How To Wear Sweaters This Year?


Fashionable sweaters are naturally indispensable in autumn and winter. The sweater is suitable for anyone to wear, not only warm but also comfortable and stylish. Next, the editor will introduce you to the popular way to wear sweaters.

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How to wear sweaters this year


(1) Mixed wind wear
How to wear sweaters-Mixed wind wear

Wear a sweater with a mix of fashionable personality, it is simply not too fashionable! The high-necked sweater is very nice and warm, saving the trouble of tying a scarf.

Irregular sweaters with skirts and short boots look very nice, and they look good with a belt. Or use a mid-length shirt as the base, with jeans on the lower body, and then a sweater and a belt.

The overall look is really super fashionable and stylish!

Small tips:

However, the dress on the right is too individual, it is not recommended for small girls to wear this way, it will be a bit ridiculous and short~


(2) “Outstanding” method to wear and match
How to wear sweaters-Outstanding method to wear and match

This year, the “highlight” method is very popular.

Wear a sweater with a T-shirt or shirt as the base and a small section is exposed underneath. which adds a sense of fashion! The lower body is worn with long trousers or knee-high boots, which are perfect.

Sweater + jeans are a very casual and low-key collocation. Mid-length sweaters, short boots and boots are all very fashionable.

Small tips:

These two outfits are very suitable for short girls and slightly fat girls. However, it is not recommended to wear too loose clothes for girls who are too fat.


(3) Elegant and ladylike style

Sweater + skirt

How to wear sweaters-Elegant and ladylike style

Nowadays, sweaters are generally high-necked, which not only keep warm but also have fashionable styles.

A loose and stylish turtleneck sweater with a slim-fit half-length knee skirt is a very popular way to wear this year.

Whether it is lace or knitted skirt, it looks very elegant and lady~

Small tips:

Small girls will have more temperament if they wear this way. Fat girls recommend choosing a slightly loose sweater.

while girls with too big hips can choose a long sweater to cover their buttocks, which will make them look thinner!


(4) Low-key casual wear

Sweater + pants

How to wear sweaters-Low-key casual wear

Sweaters look great whether they are paired with tights or loose-fitting pants. Sweaters with tight jeans are very youthful and vigorous.

The loose sweater with a high collar and loose wide-leg pants make the overall look loose and lazy, creating a full of casual style. The lazy style that is very popular this year is casual and low-key.

Small tips:

Fat people are not suitable for wearing loose sweaters and overly loose wide leg pants. otherwise, they will look more “bigger”~


(5) Youthful and playful way to wear

Sweater vest + jeans / sweater + short skirt + stockings + short boots

How to wear sweaters-Youthful and playful way to wear

If you want to wear a youthful and playful temperament. You can wear a shirt as the base, with a sweater and vest and jeans, to look full of vitality and youth.

Cute girls are very suitable for this kind of wear, and tall girls wear it like this, and they also reduce their age.


Sweaters and skirts are the most youthful for age reduction. You can choose shirts or ordinary bottoming shirts for the innerwear, with knee-high stockings and short boots.

The overall look is very Korean high school girls’ temperament. It can be matched with a beret for a more ladylike atmosphere.

This outfit is most suitable for cute girls and it fully highlights the liveliness and vitality.


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