Tips For Buying Plus Size Boho Clothing

Plus Size Boho Clothing

Chic Lover has a wide range of wholesale plus size boho clothing that you will absolutely love. Pick a fit from the many Plus Size boho clothing categories and make a statement. Here are wholesale Plus Size boho clothing categories that you can choose your boutique clothes from.

1. Plus Size Bohemian Dresses

Tips For Buying Plus Size Boho Clothing

Bohemian dresses never miss in a bohemian woman’s wardrobe. You can simply never go wrong with bohemian dresses. They are a quick and comfortable styles that can be taken to any outdoor event. The dresses can be worn with sneakers, sandals, heels, and even boots.

Flexibility is one of the most loved things about Boho dresses. Chic Lover has beautiful bohemian clothing for women you can get for your store. The plus swing dress is a good example. The dresses have feminine patterns and flow with beautiful floral prints. The best part about it is that they are very affordable. You can get amazing fits at affordable prices, ranging from as low as $13 up to $20. If you are buying plus size clothing in bulk, there are several discounts for you to enjoy.

2. Plus size Bohemian Jumpsuits

Bohemian jumpsuits are in trend and are not about to go out of style any time. Jumpsuits are part of Chic Lover plus size bohemian clothing that is in high demand. We are talking about strapless jumpsuits, wide leg pants, front tie jumpsuits, culotte jumpsuits, and beachy jumpsuits to mention a few.

The jumpsuits are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Whether it is boho outfits for a casual meet up with friends or a dress up for a date. The jumpsuits are versatile and will be perfect for any occasion.

Boho plus size jumpsuits prices are also out of this world. You will find the perfect tie-dye jumpsuits to add to your store. The other item under this category worth checking out is the plus size boho jumpsuit. It comes in wide range sizes, allowing you several options for your clients.

3. Plus Size Boho Two Piece

Bohemian clothing for women also comes in two pieces. The two-piece wave is here and thanks to its convenience, it should not be going out of style any time soon. Boho two-piece sets are very practical and are also versatile. The halves can be paired with other outfits effortlessly.

Two piece outfits are a great addition to your summer or spring collection. Chic Lover has several options for two piece sets, ranging from two piece skirts, crop tops and maxi skirts, and plaid two-piece sets.

The main fabric composition of these outfits is polyester, which is loved for its durability, brilliance, stain resistance, and general ease of maintenance.

4.  Plus Size Bohemian Formal Attire

This may come as a surprise, but boho wear is not limited to casual settings. You can also get your hands on bohemian formal wear. There are no limitations to the flexibility that comes with bohemian wear. For clients that are looking for outfits they can wear to work and formal events, they will not be disappointed.

Chic Lover also has many formal dresses that you can comfortably wear to the office. They come in beautiful and unique prints and high quality materials. Most of the formal dresses are calf-length and polyester and canon.

Whether it is boho suits, dresses, or two piece sets, Chic Lover is the place to go for bohemian boutique clothing. They come in a wide range of styles, fabrics, and sizes to meet your store’s bohemian style women’s clothing.

What is the definition of custom clothing?

The reason why ladies love custom clothing is the fact that they are unique. The custom trend took over with t-shirts but now it is much more than that. Consumers have realized that they can go custom with whichever clothes they love. The same applies to bohemian wear.

If you are looking for wholesale plus size boutique clothing, Chic Lover has you covered. Your clients will come looking for custom clothes because you will not find anyone else wearing them. Ladies love to stand up in a crowd and be the only one wearing that outfit. The modern consumer loves to wear their thoughts and there is no better way around this other than custom clothing.

So, what does custom wear mean? It is synonymous with personalized clothing. Custom clothes precisely meet the specifications of the customers from the size, colors, type of stitches, and even the fabric. Custom clothes are made for your body and come with a perfect fit. The consumer has the liberty to choose what they want. From the print, size, fabric, and much more. Here are the characteristics that define custom clothing.

1. Good fabric quality
The fabric type and quality sets custom made clothes apart. Most custom clothes are made from high quality fabrics like cotton, linen, and polyester. Most mass produced clothes on the other hand are made of synthetic fibers. The feel of custom Plus Size boho clothing is luxurious and smooth.

2. Superb flow
You can almost guess that an outfit is a custom just by looking at its flow. Custom plus size bohemian clothing has a good rest on the wearers and the fit is just perfect. Chic Lover wholesale plus size boutique clothing is precisely measured to fit the wearer. Clients get outfits that complement and go well with their bodies. They are not too tight, and not baggy. This is because measurements are taken, and the clothes are designed around them.

