The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For Autumn/Winter 2021

The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021

The epidemic has changed consumers’ lifestyles and values. What are the latest trends in dressing for the autumn and winter of 2021? Retailers and brands need to rethink the purpose. and function of all items from this perspective.


In this issue, we take stock of The 10 latest trends in dressing fashionable women’s clothing.


First of all. make sure that the product has the following characteristics: The scene is versatile. and it is multi-functional. and practical single product that adapts to different environments. Durable, Environment-related friendly, and suitable for cross-season durable items in the coming seasons.

It is suitable for layering, focusing on comfort. and can connect single products of early autumn and midwinter through layering. Deliver optimistic, individual, and functional feminine handmade items.


The second is to launch a small series in line with the rational consumption concept. Use functional materials to inject sustainable design features into items.


Third, pay attention to detail, make relaxed and comfortable upper body modeling. Consumers will no longer pay for luxury core goods.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-1. Knitted suit

1. Knitted suit

Unique: knitted suits are easy to wear and versatile. Seamless compatible with home style and work style.

Volume feeling: use an exaggerated scale to promote ease. make the sweater that suits pants long cocoon form turtleneck. Add tassels to the handmade texture.

Hand-knitting: the use of color-block splicing design to transform. and upgrade the remaining materials of sweaters. produce unique and versatile styles that are suitable for single wear and suits. so achieve the goal of zero waste and environmental protection.

Trousers: Continue to use soft tactile yarns to create a home style. Emphasize the length of the style by pairing flowing wide-leg pants with a fluffy sweater.

Waist window: use cashmere yarn twice or classic tweed. make an open shoulder knit cardigan, present the upper body model with a unique charm.

Color: regenerated viscose yarn is used to infuse joyous color into the model. and make the fine outline show charm.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-2. Trapezoidal dress

2. Trapezoidal dress

Uniqueness: As a mixed style of a loose straight dress with a sense of volume. the trapezoid dress is the key to a comfortable cross-season style.

Slim style. The trapezoidal style little by little evolved into a slim hybrid silhouette. Slender sleeves add freshness to this. Folds viscose fabric can be used for easy nursing.

The window of sleeve: trapezoidal style has a comfortable feeling very. also, simple updates. Use soft wide sleeves to show the attractiveness of the shoulder design.

Soft lacing: Add a soft belt to emphasize the slimming version. Demonstrating its versatile style is the key. it can be worn with long pants and long-sleeved close-fitting items.

The all-weather ankle-length design. and natural texture printing creates the effect of an evening dress.

Handmade style: Incorporate into hand-made style, adding novelty to simple tailoring. The contrast effect of tassels and seams can be eye-catching.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-3. Shirt jacket

3. Shirt jacket

Uniqueness: This cross-season all-match single product. of the shirt, the jacket can be called the perfect layered single product.

Compared with the investment in outerwear. shirts and jackets are more attractive in price. and are suitable for wearing pencil skirts, pleated skirts, or trousers.

Practical pocket: the modeling of the shirt and jacket is versatile. has cross-season glamour. They’re perfect for folding up a skirt or comfy wide-leg pants. Add a sense of volume and practical pocket designs can effortless update the style.

Soft-touch: Durability and practicality are the two major characteristics of this single product. The use of diversified fabrics ranging from silky wool. to brushed surfaces increases the variety of styles.

Ankle-length: Use an elongated silhouette to show the casual style of the item. Use modern or classic pockets to make the look rejuvenated.

Indoor/Outdoor: Shirts and jackets are versatile for both indoor and outdoor wear. Unmarketable fabrics in stock can be used as an alternative material for zero waste programs.

Bulk: This item has a big price advantage over a tailored jacket. Might as well through the volume proportion to further enhance the appeal of the style.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-4. Padded jacket

4. Padded jacket

Unique: The lightweight. versatile quilted jacket will meet consumers’ new demand for comfort and protective style.

Cocoon style: Faced with the pain caused by the new crown epidemic. consumers will seek a sense of security and comfort. Concise clipping wraps a body model sheet to taste will become the key.

Practical details: Quilted jackets are lightweight. practical layering pieces that are key to indoor and outdoor styling. Add practical detail and a zippered collar to provide protection against inclement weather.

Waist design: Use a belt to tighten the waist and inject a feminine style into the quilted jacket. It is recommended to use a classic plaid pattern with a slender pencil skirt.

Technological details: When choosing fabrics, use Environment-related friendly filling and finishes. and adding rainproof functions can enhance the value of the product.

Positive and negative lining: The front and back two-wear/removable design. to completely the multi-purpose performance of the single product.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-5. Party dress

5. Party dress

Why it’s unique: With on-screen socializing on the rise. and people increasing looking to lift their spirits. party clothes are not only all the rage with their superior upper body. but they’re also a great post-lockdown investment.

Retro style: Evening dresses are a staple this gloomy season. Taffeta, bubble sleeves, and embellishments are all key elements of this classic look.

Color: Use bright colors to increase joy and mood, super-bright pink is recommended. At this stage, consumers are becoming accustomed to all-weather versatile styles. and may wish to bold try to complement the look with boots.

Waist highlights: Use light and transparent fabrics to show your personality. Adopt a one-shoulder design, increase the detail of the corset and highlight the waist.

