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In the autumn, it’s time for silk scarves to make a grand appearance again, Knowing how to wear silk scarves can add a touch of femininity to everyday clothes. The overall layering and color matching effect will also add a lot of points. Have you all learned the skills of how silk scarves match clothes? What are the popular ways to tie silk scarves with clothes this year? Interpretation immediately.


How To Wear Silk Scarves-1. The stacking effect of shirts

1. The stacking effect of shirts

Shirts are an indispensable item in the wardrobe of office workers. Learn the effect of stacking shirts, and you can also wear them with a sense of hierarchy. Embellishment with T-shirts and silk scarves is a classic matching method. which adds a little high-level sense to the shirt and looks more temperamental.

How To Wear Silk Scarves-Tie on the neck

2. Tie on the neck

Choose a small silk scarf, put on the silk scarf buckle and pass it through the silk scarf buckle. This method is simple and stylish. and the temperament is elegant after adjusting the position.


How To Wear Silk Scarves-The belt tying method of a silk scarf

3. The belt tying method of a silk scarf

When you go to work in a shirt and trousers, it’s really monotonous. We can choose a silk scarf that is similar in color to the trousers and put it on the trousers, and then tie a knot. Such a silk scarf with clothes can add a lot of color to the whole.


How To Wear Silk Scarves-4. Silk scarf and headband matching

4. Silk scarf and headband matching

Simply tie a low ponytail and wrap the silk scarf with a rubber band from top to bottom, and then gently tie a knot around the second circle. This style has a sense of French elegance.


How To Wear Silk Scarves-5. Suit jacket with hanging neck method

5. Suit jacket with hanging neck method

In autumn and winter, the silk scarf hanging around the neck is the soul matching method of the suit jacket. and the big-name style is immediately presented.

In the choice of silk scarves, those with a quieter personality can choose elegant color-patterned silk scarves. Those with a more outgoing personality can choose bright silk scarves that are more open. In addition, silk scarves with dull skin tones can brighten skin tone with soft tones.

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