How to Wear a White Shirt?

How to Wear a White Shirt

How to wear a white shirt?

Whenever white shirts are mentioned, the word that pops out of my mind is “classic”; when it comes to wearing white shirts, it is to roll up the sleeves or match suits, cropped trousers… No matter how classic, there are times when they are tired, young, and fashionable. The way to wear is now the choice. We tell you today how to have a classic new look without buying a new style.
tie! tie! Still knotted!
Wearing shirts for formal occasions is more important to be clean and flat. but other than that, please remember that the first step to making a shirt “young” is to tie a knot. 

The purpose of this method is only two: First, knots and folds make the shirt more three-dimensional and more diverse; second, tighten the waistline to make the femininity more feminine. it can also echo the neckline. Of course, this can also solve the problem of not having time to iron your clothes on a temporary date.

It seems effortless, but in fact, the strength and position of the knots are very elegant. The “hem knots” close to the clothes are even more “inadvertent”. It neither spoils the cleanliness of the shirt nor makes the outfit look too rigid.

It’s better to unbutton a few more buttons to expose the nice underwear. using high-waist pants to “connect” with a knotted shirt, so that you can see the graceful and good figure.

If there is no hem and buckle, this must be a “sloppy” girl who goes out in a loose shirt.

A white shirt that you wear at work can also spring up. With a tight skirt or trousers, it is bold enough to attract attention. However, we do not recommend wearing a D+ cup like this.
The front “disappearance” method
Letting the front “disappear” is actually another term for making the legs longer. You only need to tuck the front flap into the waist of the trousers. the waist and long legs appear immediately. and the material and version of the shirt will make them look heroic.

Tuck the shirt into the waistband to reflect the contrast between the loose shirt and the waist is the essence of good wear.

In addition to matching pants, high-waist skirts are a better choice. The thin white shirt was stuffed into the pencil skirt, and immediately lost the seriousness of the office.

Besides, you can also put it directly into your trousers or skirt waist without buttons on your shirt. Any shirt can create a sexy V-neck effect like this. Sharon Stone once used a white shirt to match the dress’s half skirt, and she made this dress a classic.

In daily life, you can put up two plackets, one on the left and one on the right, and put them into the waistband. This chic detail will make your style stand out.
Strapless can become fashionable
If you haven’t exposed your shoulders when you try to wear a white shirt, then in this year of off-shoulder so hot. you are equivalent to not wearing a white shirt. You can open the neckline wide and lean backward, or just show one shoulder. In summer, showing more skin will not only cool down but also make you look thin.

An off-shoulder white shirt full of design, one-piece can upgrade your fashion this summer.

Unbutton a few more buttons of the white shirt and pull the collar back. you can “transform” an ordinary white shirt into an off-shoulder style.

Unbutton the shirt to expose one shoulder, and pair it with denim straight-leg pants to add points to the coolness. A handsome girl is sexier, isn’t it?

Another advantage of off-shoulder shirts is that they can increase the overall “ladies” style. If it is not easy to fit into the waist of the skirt when matching with a high-waisted skirt. remember to use a belt to determine the waistline position.
Reverse penetration to make old become new
Since last year, the fashionable customers in street photography have put on a weird shirt with no buttons on the chest. It looks like a simple and neutral shirt from the front, but it turns to the back but springs up. This unique piece does not come from any combination, just wear your white shirt backward.

It’s that simple!


The choice to fasten or not, it all depends on the occasion you are going to. The bow tie casually tied on the hem makes the waist looming, and the beautiful back and red lips are the best gifts for girls in summer.

Even if you fasten all the buttons honestly, wearing a shirt back will make you look cooler.

The position of the back buckle is also very particular, at a position three centimeters above the waistline, the beautiful back is vaguely released.

This dressing method is more suitable for white shirts with soft textures (cotton and linen are most suitable). While the H-line or Plus-sized styles make you look good on the back, the front is not too weird.


This style of the shirt itself is already the protagonist. so with a simple bottom and embellished with some slim accessories. you will look more coordinated overall.

You can also choose to tie only the top button to create a more “girly” halter effect. Put the white shirt inside
Add an unexpected outfit to this “classic”, which breaks the dull and old-fashioned impression of white shirts. What’s more, this way of wearing does not pursue the “technical content” like reverse wear, allowing you to easily interact with Different.

After we have said it so many times, maybe you have learned how to wear a white T-shirt + suspender skirt. In fact, a white shirt can also be used in this way.

Putting the lace straps that can’t go out on the white shirt solves the problem of the straps being too sexy. It also makes the white shirt + jeans more innovative. but it is not recommended for girls with fleshy upper bodies or full breasts.

In addition to the suspenders, the tube top is also a good item to help the white shirt “transform”. The white shirt becomes interesting and multi-style under this collocation.

A red lace skirt can make you sexy, and a white shirt inside can be worn to work. When wearing this way, pay attention to choosing a white shirt that is close to the body. so that it will not appear bloated after being folded.
Change the white shirt into a tube top
The “shirt becomes tube top” of “I don’t want to wear clothes properly” is beautiful and cool. You can also wear old clothes as new clothes. We recommend using trousers/skirts to match the “tube top shirt” so that you don’t feel too much force. As mentioned before, the exposure of the top and bottom needs to complement each other.

Any long-sleeved white shirt can do this. Take off the two sleeves of the shirt, fasten the buttons on the front (just to catch the chest), and finally tie the two sleeves at the front of the chest.

In addition to tying the sleeves to the front of your chest, you can also tie them to your waist, which can tighten the waistline and show the beautiful shoulder line and collarbone.

What should I do if I am still a little bit shy? Cover the sleeves over the arms, so that the shirt becomes a unique off-shoulder to wear. This method can also be used for reference by big-breasted girls. The buckle tied to the chest just covers the embarrassing part.

How to wear a white shirt?

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