What Is The Spice Girls Logo?


“Spice girls dressing” is highly sought after by young girls, so what kind of dressing is the spice girls logo? The spicy girl style is popular this year. in fact, when talking about the spice girls, the first thing that comes to mind is the Spice Girls. They are one of the representatives of the dressing style in the 90s.

Retro-sexy-handsome-splendid-chic and today’s spicy girl style are also true

Just look at the social media software. and find that the contest between spicy girls has extended to this level.

The two thin ropes next to the waist are actually the straps of thongs. The purpose is to focus attention on the waist and abdomen. making the waist thinner and hips, and the game of rope pants is derived from the back.

This style is more exaggerated and hot, but in fact, some signs can be seen before. The spicy girl style that many people took this summer can be regarded as a fashion retro resurgence.


1. What is the super popular style of Spice Girls Logo?

Then let’s briefly review the style of the spicy girls in different eras!


▍ Shibuya spicy girl style

In the 1990s, the Shibuya spicy girl style emerged in Japan. which originated from the legendary Japanese singer Namie Amuro.

Amuro does not have the grace and restraint of traditional Japanese beauties. but is lively, natural, and slightly wild. which gave the young people of the time a great aesthetic impact and led to this Shibuya style trend.

These costumes may be too exaggerated in our opinion, but at the time they were actually a challenge. to the traditional mainstream aesthetics of Japan. These Shibuya spicy girls disdain other people’s strange vision. have their own rebelliousness and self-confidence. what they do is to swear their personality and please themselves.

What-Kind-Of-Dressing-Is-The-Spice-Girls-Logo-Shibuya spicy girl style

▍ Y2K

Later, there is the style of spicy girls under the influence of Y2K aesthetics. It emerged at the turn of the century. This year’s popular style of spicy girls also has some traces of Y2K.

In that era. computers and the Internet triggered a technological crisis and technological development. which inspired people’s imagination and longing for the future.

So the core of Y2K lies in the sense of retro and future, full of creativity, vitality, and imagination.

This feature is reflected in the dressing. which is the frequent use of colorful and highly saturated colors to show vitality.

There will also be many elements related to the sense of technology. such as lasers, patent leather, PVC transparent material. with high-tech cold and psychedelic feelings.


▍ American campus sweetheart spicy girl

If you want to say that it is the closest and most the current spicy girl style. it is the American campus sweetheart spicy girl style at the end of the last century. and the representative is Britney Spears.

It also uses bright and highly saturated colors to express the feeling of youth and vitality. Tight blouses/low-waist pants/mini skirts are all representative items.

It is also indispensable for patent leather. and metal materials with a sense of technology at the same time

▍ American campus sweetheart spicy girl

2. Who is the spicy girl style suitable for?

This confident and hot young style is indeed very attractive. Many young girls can’t wait to know if they are suitable for the spicy girl style. Then let’s talk about the three angles of appearance, figure, and temperament. which girls will be more comfortable with the style of spicy girls.


▍ Rebellious + youthful looks

The Spice Girls Logo means hot, sexy, confident, free to dress and freely, and you can experience unfettered, dismissive and even rebellious and provocative emotions. And decided that it is a younger style.

This characteristic is passed on to the appearance. it is with a certain sense of coldness and aggression, and at the same time, it does not appear to be mature.


The most influential on temperament is the eyebrows and the eyebrows. The trend of the eyebrows rises, and there are obvious sharp lines. which can easily convey the feeling of coldness.

You can use the control of your eyes to change your style. and blocking your pupils can also enhance the aggressiveness of your eyes.

Many of the spicy girl’s facial proportions and contours are also young. with a certain amount of skin and flesh. You can feel a little skeletal, but don’t be too thin as it tends to look mature.

Another is the lips. Thick lips have a warm and scorching style, while thin lips appear more cool and rational. When applying lipstick, you can thicken your lips with a lip brush or cotton swab.

What-Kind-Of-Dressing-Is-The-Spice-Girls-Logo-Rebellious + youthful l

▍ A powerful figure

The spicy girl style has a confident and energetic background color. and a powerful figure can well reflect the confidence to control the audience. and harness the cool and handsome charm of the spicy girl style.

This requires that the figure is relatively firm, neither loose nor skinny.

The girls we have in mind are very sexy, no matter fat or thin, they are still relatively firm and powerful. Without this sense of power, the style is easy to slip.

A plump body with a front convexity and a back curl should fit the definition in many people’s minds. but without this blessing of power. it is easy to only be sexy on the surface and not radiate the core of independence and self-confidence.

Even if you are thin, don’t let yourself be too thin. There are traces of sports and fitness in your body shape, and it is easier to exude a healthy wild charm.

Without the support of muscle lines/skeleton. the sense of strength and aggression will be much weaker, and it will tend to be more gentle and feminine.

