Shop Flattering Styles Plus Size Mermaid Dress

Plus Size Mermaid Dress

Shop Flattering Styles Plus Size Mermaid Dress

If there is one dress that hugs your body unabashedly, it is the mermaid dress. For a feminine curvy body, there could be no other style that does as much justice as this.

Whether you are slim size, normal, or double-size, this dress will never fail you, flattering your rounds and assets, especially the upper body to the hips. In addition, the flare at the lower end makes it even more sensual and sexy.

Also popularly called the fishtail dress, your silhouette demands a mermaid dress for weddings, proms, or evening parties. Wondering if this chic piece is suitable for your Plus size body or not? No worries. We have you covered as we extensively discuss the Plus size mermaid dress in this article.

Plus Size Mermaid Dress – A Stylish and Flattering Look 

Mermaid dresses hit the fashion streets way back in 1877. As the style in those days was to showcase the waist with maximum narrowness, it became popular very soon. The corset coryza was the trend that hugged the body from the bust to the hip to the back of the legs.

Much later, in 1930, the dress was highlighted as an haute couture when it was featured during catwalks by designer Marcel Rochas. Lisa Fonnsagrives-Penn, a Swedish model, was the first to wear the mermaid dress and get featured in Vogue in 1950.

Fast forward to the 2020s, and the mermaid dress remains as popular as it was all those years back. Not just women with a slim waist, women on the heavier side also look fabulous dressed in a Plus size mermaid dress.

This dress can be worn at gala evenings, red carpets, special events like weddings, formal sit-down dinners, and more. The Plus size mermaid dress perfectly fits your body; from the bust to the hip and below the thigh level, the dress splays out.  

The flare at the bottom looks like a fish’s tail or a mermaid’s fin; therefore, it is aptly called a fishtail dress. Whatever your body shape, the Plus size mermaid gown will fit you to highlight your curves and create the impression of an hourglass figure. The visual effect is flattering beyond words.

When you buy a Plus size mermaid prom dress, you need to focus on three aspects:

The fabric: Mermaid dresses are available in all types of fabrics. Satin, silk, nylon, or other softer materials create the best effect. In this case, the fishtail section will have a natural ruffle that makes it attractive. The fishtail part will be stiff when the material is hard, like cotton. If you are comfortable carrying the thicker material, your appearance will be no less than that of a fashionista.

Sleeves: Plus size mermaid dresses are usually strapless. However, there are other sleeve options, like long and short. There are puffed sleeves too. Choose one that fits your taste and body shape.

Neckline: There are all possible necklines available for a Plus size mermaid gown. It could be a plunging, round, square, V-neck, halter, or sweetheart neckline. The most popular, though, is the sweetheart neckline that looks more like a heart.

The Benefits of Wearing a Plus size Mermaid Dress 

The timelessness of the Plus size mermaid formal dress is one of the reasons women fall in love with this dress. The other benefits of the fishtail dress are –

The mermaid dress fits your silhouette and forms like no other dress. It gives the impression of an hourglass figure irrespective of the actual shape of your body.

Plus size mermaid gowns look flattering on all kinds of body sizes and shapes. If you have a curvy figure, this is the dress to flaunt your assets. If you have a rectangle-shaped body, you can create the impression of an hourglass figure. If you have a shorter height, the fishtail dress will create an illusion of increased height.

It is a stylish outfit with an old-world charm. Even then the look is contemporary and cool. The one thing is for sure – dressed in a Plus size mermaid dress, you will look like a queen ready to make a few hearts flutter and mesmerize a few others.

Gives you the confidence to attend parties and social events in style as the dress clings to your best assets. You have to accessorize intelligently to keep the unwanted spots concealed, away from everyone’s attention.

Mermaid dresses are versatile as these can be worn on different occasions. There are different styles – from floral laces to open-back designs, feminine cuts, and intricate rhinestone detailing.

Your Plus size mermaid prom dress is a valuable attire in your closet. This is a must-have in your collection if you aim to create memorable looks. The timelessness of the design and sensual appeal do tons of good to your feminine figure and confidence levels.

How to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Body Type?

There are four main categories of body types – apple, rectangle, pear, and hourglass.

