How to Wear Lace Underwear, a Guide to Matching Thin Underwear

how to wear lace underwear

How to wear lace underwear?

All the girls who wear thick cushions and underwire lingerie know that the moment when they take off their underwear every day is the moment when they return to heaven, their shoulders are so red that they can’t breathe because of their breasts, they will come right away. In summer, do you remember the feeling of sweating when your chest is stuffed with thick pads?

The weather has changed recently, and netizens are teasing themselves for being busy: busy taking off long trousers and wearing long trousers, taking off long trousers and wearing long trousers, but no one can stop the progress of summer! In the latest year’s skin-exposing season, What can make you feel fashionable at that moment?

This year’s sexy lace thin underwear is a good fashion outfit. Looking at the stars in Europe and the United States, we have already understood how to match the classic thin underwear fashion routines. Let’s hurry. Follow along to learn the trendiest and most in-wear outfits~

Changing into thin underwear is comfortable and fashionable. How to wear thin lace underwear?

Underwear is really the most challenging accessory for girls. If you accidentally reveal it! Sometimes the wrong choice of underwear can make the clothes look like you want.
For example, the sexy T-shirt with lace edges on the neckline, thick-padded underwear is impossible to make. arrive. Let’s talk about how thin underwear can make your wardrobe look new. This year’s popular tulle Top, there is no such underwear you can’t wear at all.

TIP: 1 thin underwear + shirt

   To put it plainly, thin underwear is to creates a “hidden” effect, which is always more beautiful and advanced than the skin with white flowers. Wearing thin underwear with a shirt is an entry-level way to wear it. If you still have a “prejudice” about exposing the side of your underwear, you can start by unbuttoning one more shirt.

   It’s okay to show a little lace edge, as long as you remember to choose a loose shirt as much as possible, this Boyfriend style can weaken the sexy of lace.

   Thin underwear can also avoid the embarrassment of showing underwear marks when you wear a draped shirt.

TIP2: thin underwear + suspenders

   When you face the big sun in summer, do you have to let your body suffer from the double layer of torture from thick underwear? Use thin underwear with those nice straps, which not only avoids the embarrassment of hollowing but also creates a refined sense of layering.

   Try to choose thin underwear with obvious lace to match the suspenders, otherwise, it will be less attractive.

   When choosing the color of underwear, pay attention to it. White has higher requirements on the figure than black.

TIP3: Thin underwear + T-shirt/Tank vest

   You can also be a “girl man” who wants to wear thin underwear. Those who like cotton, comfortable T-shirts, and vests do not conflict with thin underwear. It is this neutral temperament that shows a little femininity to be fashionable.

   How to make cheap white T-shirts immediately have a sense of fashion, the answer is the two exposed lace edges.

   Except for the front neckline, it also looks good with a little lace on the side.

TIP4: Thin underwear + dress

   Those soft material dresses that I wear in summer, the attractive feminine curves need thin underwear to complete, how can the blunt curvature of the thick cushions make you feel urged?

   How did your suspender dress last year be innovative? Sometimes the answer is as simple as a change to thin underwear with beautiful lace.

  Don’t use conservative methods to wear shirts and skirts. Now you can not only adjust the buttons to show your legs, but you can also open the neckline lower to reveal delicate thin underwear.

TIP5: thin underwear + suit

   Thin underwear of the right length can also replace innerwear such as T-shirts and shirts. This sounds a bit bold, but in fact, if your suit is more slim, wearing it like this is not as excessive as you think.

   This kind of slightly longer thin underwear works better with a suit, and you are more secure when wearing it. You can fasten the button of the suit with only the lace edge.

   Suits are high-end items. How to keep the price down when wearing underwear? The answer is to buy underwear with the best materials within the price range you can afford.

   Otherwise, wear a shirt inside, but remember to show a little underwear lace in the tie shirt.

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