Detachable collar: Detachable collar is a great accessory for renewing existing party outfits. Make use of recycled or unmarketable fabrics. create personalized modeling with great manual charm.

Strapless: Infuse new ideas into existing clothes through simple matching. Luxury off-the-shoulder silk tops can be easy paired with existing pieces.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-6. Comfortable fit trousers

6. Comfortable fit trousers

Uniqueness: comfortable pants are an opportunity with the current household life setting. Its versatile style helps create a sense of layering and is very durable. That’s the key to the product.

Keep everything warm: Athletic tights show off a mix and match style. With delicate knitted fabrics and crafts, for the home-style into new vitality.

Necklace sets — From earrings to necklaces, thick chain elements emerged. Take the opportunity to update simple commercial items. such as jewel-encrusted bulk chains or chain ornaments.

Pleated volume sense: The pleated design is embedded in the waistband. highlight the loose effect of comfortable-fit trousers. A thick jersey and drag hem can emphasize the sense of volume style.

Layer build modeling: wear to blend in languid lazy midnight style for the home. fold wear underwear and household single, show modeling with tonal administrative levels.

High-end luxury: Coated jerseys and woven fabrics are used. add gorgeous elements to the style to enhance the texture of comfortable trousers.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-7. Eye-catching jewelry

7. Eye-catching jewelry

Uniqueness: Personalized jewelry gives people a relaxed and pleasant feeling. which can be used to enhance the shape and mood. and can also make the classic clothing during video calls stand up and advanced.

Retro heritage-draw inspiration from pure retro objects. inject new vitality into the current style. Brooches and pins are classics.

Necklace sets — From earrings to necklaces. thick chain elements are popping up in suitable pieces. Take the opportunity to update simple commercial items. such as jewel-encrusted bulk chains or chain ornaments.

Evening party sheet tastes: adornment is the shortcut that updates armoire style. the personalized earring is this season’s indispensable adornment. Take care to lower the bar and use a lower price.

Classic inspiration: As the shape of the neckline becomes the focus. various designs can be used to refurbish classic items. Crystals and gems are a perfect partner for party dresses. and can be used to decorate turtlenecks.

Handmade items: Handmade items are still hot this season. Use natural ingredients such as wood. and recycled materials to tap into the personalized potential of individual products.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-8. Squarehead

8. Squarehead

Why it’s unique: The square details are comfortable and practical. and can be used as a fashion hot spot for boots or comfy ballet flats.

Boots: square head detail evolves gradual from avant-garde design for comfortable versatile modeling. Square heel boots will be a lasting item that will never tire of wearing.

Fine leather and satin: Ankle boots made of fine satin and leather will the desire for style. This fabric is an excellent choice to compliment a woman’s silhouette.

Cross-season style: Full tap the potential of the square toe style. innovate with kitten heels, mesh uppers. and ankle straps to create an ideal single product for daily and dinner parties.

Fanggen: Incorporating the millennial nostalgic style, the single product presents a new look. It is recommended to use a smooth or textured square root to match the design of the square head.

Ballet flats: Comfortable for a long time, ballet flats have classic charm. Use soft leather in natural tones to create everyday pieces.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-9. Prints & patterns

9. Prints & patterns

Unique: exquisite patterns, no need to print, the minimalist style of patterns. and increase the commercial vitality of the product. Common printing such as plaid and paisley patterns is also the key.

Elegant plants: Garden flowers continue to inject inspiration into printing. For natural patterns, embed plants into the fabric. and use steam to create natural pigment prints.

Paisley: As the main graphic style, Paisley is an enduring iconic pattern. It is recommended to slow-moving fabrics to create a responsible solution.

Classic Plaid: Retro patterns meet the market’s urgent need for personalized styles. Use slow-moving checkered fabrics, hand-made patches, and embroidery to refresh yourself.

Manual inspiration: concise and agile design catered. to the demand of people for minimalist design. Inspired by retro embroidery samples and hand stitching. to increase the shape of the hand texture.

Organic texture: The organic texture is inspired by nature. and provides a wide range of applications for products. Try a faux fur or marble digital look for a minimalist aesthetic.


The 10 Latest Trends In Dressing For AutumnWinter 2021-10. Natural colors

10. Natural colors

Uniqueness: the color processing trend of human nature. environmental protection will be the most important. The pace of sustainable development. invest in natural dyes and unbleached primary colors.

Rock blue: gradual turn to humanized and environmental friendly color processing. Natural dyes will meet the market demand. A variety of faded blues can inject commercial glamour into soft layering.

Neutral colors: colors need to be harmonious and intimate in turbulent times. Colors derived from nature show a warming trend in this autumn and winter. such as camel or toffee colors and unbleached original colors.

Primary colors: The primary colors are natural. and meet the market’s demand for basic styles. It is recommended to use it in minimalist layered or soft-knitted sweaters.

Olive Green & Toffee Color: The classic and comfortable color based on the natural environment is the focus. Olive is the ideal color for environmental friendly products. and the toffee color echoes the lush green plant color familiar to the public.

Black With its versatile style and commercial appeal. Black continues to be popular like never before this season. This color works on everything, including everyday clothing, coats, and outerwear.


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