Make A Statement With Plus Size Floral Dress

Plus Size Floral Dress

Make A Statement With Plus Size Floral Dress 

When you think of spring and summer, what’s the first image that comes to your mind? Flowers, and nature, of course! Floral dresses help arrest the beauty of flowers and keep their freshness close to you. Daylong, you can hug the essence of the blossom blooming and feel the vividness of nature around you.

Plus size floral dresses are an integral part of your wardrobe, especially during spring and summer. The floral prints, vibrant colors, and overall brightness of the dresses keep you feeling rejuvenated, enthusiastic, and happy.

Floral-printed dresses come in different styles and sizes. The type varies, but if you pick the attire as per your shape and personal liking, you will surely turn heads towards you wherever you go. Flirtatious, romantic, full of passion, and flattering your femininity, a lot can be done when you wear floral summer dresses plus size.

Introducing The Plus Size Floral Dress

Plus size floral dresses add beauty to your personality and style statement. It’s a pop of color that you just can’t miss. The brightness of the flowery prints equates well with the sunshine outdoors. This is a classic dress and has extremely pleasing visual aesthetics. It is a dress that can be worn to any place, any event, any time of the day or night, and doesn’t need much accessorizing.

Women’s Plus size floral dresses come in varied styles. For example, there are short dresses, maxi styles, bodycon dresses, chiffon dresses, flowy dresses, and more. Across all styles, the floral dresses are innately feminine. Unfussy with minimal add-ons, this dress can create a sophisticated look for you wherever you go. Your voluptuous figure looks amazing, and your wardrobe is literally incomplete without these dainty garment pieces

Different Types Of Plus Size Floral Dresses Are Available

There are various types of Plus size floral dresses that will help flatter your figure. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Floral maxi plus size dress: This is a perfect dress option for special occasions or social events. This is even a good choice as a clubwear & partywear dress. Go in for a maxi dress that accentuates your figure, creating a stunning appearance. Lightweight materials are the best ones and provide optimal comfort. A flowy maxi dress can let you move around the crowd with ease for the entire duration. Ensure that the dress does justice to your assets.

Floral formal dresses Plus size:  These are the dresses that you can wear to formal evenings, dinners, meetings, and even the office. It can be a mini, midi, or maxi dress. The style could be a wrap-around, A-line, side slits, flowing, etc. Similarly, you can opt for strappy, sleeveless, or sleeved floral dresses. To ensure that the dress does not look casual, you can layer it up with a formal jacket, light sweater, or cardigan.

Plus size floral dresses with sleeves: These dresses have a pretty appeal to them. The half or full sleeves give contour to your arms and shoulders and hide unnecessary fat. Chiffon, silk, polyester, or any other softer material can do wonders for your figure. The overall appearance is one graceful you.

Plus size floral prom dresses: The prom nights are extra special, and it deserves your full attention. More importantly, you need to wear a dress that catches everyone’s eye, whether a flattering look or an envious glance. What can be a better way to announce your entry to the party than in a vibrant floral prom dress? Dark colors befit the event. Bigger prints can have an amazing effect on the onlookers. You can wear seductive styles with strappy shoulders, bold necklines, and slits in the front, back, or sides.

Plus size floral chiffon dresses: Chiffon is one of the best materials for floral prints. This is because chiffon is extremely soft to the touch and comes alive in bright, vibrant colors. Also, a mix and match of contrasting colors can be exuberantly exhibited on this fabric. The soft material follows your curves and contours flawlessly. Your sense of fashion can get impressive thrust when wearing the floral chiffon dress.

Plus size floral midi dresses: A midi dress with tropical blossom prints is such a great choice for parties, weddings, social get-togethers, bridal lunches, and more. It is fun and scores extremely high in the comfort range. Focus on the hemline and the neckline. In general, the midi dress in flowery prints creates the tempo to look your fashionable best.

Plus size floral retro dresses for women: Floral dresses have been in style for ages. Women have always loved print. If you wish to go back in time and bring about a heritage look to your appearance, go in for the retro floral dress. These styles can be fun and comfortable. Wear dresses that are made from soft materials that are breathable. These dresses are cute choices for parties, girls’ days out, picnics, and more.

How To Wear Floral Prints If You're Plus Size?

Plus size floral dresses can make you look like a princess. But you’ll need to know how to wear it right. Here are a few tips:

If you are a Plus size woman who loves to wear floral prints, then keep a scarf handy. It can help protect you from the chilly wind. Also, it is a great way to layer your dress and look smarter.

Similarly, a denim jacket is an excellent piece of clothing for layering purposes, making you look chic and sophisticated.

Long dresses like maxis are good for you. Pair them up with high heels or strappy sandals, and they will do the magic.

