The Hottest Summer Look Plus Size Tube Dress

The Hottest Summer Look Plus Size Tube Dress

We have all heard about tube tops, the strapless tops that hug the chest from all sides. Most women wear the tops in a way that a section of the midriff is visible, but some styles cover the abdomen. Elie Tahari, an immigrant from Israel, is known for having popularized the tube top.

Over the years, the clubwear top paved the way for fashion designers to think out of the box. A few of them went ahead and transitioned the top into a dress.

A plus size tube dress is not just elegant but a great dressing style during the hot summers. It takes a daring spirit to wear and carry the dress, as there is some skin show. But the effect is fantastic, to say the least.

If you have wanted to get one for your wardrobe, read on to know more about the plus size tube dress.

What Is A Plus Size Tube Dress?

A Tube Dress follows the line of the tube top. It is sleeveless with bare shoulders. The dress fits tight at the chest and stomach. The most significant difference is that the dress version is longer, even if slightly longer. In a way, it covers the midrib region and part of your thighs and upper legs or the entire legs, depending on the style of the dress.

The plus size tube top dress is made specifically for women on the heavier side.  The tube dress was trendy during the 1990s, but since it was uncomfortable and required the wearer to tug and pull at the neckline to stop it from exposing, the style took a backseat during the early 2000s.

However, at the turn of this decade and especially towards the beginning of 2022, the style has come back with a bang. The new version has several  add-ons like better flattering cuts, zippers, buttons, and more. So, if you have been a secret admirer of the tube dress, this is the perfect time to shop for one or two of this stylish in-vogue dresses now. Even for heavier women, the tube dress has got a revival of sorts, with many credible online stores launching exclusive clothing lines for plus size women.

How To Wear A Plus Size Tube Dress?

This silhouette tube dress is a much-loved attire amongst TikTokers today. Consequently, women of all shapes and sizes embrace this figure-hugging dress with open arms. Unfortunately, women on the heavier side had few options to wear the plus size tube dress on the heydays. Things have changed dramatically today.1.

 1. Thetube dress is versatile – This dress is pretty tight, accentuating your curvaceous figure. It is a beauty at parties, date nights, clubs, girls’ evenings out, and even casual meets. It can even be worn to the office or an official event when matched with the right accessories.

2. This dress is available in numerous styles: You have plenty of choices to suit your personal taste and ensure that it syncs with the overall essence of the event you are planning to attend wearing the dress. Look at the options: plus size tube maxi dress, bodycon tube dress, denim tube dress, plus size mini tube dress, plus size midi tube dress, and more.

3. The plus size tube dress is perfect for showing off your accessories: Basically, the tube dress is strapless and sleeveless. The area around the collar bone, neck, upper chest, shoulders, and hands are exposed, thus allowing you to wear all your favorite accessories.

4. Color choices: Besides styles, you can shop online from famous plus size boutiques and get a variety of color choices. The dresses are available not just in one color but in different patterns, prints, etc. Some trendy ones are floral prints, geometric patterns, stripes, tie-and-dye, camouflage, and more.

5. Ways to wear your plus size tube dress: This dress is a champion in itself. Nothing can stop you from looking your best, especially when worn solo. Layering is an option when the weather is a bit colder, or you want to be comfortable without showing off too much skin. These are a few tips for wearing the dress elegantly:

  • Go in for a dress with a fitted silhouette and elastic bandeau neckline, like a bodycon tube dress, when dressing up for a night out. The material typically should be stretchable that sits comfortably across your figure. Red, black, and other bright colors are definitely the best choices.
  • Aplus size tube maxi dress is an amazing option because it gels well with all occasion types. It works well with a casual look or even a formal appearance.
  • Go in for a tube dress with ruffles at the chest region to accentuate your bust area. Even with a bulky chest, you are bound to look sensual. Make sure that the dress material is softer so that the ruffles do not unnecessarily give the appearance of too much weight around the chest. A dress with a waistband is ideal in this style.

6. Best Time to Wear the plus size tube dress: The right time is summer or spring, and during the colder months, style it with warmer top wear and lowers.

The Different Types Of Plus Size Tube Dresses

If you are a tube dress admirer, go ahead and shop for some stunning dresses for your size from a popular e-store. Here are some fabulous choices for you:

1. plus size tube maxi dress

A maxi dress is a go-to choice for most plus size women as they feel confident in the flowing dress, hiding the lower part of the body. With a tube dress, the shoulders and the arms are bare. These can be accessorized with pearls, metallic or other statement pieces depending on the occasion that you are dressing for. Subtle and toned-down leopard prints create a nice look for you.