  1. Apple – this type is also called the inverted triangle, where the shoulders and the bust are greater than the hip. Your defining feature is your upper body. Your curves are your biggest assets. Additionally, your slim legs are worth showing off. When buying a Plus sizemermaid dress, focus on the styles that hide the narrow hips. Your go-to style should be a dress that flares at the hips. Go in for ruffles or layers at the hips.
  1. Rectangle – this type is also called the banana shape body. The shoulders, bust, and hips are almost the same size in this case. Since your body lacks curves, you should typically choose a mermaid dress with added features like ruffles at the waist and bows at the neckline or the waist to create the appearance of curves at the bust and waist areas.
  1. Pear – this type is also called a triangle shape. The key feature is that the hips are broader compared to your shoulders. Your narrow waist and small bust are defining characteristics. Your figure is best for a typical Plus sizemermaid style. You can add layers and volumes to the bust area. Your go-to design should be a dress that flares at the waist.
  1. Hourglass – This shape is characterized by a well-defined waist and a well-balanced upper and lower body part. This is the best shape for Plus sizemermaid gowns, as the dress fits you perfectly and shows off your curves graciously.

Tips on Accessorizing with a Plus size Mermaid Dress 


The Plus size mermaid dress looks extra beautiful and graceful when paired with the right accessories. Whether you have chosen to wear a Plus size mermaid gown for your wedding or a social event, refer to these tips to look your best.

A sheer cloak is an elegant way to dress up during the hot season. You can go in for laces at the edges to create a romantic look, adding to your charm and grace.

Belts are another accessory that helps stylize your Plus size mermaid prom dress. You can choose any color, from black to gold, silver, red, etc. Satin ribbons can be used to tie and bow the gown. The other options include laced and beaded belts.

If you are going for a formal dinner or a cocktail party, you can wear your opera gloves to add a vintage look to your style. It may seem old-fashioned, but it gives your appearance an edge over others. Gloves till your elbows are good to go. There is a variety to pick from – laced, beaded, or gloves with organza flowers and more.

Hats are another asset that completes your mermaid gown. If you are the bride, the wedding hat can be worn over your wedding veil. Or else, you can wear any hat that suits the color and fabric of your dress.

Jewelry adds sparkle to your mermaid dress. If you are wearing a strapless dress, wear a long ornament necklace that shows off your neck and upper body artistically. You can match a pair of danglers in diamond with your hair tied up.

Pair your Plus size mermaid dress with high-heeled shoes. Silver looks best with a white gown. Open-toe sandals are the best option. You can also wear thin strappy, kitten, or ballerina flats.

If you wear the Plus size mermaid gown to your wedding, you can wear a tiara on the forehead with or without veils. You can keep your hair open or tied into a bun. A diamond-studded tiara looks stunning with short or long hair.

Showcasing Different Styles of Plus size Mermaid Dresses 

The three most popular styles of Plus size mermaid dresses are the following –

Plus size mermaid prom dress – One of the best ways to showcase your beautiful curves is a mermaid prom dress. Ensure that it fits your bust, waist, and hips with perfection. Go in for colors that suit your skin tone and undertone. For example, a bright yellow dress will suit women with warm undertones.

Plus size mermaid gown – The dress that will create a flutter around you at a formal cocktail dinner or sit-down dinner is the mermaid gown. The graceful femininity of the dress creates a perfect silhouette for you and makes you look chic and beautiful. You can also wear a gown for your wedding or when your best friends get married.

Plus size mermaid formal dress – A formal mermaid dress is a good option for evening parties and cocktails. White and black are the coolest colors to go for these occasions. Follow our style tips mentioned above to stylize your feminine dress with precision.

Where to Buy Affordable, Quality Plus Size Mermaid Dresses?

The online platform is the perfect place to buy Plus size mermaid dresses. The best is to go with brands that are experts in making Plus size dresses. A few years back, you may have had to research long to find a fashion store or brand that specializes in making clothes specifically for curvier and heavier women. But not anymore. Today umpteen fashion stores are known for offering stylish and trendy dresses for Plus size women.

These brands, like Chiclover, are spearheading a revolution in the fashion industry. They are doing everything right to ensure that even a Plus size woman can show off her assets and fashion sense. If you are looking at buying ready-to-wear trendy and finely curated Plus size mermaid prom dresses and gowns, go online to find the best fit for your body size and shape.

Wrapping Up – Why You Should Shop Flattering Styles Plus Size Mermaid Dress Today!

A mermaid dress looks good on women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. It is a style that will never go out of fashion and is one of the best choices to wear to a formal evening out. It fits your body flawlessly and can be customized to conceal unwanted parts and flaunt your curves. This dress gives a unique and unparalleled kick to your self-esteem and confidence.

To top it off, it’s stylish, trendy, and a show-stopper. The best part is that you can now buy Plus size mermaid gowns and dresses at highly affordable prices. So if your inner fashionista is up to it, go ahead and dress in the mermaid style and create your fashion statement.

Looking to buy the best Plus size mermaid dress for yourself or gift it to someone special? You have arrived at the right place. This is Chiclover, one of the best places to buy Plus size dresses of different styles and designs. Made from premium quality fabrics and tailored to match your size and shape, this is the place that is the ultimate shopping destination for Plus size mermaid dresses.

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