3. Durability
Custom clothes are made with high quality fabrics and materials that enhance their durability. With these clothes, you are less likely to visit stores to find a replacement for them. The stitching is done well, and the handling is also great.

Ready to buy clothes never outlast the custom ones. There are tons of benefits to enjoy from getting custom bohemian boutique clothing. Your clothing business will certainly stand out thanks to the impeccable quality and your clients will get great value for their money.

If you are looking to stock your store with unique plus size bohemian clothing cheap custom pieces, reach out to Chic Lover with the specifications and measurements to place an order.

Where can I buy wholesale clothing online?

As obvious as it may sound, it is not always easy finding a reliable bohemian style women’s clothing manufacturer. The demand for Plus Size boho clothing is on the rise and there is competition among online Plus Size boho clothing stores for the existing distributors.

Finding the right Plus Size boho clothing manufacturer or distributor is an important step in running your clothing business. Invest time in finding the best in the market.

The best place to look is online. Find a website like Chic Lover that supplies boho plus size clothing in bulk if you are interested in this style. Also, if you are looking to sell specific brands, look for a wholesaler that deals with the same brand.

It is also vital that you go through the details for qualifying as a supplier of their products. As such, you should be looking at things like the order minimums, the prices, the trading terms, and items such as return and cancellation policies. This should inform your choice of an online Plus Size boho clothing stores distributor that meets your inventory needs.

Once you have settled for a wholesale distributor, you can contact the wholesaler. You will probably get guidance on how to create an online wholesale account. Often, the process is straightforward and simple and can be completed within a matter of minutes. However, note that this may vary depending on the wholesale plus size boutique clothing manufacturer. Some may be a little complicated with additional steps to check the legitimacy of your business. It is therefore important to have the necessary licenses and information ready for the process.

Once your account is set up, you can start working on building a relationship with the online Plus Size boho clothing stores wholesaler. Is this important? Certainly. The relationship a supplier has with the wholesaler has an impact on the success of the business. There are tons of benefits to enjoy from having a relationship with your bohemian style women’s clothing wholesaler. For instance, you can enjoy the preferred processes, discounts, and access to in demand merchandising.

FAQ Introduction

1) What occasion is appropriate for a Bohemian dress?

The good thing about bohemian attire is the fact that it is very versatile. If you wear the right pieces and work with the right accessories, you can wear them to casual lunch dates with the girls, to work, and even formal events.

If you are going to a casual lunch, you can for instance wear a bohemian jumpsuit with many accessories depending on how you are feeling that day. If you want to wear Plus Size boho clothing to work, you can work with laid back half calf length dresses with laid back prints.

What you need to master is the skill of switching up the different bohemian attires to suit the occasion.

The fact that boho style is flexible is an advantage to the boutiques. If you stock bohemian boutique clothing, your market base will be large. That is both the women that love casual and formal wear.

While the clothes can be taken to formal events, they are best for casual. This is particularly because they are non-conforming and comfortable. They also look good when layered. If you are purchasing boho plus size clothing in bulk, you might want to stay versatile by mixing up the different clothes to cater to your clients’ needs.

2) Where can I find cute boho style clothing for plus sizes?

While there may be many places you can get boho wholesale plus size boutique clothing, you need to get the best in the market. Remember the quality of clothes you sell to your clients will determine whether they will keep shopping with you. Your choice of bohemian clothing for women wholesalers matter.

Chic Lover is the recommended wholesaler for plus size bohemian clothing cheap clothes. We ensure that we have something for everyone. We have all plus sizes available for this style.

The best part is that the quality of our boho us size items is consistent. That is regardless of the size. The options are endless. There are boho plus size two piece sets, dresses, jumpsuits, and much more. They come in flowy and graceful fabrics and beautiful prints.

If you are looking for boho attire that will make your plus size clients look stunning, look no further. Chic Lover has specialized in plus size bohemian clothing, which we also distribute at amazing prices.

3) What are your tips when choosing plus size clothing?

Unless you want to deal with client complaints, you must choose the right items for your store. Just like most of the other clothing products, you need to make the right selection of items. No matter the size, style, and shape, only the right item will look good.

How do you pick the right plus size clothing for your store?

· Strike the right balance with the fitting
You should know how to balance between too tight and loose clothes. Loose outfits will look odd and the ones that are too tight will be uncomfortable. Make sure you have the right sizes so that you can also recommend the right fits.

