Our Story

Our Story


Founder's Story 

Welcome to CHICLOVER - A fashion community dedicated to uniqueness by offering emerging fashion labels that are eco-friendly and unique. As someone who has always been passionate with regards to what can be assign to online boutique for shoppers who typically rather spend less time being overwhelmed by amounts of goods to choose from and instead would really love to get an extra value out of that particular product that they would really hoping to find so to accomplish that we came up with selection of goods, website interface and search tools that are put in place to make that a reality. At the same time we acquired our independent fashion designer to position our self as a unique alternative to corporate and big fashion brands. Our philosophy falls within use of shapes, colors and materials that is ideal for women seeking individual and ultra feminine style. Supporting our environment is a high priority for us so you have an option to contribute to this cause at our checkout page to directly support with reduction of greenhouse gases and climate change.





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