The Perfect Plus Size Off The Shoulder Dress For Occasion

Plus Size Off The Shoulder Dress

The Perfect Plus Size Off The Shoulder Dress For Occasion

Different kinds of necklines showcase your beautiful shoulders. Halter styles, strapless dresses, or the boat neckline! All of these give a peek into your elegant shoulders, but nothing does justice to your pair of shoulders like an off the shoulder top or gown.

Women love to flaunt their upper chest region, and what better way than off the shoulder dresses? Size doesn’t matter; shape makes no difference! To know more about the Plus Size off the shoulder dress  – we’ll share here all information about what to look for, where to shop, how to style the dress, and more!

Guide To Finding The Right Plus Size Off The Shoulder Dress For Any Occasion

off the shoulder dresses have perpetually stayed in vogue, thanks to the underlying sensual element in these dresses. These are a bit sexy and have a lot of elegance! Without revealing much or being overtly skintight, Plus Size off the shoulder dresses can be a hot dressing option if you are planning to impress. 

A Bit About Its History

Highlighting the shoulders has been one of the core points of women’s fashion, not just now but since the Victorian era. Remember the oversized sleeves puffed at the shoulders from the 1800s? These dresses were also characterized by the abrupt tightening of the sleeves at the elbows. 

With the advent of the 1980s, padded shoulders saw the light of the day when women loved to flaunt their shoulders to signal the beginning of a new era. The broad shoulders of their dress were to break the stereotypes and trended for a long. But off the shoulder dresses entered the fashion scene in the 1970s and were introduced by Yves Saint Laurent. Thus was born a style that encouraged women to indulge in a bit of skin show modestly.

Tips For Choosing The Right Off The Shoulder Dress

Follow these tips to shop for a Plus Size off the shoulder dress:

  • Pick the suitable print: Always go ahead with vertical prints if your shoulders are heavy. Similarly, vertical prints are the right choice if you are heavy at the waist. If you are short, an off the shoulder dress will make you look even shorter. Thus, it will be best to avoid wearing this style, or you will need to pair it up with sleek high-heels.
  • Pick the right color: Since you are on the heavier side, you should go in for darker colors as it will make you look thinner. If you are short, your go-to colors should be darker hues and prints, as they will make you look taller. 
  • Consider your chest size: Since the off-shoulder dress drapes the shoulders and highlights the upper chest region, you need to choose wisely a dress for yourself. If you are heavier at the bust, go in for a flowy silhouette. You can opt for tight-fitting outfits if your bust is smaller than your waist.
  • As winter wear: A Plus Size off the shoulder summer dress looks hot when the mercury outdoors rises. During winter, you will need to wear this dress with layers on the top. A light shawl is the best option to casually off your assets as well as protect yourself from the cold. If you want to show off your stylish couture, wear a clingy woolen high-neck inner and top it off with the off-shoulder top or dress. Else, weakening off-shoulder coats, sweaters or dresses are also viable options.
  • What to wear inside: Your Plus Size off the shoulder maxi dress must be paired with the right innerwear. Go in for a strapless or adhesive bra, and if you are the shy type, you can wear a decorative strap bra for more confidence and style. 
  • Fabric: It is vital to assess the dress’s material when buying it. If it’s for an off the shoulder cocktail dress Plus Size, choose satin or silk as the fabric. Similarly, if it’s a Plus Size off the shoulder summer dress, go in for cotton or linen material. 
  • Length: When it comes to picking the right size for your off the shoulder dress, you will need to buy it based on the event where you plan to wear the dress. For example, if it is a formal event, then a floor-length Plus Size off the shoulder formal dress would look gorgeous. If it is a family event or a simple day out with friends, you can keep things casual and go in for a Plus Size off the shoulder midi dress or something shorter.

Off The Shoulder Dress Is Perfect For All Body Types

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Plus Size off the shoulder dresses are unique because of the way they sit straight right at the top of the bust, wrapping the shoulders elegantly and in a continuous line all around. Below the chest, the dresses can have any style, but the top line is fundamentally the same.

The off-shoulder trend reveals the neck, collarbone, and round edges of your shoulders. Whether your body is apple type, pear shape, hourglass, or rectangular, the dress amply defines your bust and shoulders, giving you tons of confidence. It’s an over-the-top style every woman enjoys – it doesn’t matter whether you are big or small. 

If you have a pear or hourglass shape body, Plus Size off the shoulder dresses should be your go-to fashion couture. No questions asked! If you have an apple-shaped or rectangle-shaped body type, it could be a bit of a challenge to pull off the fashionista look, as in these body types, the shoulders are broader. It would be best if you went in for off-shoulder designs with rounded or diagonal necklines. It will make your shoulders look slimmer. You can also go in for the sweetheart neckline can also suit your body shape as it creates a slimming effect. 

Why Is Off The Shoulder Dress For You?

Being Plus Size can be challenging. You need to deal with scrutinizing eyes from all around; plus, you have your self-esteem and confidence to deal with too. Let’s say that if there were an option of being slim and trim, you would choose to become one. Not everyone loves being a Plus Size woman. But they do not realize that there are plentiful ways of being a fashionista, even without an ideal figure. 

