. and the exquisite flower embroidery is full of French sweetness, high quality, and texture.
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Designing horseshoe sleeves on the original shirt cuffs immediately grabs the attention of the eye. The matching floral long skirt is blowing in the wind, and the avant-garde beauties must not miss it. the elements collide with a different feeling.
The combination of fitness suits and white shirts is too spicy. The fitness suits are close to the body line. The outer shirt not only has the effect of sun protection and sun protection but also improves the overall level of wear.

How to style a white blouse? The Chic Lover white blouse dressing guide is finished sharing. every method is fashionable and advanced, you must try it. 

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