If you are getting your boutique plus size clothes from Chic Lover, you can use the size scale to confirm the different sizes.

· Pick clothes that emphasize the best features
Choose plus size clothes that flatter your body. For instance, high waist skirts and crop tops for boho two piece sets. If you have toned legs, choose plus size clothes that flatter them.

· Get the right fabric
The quality of clothes you choose is as good as the fabric used to make them. Avoid synthetic fabrics that are neither breathable nor durable. Go for fabrics such as cotton and polyester that maintain their shape and luster even after washing.

The rules for choosing plus size clothes revolve around quality, comfort, and flattering patterns.

4) Why do some clothes fit better than others if same size?

This is something that all women have probably had an encounter with. That is inconsistent with cloth sizes. One of the reasons is the fact that there are usually no universal sizes. This brings about the differences seen with the sizes.

Some manufacturers also employ a technique called vanity sizing. This strategy is meant to make the consumers feel smaller than they are. The outfits end up fitting bigger than they ought to. This in turn brings frustrations when it comes to fitting the sizes.

The other reason could be errors made during production. For instance, the waistband is cut an inch smaller or larger can affect the sizes.

More so, clothing sizes differ with brands. a size 8 from one brand can fit a consumer who wears size 10 from a different brand.

How do you ensure that you have the right size? Getting a glimpse of how the brand sizes look can help. For instance, you can go through their advertisements and see the size of the models they use in their commercials.

The other solution is getting custom fits whereby the clothes will be made using the measurements provided. You can get custom plus size bohemian clothing cheap and of great quality from Chic Lover. All you must do is take the measurements and share them for the production team to use.

5) what is the best plus size clothing website?

Getting a reliable plus size clothing website has not always been an easy job. However, that does not mean it is impossible. Chic Lover is one of the most reliable and loved plus size clothes wholesalers working with over 200 suppliers across the globe.

Here is what makes them the best.

· Pocket friendly prices
This is the one place that you can get affordable wholesale clothing without worrying about the quality. We take pride in seeing our clothes suppliers thrive. We help them stock their boutiques to meet the market demand by making our products available. This way, they can afford to buy inventory and sell them for a profit without also straining their clients.

· Quality
We understand that the only way our clothing retailers can stand out is by offering what other boutiques are not. Chic Lover products are made of the best available fabrics like cotton, polyester, and linen. This gives the clothes the brilliance and resilience they need to endure multiple rounds of washing. The stitching is precise and neatly done, to ensure that the seams stay in place regardless of the pressure they are exposed to.

· Discounts
Discounts can bring about huge savings, and this is among the value proposition Chic Lover has for the suppliers. On top of the items being affordable, we offer discounts on bulk purchases. The more you buy from us, the higher the discount you will enjoy.

· Return and cancellation policy
We are keen on ensuring that our customers feel secure trading with us. That is why we have a good return and cancellation policy. We allow our customers to return the products within 14 days after delivery. That is provided the product has not been using and has not been damaged. This means that if you get the wrong order, or you get the wrong sizes, your investment will remain safe with changing the order.

The cancellation policy on the other hand provides that you can cancel an order and get a refund provided it has not been shipped. This provides the much needed flexibility for our clients to run their clothing stores.

The return and cancellation policy is also an indicator of the confidence we have in our products.

6) Tips For Buying Plus Size Boho Clothing Online

While there is the option of sourcing a clothing wholesaler at an expo, why is it recommended that you do your search online? There are many benefits to enjoy with shopping online for your store. Here is why.

· Affordable prices
Shopping online is affordable which gives you the opportunity to adequately stock your store and sell the clothes for a profit. The primary reason that makes online shopping affordable is the fact that you are buying from the seller and there is no middleman involved.

All you have to do is create a wholesale account and place your order.

· Variety
Online clothing websites give you the visibility of a wide range of options. You can see all the product history of the wholesaler and all clothing styles and types available within a glimpse. This also makes the selection process easy for you.

The best part is that the process is not expensive. You will not have to spend fare or go through the products for days to find the best ones. You can do this regardless of your location in a few clicks.

· Price comparisons
Shopping online gives you the opportunity to do comparison shopping and get the best deals in the market.

· Convenience
Anyone would take the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their home, and without having to deal with crowds. Physical wholesale clothing stores are often featured by confusion, noise, and chaos which is unpleasant.

You can enjoy shopping with no crowds, fewer expenses, and make payments from where you are.

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