2. plus size bodycon tube dress 

Don’t overthink your size when buying a flattering bodycon dress for yourself. You can look fabulous even with a heavier bust, hips, and midriff. A bodycon dress with an elastic band at the waist and the bust gives you the confidence to carry yourself with pride. The plus size bodycon tube dress is an excellent outfit for a cocktail party, a dinner event, or even a date night.

Pair it with high strappy heels for an over-the-top look that will keep everyone impressed beyond words.

3. plus size denim tube dress

A denim is a must-have in your plus size wardrobe. It is a versatile dress to have and can be worn with ease to almost all kinds of events. The denim should be soft and have an elastic undertone to fit you perfectly. Go in for a waist or high-waist belt to ensure that the dress sits properly on your curves throughout. Layer it with a tee, a shirt, or a blazer if the weather is colder or you wish to hide your shoulders and arms.

4. plus size mini tube dress 

If you feel flirty and want to have some fun, dress up in the plus size mini tube dress. The fabric should be soft, like polyester, and the short dress is perfect whether you are meeting your partner or going out for an all-girls event. if you are feeling confident, dress up with layers to wear the dress to the office or a business meeting.

5. plus size strapless tube dress 

Tube dresses are all strapless and sleeveless. For your voluptuous curvy figure, the strapless tube dress can do wonders. For every fashionista out there, this plus size dress hugging the curves is a must-have. It accentuates your figure from top to bottom. Silk is the fabric material that you must prefer when buying a strapless dress.

6. plus size midi tube dress

A midi dress is a comfortable choice, wearable for almost all kinds of occasions. It ends at the knees, usually making the tube dress a good choice for plus size women. Since this outfit gives the summer vibes, go in for pastel colors with lively prints. For the summer, go in for lightweight fabric, but for winter, denim or polyester is a good choice.

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How To Choose The Right Plus Size Tube Dress For You?

A plus size lady with an apple shape body is usually advised not to wear tight and body-hugging dresses as it will highlight all the unwanted areas. To shop for a tube dress, go in for a plus size maxi dress that hugs your bust and the upper areas and then flows down for balance. A belt can be at the upper waist for an appealing look. Also, you can go in for a patterned tube dress for your curvy figure.

For a plus size pear-shaped woman, patterns work great but should be small. You should always accessorize with statement pieces to draw attention to your chest and upper body. To pick a plus size tube dress, choose one that helps create a balance between your wide hips and narrow shoulders. A midi or a bodycon tube dress is fine for you as it accentuates your hips but has ruffles or a bit of layer at the chest to create the impression of a heavier upper body.

If you are plus size and yet lucky to have an hourglass figure, go in for a figure-hugging plus size bodycon tube dresses that seamlessly fits with your curves. A belt at the waist looks fabulous. Avoid dresses with horizontal lines. Also, steer clear of large prints as they will draw attention away from your beautiful curves.

If you have a rectangular body shape, plus size tube dresses are great for you to highlight your arms and shoulders. Choose a flattering plus size denim tube dress for an impactful look. Remember, strapless dresses and tops should be in tonnes in your wardrobe. Blazers and jackets can be used for more drama and visual effects. Ruffles at the chest region are also recommended.

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What To Wear With A Plus Size Tube Dress?

There are many ways to style the plus size tube top dress. These are some of the ways to dress up in this graceful attire.

  • To beat the chill in the air, carry a light wrap or shawl for extra warmth.
  • For a formal setup, that is, if you wear it to a professional get-together, style the tube dress with a nicely-tailored blazer.
  • Another impressive way to dress up in the ensemble is to go in for a sequined bust or hemmed borders to make the look dramatic.
  • When wearing a figure-hugging plus size tube dress,use a spiked belt at the waist to give your asset a better definition. The belt also ends up supporting the clingy dress.
  • Pump shoes or high-heels work wonders with the silhouette dress.
  • Accessorize a plus size tube maxi dress with flat sandals if you are off to an all-girls fun event. For a fancier event, leave the flats out and wear high-heeled strappy sandals. Nude sandals look good in all colors. You can use a heavy and broad metallic belt at the center and a metallic neckpiece for a smarter look.
  • Remember to carry a tote bag with a plus size tube dressfor a casual event and replace it with a fashionable clutch in gold or silver for a formal occasion.
  • A trendy plus size prom dress is another way to look your sizzling best. If the dress is foot-covering, that is, if it is long, you can style it well with flats. Or, wear smaller heels. Using an attractive band at the waist can amp up the look. Tie your hair in a bun or in a pony. Keep it higher. Wear matching bracelets and earrings to complete the look.

Conclusion - The Hottest Summer Look Plus Size Tube Dress

All set to buy a tube dress for yourself? Shop for plus size tube dresses by Chic Lover. Great Choices, amazing colors and patterns, and impeccable fittings!

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