A Plus Size off the shoulder dress is made for you.  Shoulders are one of the most beautiful parts of all women, irrespective of shape and size. Shoulders do not get overly fatty or puffy even when one gains weight. Thus, when you show off an alluring part of yourself in style, it is a great way to start becoming the center of attraction at parties and events. 

The best part is that these dresses can be worn on all occasions and throughout the year. All you need to take care of is that you accessorize attractively and wear the proper footwear with the dress. And you will be ready to look your gorgeous best every time! 

For weddings, you can opt for a Plus Size off the shoulder maxi dress with a knee-high slit on one side. For prom evenings, the best dress to carry yourself elegantly is a nicely crafted Plus Size off the shoulder prom dress. Finally, for a formal evening, a sit-down dinner, or a black-tie event, choose an off the shoulder cocktail dress Plus Size or a ball gown that perfectly fits your asset,  supposing you have made plans with your friends for a beach party. Think of nothing but your favorite Plus Size off the shoulder summer dress. 

Varied Types & Styles Of Plus Size Off The Shoulder Dresses

Now that you are all set to shop for Plus Size off the shoulder dresses, you need to know the myriad styles available at online stores and physical shops. Just keep in mind that the dress should fit your body flawlessly. Don’t go for something too loose or too tight-fitting. Also, the dress should feel comfortable at the shoulders.

1. The Types Of Off The Shoulder Dresses

  • Ballgown: off the shoulder ballgowns look awesome. The closely-fitting silhouette of the gown at the bust and waist looks even more elegant and chic with the off the shoulder style. This Victorian dress dates back to the 1800s but remains trendy even today and is a preferred dressing style for new brides.
  • Bodycon: This dress hugs your body from top to bottom. The dresses look fabulous in midi and shorter styles. If you have a shape to flaunt, even as a Plus Size woman, go for this off the shoulder dress. It serves as an impressive off the shoulder cocktail dress Plus Size or a Plus Size off the shoulder prom dress.
  • Blouson dresses: These are loose-fitting dresses and a good option for women on the heavier side. If you have a heavier bust, this is your style as an off the shoulder dress because it is loose at the top and fits at the waist. When it is a minidress, this can give the lady a sexy appeal.
  • Maxis: A Plus Size off the shoulder maxi dress flows gracefully. It gives a bohemian-style look. As these dresses are full-length, these work favorably as casual or formal dresses. 
  • Mermaid Style: At any formal event, this Plus Size off the shoulder dress looks classy. The figure-flattering style fits you pretty well from the bust to the knees, flaring below this. 
  • Peasant: These dresses are most suitable for casual events. These are designed as a mark of respect to the traditional designs, especially from the rural areas. Dressed in one, you have a simple, pretty look with puffy sleeves and flaring skirts fitted at the waist. Minor detailing, like laces, makes it even more classy!
  • Ruffled dresses: The ruffle is mostly a part of the dress that runs across on body or the shoulders at the top. It is a good option for women with smaller busts. 
  • Sheath: These above-the-knee dresses hug your body closely. It would be best if you were bold and confident to carry this off the shoulder dress.

2. Different Styles Of Plus Size Off The Shoulder Dresses

  • Dresses with Straps
  • Floral Prints
  • Dresses that Twirl
  • Solid Colors
  • Striped Design
  • Laces
  • Laser Cut
  • Polka Dots
  • Retro Design
  • Animal Prints, and more.

How To Accessorize Your Plus Size Off The Shoulder Dress?

  1. Footwear: If you are headed for a formal event, pair your off the shoulder dress with high heels. You can wear sandals or flats if it is a casual and fun event.
  2. Purse: Remember to carry a trendy clutch bag for a formal event.
  3. Hair: Hair makeup can add style to your dress. Wear your hair up with an off-shoulder dress for a stunning look. It shows off your neck and shoulders brilliantly. Try a low elegant nape knot if you are looking for an effortless DIY style. A ponytail can be a good option with a casual Plus Size off the shoulder summer dress.
  4. Jewelry: Go in for a petite neckpiece and long earrings with your off-shoulder dress. This combination enhances the beautiful shoulders and neck. You can also wear your sunglasses for a trendier look. For a formal event, try pearls or other sparkling jewelry sets. 

Shopping Tips

All set to buy your first Plus Size off the shoulder dress? Great! We’ll tell you where to buy the perfect attire for your shape and size. But first, try shopping online, as you can scout through hundreds of designs and styles in no time. 

Remember two things while shopping online –

1. Search for exclusive Plus Size stores because these are where dresses will be made for your size, and you’ll have versatile choices.

2. Look for a trusted name. Search on social media and use search engines to look for reputed sellers of Plus Size dresses. That way, your shopping will be a safe affair.

Conclusion - The Perfect Plus Size Off The Shoulder Dress For Occasion

Are you looking for the best place online to buy the most-flattering Plus Size off the shoulder dress and look your best? Then, you are at the right place. This is Chic Lover, the internet’s best site for Plus Size dresses, catering exclusively to women who are heavier than the ideal figure!

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