Ten Tips To Help You Choose A Good Plus Size Clothing Wholesaler


Ten Tips To Help You Choose A Good Plus Size Clothing Wholesaler

Plus size clothing is slowly gaining traction in the fashion industry, having been underserved for a long time. Initially, it wasn’t easy to find plus size outfits that are fashionable, stylish, and perfectly fit. However, things have opened up. Acquiring plus-size clothing is now easy, both on the high street and online.

Many shops are stocking plus size clothing. Plus size clothing vendors offer individuals with a variety of tastes to make a choice. However, before you stock plus size clothes, here are a few things you should know.

1. Know Your Target Customers

Before you stock plus size clothes, you need to understand the people you are targeting. Plus-size customers tend to love outfits that are not so tight-fitting but also not so baggy. Wearing a baggy cloth that makes you look like a grandma does not sit well with anyone.

Wholesale plus size clothing stores stock a variety of outfits. The outfits should be comfortable enough to accommodate all curves without making the person strain. You need to understand how your different customers want their style. If they wish to rock office wear, look sporty, or get the look to relax at home, you should be able to take care of them.

Some women may want to appear like they have longer-looking legs. They will go for high waist skirts. Wide leg pants will be ideal for those who want to balance their hips. As a vendor, you should stock plus size clothing according to your customers’ preferences and tastes.

2. Do Not Follow Old Rules

For people above size 16, most likely for several times, you have come across instructions asking you to avoid horizontal stripes, make sure to cover your arms, or wear black so that you can blend in. Such conventions have an impact on plus-size labels. They always tend to play safe.

However, plus size women think that breaking the rules and conventions can make you look stylish. For instance, plus size lingerie can give you that sexy and appealing look. The lingerie accommodates all your curves so that you can feel comfortable underneath.

You, therefore, should stock anything for anyone. Include crop tops in your shop, include white, and include stripes. Fashion concentrates more on expression and not rules. Because confidence comes from within, everyone has the right to g=feel confident while wearing anything they please.

3. Understand Different Brands

A lot of clothing brands decided to add plus-size segments to their clothing lines. As a plus-size clothing vendor, you need to understand the different brands and their clothing. You need to know where to get denim, sweat suits, floral dresses, high waist skirts, and many other options.

Having a good understanding of the brands also puts you in a position to figure out which size is perfect for which body. For instance, a top labeled 18 by one brand may not be the exact size as a top marked 18 by another brand. Understanding the brands will let you deliver the perfect fit to a customer, especially if they order online.

Because sizing differs everywhere, the customers are not afraid to go up or down a size. Nobody would want to spend their time going to the post office to return clothes because they were not their perfect size. As long as the clothing fit to the client’s liking, that is all that matters.

Having an understanding of the different brands also will allow you to recommend certain outfits for specific customers. Also, some customers are loyal to certain brands. Such customers have all their faith in the quality and pricing of the particular brands that it can be so hard to make them buy from a different brand. To cater to the needs of such customers, you need to stock their preferred brand.

4. Details Make for a Good Fit

For plus size women, details determine a good fit. Additional information about the clothing makes the clothes look more stylish and comfortable. For instance, a dress with a waistband with hidden elastic is ideal for accommodating clients’ different waist shapes. A button-down shirt sewn together may be perfect for preventing larger chests from gaping.

Additionally, getting the clothing to look a bit customized may be so appealing. For instance, a pencil skirt with a slight A-line may allow extra client mobility when they walk. In short, get to understand what will make the customers look and feel more comfortable.

5. Do Not Discriminate

A particular brand in Britain made headlines for charging what was called “fat tax.” The brand accused 15 percent more on select plus size garments compared to those in straight lengths. It was like they were discriminating against plus-size people. It would help if you made them feel equal to other humans.

Also, when stocking, make sure you are reserving a wide range of sizes. Do not store only the garments that are smallest in size among the plus size. It would help if you availed all the measures not to get the smaller size to fit in the larger ones. Everyone has a right to look stylish.

It would help if you also realized that people like to dress up differently every day. Nobody loves wearing the same kind of clothing daily, even if they are plus size.

6. Make use of Colors

Adding different colors to your stock makes sure you attract a wide range of customers. Some people love dull colors, while others like it when they are bright colors that make them stand out. Also, because people shop for clothes for different reasons, seasons and occasions, having various colors makes it easy for customers. They can walk in and get the clothes they want for every occasion.

7. Find a Means to Sell Online

Many businesses are going online. As much as you have a physical premise, consider going online to attract a broader range of customers. Many people find it easy to order stuff online and wait for delivery instead of looking for it physically. The online business saves a lot of time for both the client and the vendor.

The vendor can attend to many customers at a given time. The client can also spare the time they were to use to go shopping and do something else. Again, an online business can enable customers to access outfits that have not arrived in their locality. They can order from international stores.

With celebrities popularizing the need to accept one’s body, many people have embraced their plus-size bodies. The stars appear on shows and concerts donning outstanding fashion, and people want to buy similar outfits. Ordering online may make it easy.

8. Put Emphasis on Quality

Quality is a crucial factor when you are a dealer in any merchandise. For plus size clothing, make sure you have the best quality. People will want to buy the dress that gives them the beautiful look they want. Quality will also make your customers recommend their friends and peers.

Quality is also an important aspect when your shop is online. A lot of people order different kinds of garments expecting that you will deliver the best quality. To win their trust, you should provide the best quality. When you give the best quality, they will come back and recommend your store to friends.

9. Get to Know Wholesalers

Plus-size clothing vendors should know the wholesalers from whom they will get their merchandise. Wholesalers will supply you with the clothing at a discount. Creating a trustworthy relationship with the wholesaler is useful both to you and the wholesaler. The wholesaler may suggest to you some other wholesalers who supply the brands that they don’t have.

Once you build trust with the wholesaler, they can give you the merchandise on credit. Your terms of credit will determine when you will pay back the money. Similarly, the wholesaler can give you the clothing in an agreement where you sell on their behalf, and you earn a commission. In short, you will act like the wholesaler’s retailer. 

10. Be able to Adjust Your Expectations

It is common knowledge that people’s tastes change with time. Fashion trends also change within short periods. As a vendor, you should always assume that customers come with fresh eyes. As such, you should still be watchful of fashion trends. You don’t expect someone who bought a given garment today to buy the same outfit tomorrow.

Also, people wear different clothes for different seasons. Make sure you have garments with the changing seasons. For instance, during winter, you should have enough warm clothing. Similarly, always ensure you stock enough sports outfit at the start of the football season.


Plus size clothing is an area of fashion that people neglected for a long time. However, many plus-size people are embracing the trendy and stylish look. They buy fashionable outfits. Selling plus-size clothing can, therefore, be a profitable business. It would help if you considered factors like your customers, seasons, and wholesalers before becoming a plus size clothing vendor.

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