What-Kind-Of-Dressing-Is-The-Spice-Girls-Logo-A powerful figure

▍ Pleasant self-confidence

If your appearance and figure do not meet the standards of a spicy girl, don’t be discouraged. Because there is another point that is also the most important point of the spicy girl style. which is the temperament and charm that it exudes.

The spicy girl style in the true sense is itself a departure from the mainstream aesthetics. and does not care about the constraints of so many frames, with a strong personality.

So as long as you are confident enough in your heart to yearn for, you don’t need to be hindered by external factors. You may wish to change your mindset and increase your recognition of yourself. With a mentality of pleasing yourself, try boldly.

Try to stretch your body movements more freely and show your charm generously. The eyes are firm, sharp, and not cowardly dodge, and he has a very confident aura.

What-Kind-Of-Dressing-Is-The-Spice-Girls-Logo-Pleasant self-confidence

3. Three keys to creating a sexy and practical spicy girl style

This year’s popular spicy girl is sexy and unrestrained. and Y2K resurgence is also full of personality, cool and sexy.

But for most girls, this style is not very wearable in daily life. We walk in the spicy girl style every day. In fact, we only need to remove those exaggerated elements. and then grasp the following three points, then we can choose a sexy and practical style:

1. Bright and bold colors, showing youthful vitality

2. The version is slim and tight, showing the body curve

3. Appropriately exposed skin, hot style

Now let’s talk about how to choose a specific item.


▍ Tops/dresses: Slim fit + short lines

This combination of self-cultivation and short lines seems to be prone to fallout. and it can also expose the skin appropriately, full of youthful vitality and hotness.

The small vest/sling/short sleeves are very suitable for the style. and you can also add a juvenile pattern to increase the contrast between sexy and playful.

You can also use tie-dye/stitching/hollowing/banding elements to make clothes more interesting.

Narrow shoulders are especially suitable for thin shoulder straps. or vests with digging shoulders/halter necks. which can increase the whiteness of the shoulders, make the shoulders wider visually. and can cleverly block the trapezius muscles.

Girls with a little fat on their arms can choose a shoulder, and their sleeves can block the most fleshy place.

There are many choices of dresses. To the classic suspender skirts. there have been many original and improved cheongsams in recent years. adding modern elements, making them fashionable and delicate.

Girls with unobvious curves can choose designs with drawstrings/folds. and use their expansion effect to create a sense of curve in the chest and waist and hips, as well as hide the belly.

▍ Bottoms: Emphasize the waist and hip curve

The spicy girl style is the most suitable for wearing short skirts. The body-wrapped style can outline the waist-hip curve, which looks sexy and unobtrusive.

Girls who care about crotch width can choose an A-line skirt. When picking, pay attention to the position where the lower folds are exploded. try to be as high as possible above the crotch. or directly choose a small umbrella skirt, you can well hide the crotch width.

The shoes can be matched with Mary Jane/platform shoes/half-boots, plus white socks or mid-socks. it is a very retro spicy girl pictorial feel. You can also choose a pair of casual cats, which are more feminine.

If you wear pants, the waist and hips should be more obvious, emphasizing the curve, you can also try low-waist pants/flared pants and other retro-looking pants, paired with platform shoes, immediately transform into the Spice Girls Logo.

If you want a heavier retro feel, choose a style with heavier washing marks. and deeper denim texture, which has a worn-out texture

What-Kind-Of-Dressing-Is-The-Spice-Girls-Logo-Bottoms Emphasize the waist and hip curve

▍ Personalized makeup and hair accessories

The tone of spicy girl’s style makeup is not a clear and pink cute and innocent sense. but rather strong and powerful.

The mood of the eyebrows is also very important, and the raised eyebrows. and eyeliner is often used to outline a contemptuous and noble gesture.

Both toppled lips and matte lips are okay. The key point is to have full lips and blush to create a sense of vitality.

A hairstyle can go in a more personalized direction. do some low-key highlights/braided hair/high ponytail. with heavy metal chain accessories, showing the cool side.

You can also take the sweetheart route and add some juvenile accessories. such as small rubber bands/hairpins to increase the feeling of playful ghost horses.

The headscarf and sleeves are very classic elements. and you will feel like a street hip-hop spicy girl when you wear it.

The bag is dexterous and neat, the underarm bag/waist bag is very suitable. and it can also be matched with narrow-frame sunglasses, which have a strong retro feel.

What-Kind-Of-Dressing-Is-The-Spice-Girls-Logo-Personalized makeup and hair accessories

Okay, after reading it at chic lover blog, have you been overwhelmed to be a spicy girl? With this style of control, authenticity feels indispensable.

If you also like this style, it happens that the conditions are met, you can also try boldly, the good figure is not hidden!

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