Never over-accessorize your floral dress. This means that when you wear a Plus size floral dress, your accessories should be minimal. Wear a simple stud earring or hangings for the best look.

An abstract floral print that is designed on floral lines is another good design to try. It gives a floral-ish look minus the flowers.

The Best Places To Find Plus Size Floral Dresses

Considering that floral print is so very popular amongst women, finding floral dresses is not a difficult process. However, this is true for ladies of normal sizes or those who are petite. For Plus size women, finding dresses that fit them with perfection is a big task. At least, till about a few years back, this was one of the biggest challenges faced by heavier women.

Today, though, things have changed phenomenally. You can find Plus size floral dresses online, with a few noted brands offering readymade clothes exclusively for heavier women. Brands like Chiclover have made garment shopping so much easier for Plus size women because of the varying range of dress choices that they offer.

The best place to find a perfect-fitting Plus size floral dress is online. This is where you can browse through all available choices within minutes. You can visually see the images and zoom on the pictures to see if the style and the print are as per your liking or not. In the offline world, it is pretty difficult to indulge in such kind of extensive research and study to find the best dress for yourself.

What To Look For When Buying A Plus Size Floral Dress?

During summers, women of all shapes and sizes love to bring out their floral printed dresses from the depths of their wardrobes. The style is one of the top choices amongst women across the world. When buying women’s Plus size floral dresses, take care of these points:

Background color: This is one of the most important criteria to look out for. The first criterion, in fact. Go in for neutral colors or lighter shades like white and grey. Black is a good choice if you feel confident in the color. If you wish to wear it as a summer dress, go in for the lighter shades. You will feel cool all through, and the vibrant floral prints will be avidly displayed in the background. Lighter background colors give a playful and youthful look, while darker shades give a formal look to your dress.

Print size: Heavy women should go with smaller floral prints and vice versa. That’s the rule, as larger prints add to the weight. Medium-size prints are good for women who are thin and have pear-shaped or hourglass figures. Smaller prints are universally appealing and look good on one and all, irrespective of shape or size. If you want to put forth a mature look, the flowery prints should be sparse.

Fits your body size: If your height is short, then go in for a mid-length dress. Chiffon looks good on Plus size women. Tulip skirts suit pear-shaped women.

Flower colors: If your skin tone is darker, go in for pastel or soft-colored flowers. If you are on the fairer side, dark-colored prints will suit you. White or black floral prints look good on women of all skin tones.

How To Style A Plus Size Floral Dress For Different Occasions?

Here are some tips for dressing in your floral dress for different occasions:

For an evening party, you can keep your hair open or tie it in a bun at the nape of your neck. It gives a pretty feminine look. Alternatively, you can make a braid if your hair is long.

For a casual event, wear a short floral dress and for your footwear, choose ankle boots or sneakers.

If the dress is loose, you can use a leather belt to get the desired fitting.

If you are headed to a formal party, carry a shrug for an elegant undertone.

When wearing a black-colored floral dress, pair it with shoes, scarves, and clutches for the cold weather.

For the daytime, go in for a long floral maxi plus size dress in lighter shades that give you a breezy look.

For formal outings during the hot season, floral maxis are a great fashion statement. Pastel colors are the best for the season.

At the workplace, a Plus size floral dress is an easy way to carry on a day’s work. Wear your heels, for sure. No heavy accessories, please.

For a beach party or sundowner event, you can take your floral monokinis, dresses, or jumpsuits.

A Few Tips On How To Care For Your Plus Size Floral Dress

If you want your dress to stay the way it is for a long time to come, then you need to take care of your Plus size floral dress. Here are a few tips for doing so:

If your floral dress is cotton-made, then air-dry it or machine-wash it and then machine-dry it. Place it in the shade to dry. Iron the piece when it is moist for no wrinkles.

Suppose the dress fabric is silk; then only dry clean the dress. If you decide to wash at home, then handwashing in lukewarm water is suggested. Don’t rub the fabric. Don’t dry it in the sun.

Most floral dresses for Plus size women are made of chiffon. If the material is silk chiffon, then dry cleaning is suggested. For other chiffon materials, machine washing is ideal. Press to let the water dry. Chiffon fabrics should never be twisted.

In case the fabric is georgette or crepe, you should handwash the floral dress. Do not wring the dress and iron it at low heat.

If the women’s Plus size floral dress is nylon made, you can be machine washed in cold water.

Conclusion - Make A Statement With Plus Size Floral Dress

A Plus size floral dress is an absolute must-have for you. It is a timeless piece. Remember to stop by Chiclover and shop for stunning dresses from Chic Lover. This is where dresses are designed and curated exclusively for heavier women. A must-visit to shop for the choicest clothing.

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