Ways To Buy Plus Size Bell Bottoms

Plus Size Bell Bottoms

Ways To Buy Plus Size Bell Bottoms

Plus size bell bottoms are making a comeback. If you are a plus size you can also acquire a pair or more of these jeans thanks to online retailers. Get some of these plus size bell bottom pants from Chic Lover to join the retro renaissance. You can pair these bell-bottom jeans with several outfits to rock any look, whether it’s for a social event or a laid-back day out. 

Over the years, this extremely appealing fashion style has seen numerous changes. These plus size bell bottoms provide a modern twist on their skinny predecessor. With their exaggerated design, bell-bottom pants such as plus size high waist bell bottoms and striped bell bottoms can completely change the way people perceive you. They provide a new spin on skinny jeans.

Known as bell bottoms or flare jeans, these jeans have a wide fit at the knee that widens further toward the ankle. Plus size bell bottom pants can have a subtle flare, like bootcut jeans, or they can have strikingly wide legs. Like jeans, denim flares, or plus size high waist bell bottoms are comfy and simple to match with a variety of outfits and footwear, which is why they have become so renowned.

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Table of Contents:

1. How to Choose the Perfect pair of Plus Size Bell Bottoms

2. Tips for Accessorizing with Plus Size Bell Bottoms

3. Making a Statement with Bold, Colorful, and Uniquely Patterned Plus Size Bell Bottoms

4. Where to Find Affordable and Quality Plus Size Bell Bottoms

5. Wrap-Up


How to Choose the Perfect pair of Plus Size Bell Bottoms

Plus-size bell bottoms is another classic from the 1970s that is currently in trend and has a greater style quotient than ever before. They seem both exquisite and classy while being absurdly cool, feminine, and chic.

Nothing works better than a pair of plus size bell bottom pants to draw attention to your curves or make your legs look long and slim. It’s obvious why most ladies of all ages and body shapes have swiftly adopted them as a hot favorite.

Here are some styling suggestions for your body type and advice on how to wear plus-size bell bottoms.

  • Pear Shape

Women who have pear-shaped bodies usually carry their weight on their thighs, hips, and backs. The finest choice for this body type is a pair of plus size bell bottom outfits. If you have a pear-shaped body type, search for styles that are form-fitting through the middle of the thighs, butt, and thighs. Wearing clothing with gathers or pleats around the waist can draw attention to your weak points. We suggest selecting Plus Size Bell Bottoms that are longer and almost reach your shoes. As a result, you’ll appear longer and leaner.

  • Apple Shape

If your body is formed like an apple, you should use bigger flares to balance out your thin lower half. To help draw attention to those curves, you should pick a fabric that hugs your waist at the waistline. To make your figure appear more proportionate and to accentuate those gorgeous long legs, we advise choosing wide-leg styles like plus size bell bottom outfits.

  • Column or Rectangle Shape

Girls with rectangular or columnar body types typically have proportions for their hips and breast that are similar. They frequently have lengthy legs, which they can employ to effectively wear flared pants. No matter which style you choose, Plus Size Bell Bottoms will look fantastic on a woman with a rectangular body type. So feel free to experiment wildly.

  • Petite Frame

Due to their smaller structure, petite ladies may find it difficult to wear flared pants. Choose well-fitted plus size bell bottom outfits if your body is petite. Avoid wearing pants with cuffs or that are baggy from the top down since they will shorten your legs and make you appear even smaller. Because huge flares or bell bottoms tend to overwhelm smaller frames, we advise choosing pants with lesser flares. This body type typically responds quite well to boot cuts. The greatest method to wear flared pants is always with heels, but for petite girls, this is a must to make you look taller and thinner.

  • Round Shape

If you have this type of physique, pants with a straight, classic cut will suit you best and aid in balancing your upper and lower bodies. Get the appropriate pair of plus size bell bottom outfits that will give you just the right amount of flair. Moreover, stay away from figure-hugging clothing since it could draw attention to your less-than-flattering areas. With boot cuts and pants, this pattern looks really good. The ideal option if you want to look leaner by giving the impression that your upper torso is longer is a pair of mid-rise pants.

  • Hourglass Shape

Most women aspire to have a lovely hourglass figure. This body type gives women the appearance of an hourglass since the bust, hips, and waist measures are roughly the same, and the waist is particularly slender. Plus Size Bell Bottoms are intended for you if you have an hourglass figure. You have the ideal curves on top to counterbalance the flares at the bottom, giving you a wide range of styling options. To help highlight those vibrant curves, we especially advise choosing a style that is clinging at the waist.

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Tips for Accessorizing with Plus Size Bell Bottoms

Use your Plus Size Bell Bottoms combo to its full potential by using these simple fashion advice:

1. Right footwear is Important.

Without any elevation to keep the denim cloth off the ground, bell bottoms may appear baggy. Wear wedges, ankle boots, or any shoes with a modest heel to help keep your look vertical and your jeans from dragging.

2. Belts are a good accessory.

You can showcase a belt that can complement your wardrobe or serve as a focal point if you’re donning a crop top or tucking your shirt into your plus size stretchy bell bottoms.

3. Pair a Jacket

A jacket adds definition to your shoulders, which is ideal for balancing a flared leg. Pick a nice shirt that is either just longer than the hem of your jacket or the same length. Tuck your longer shirt into your flared pants to make it look to be the right length. Booties go extremely well with the combination of flared pants and a blazer. A beautiful pair of earrings will round off your look.

4. Style it up with a V-Neckline Sweater

Sweaters with a V-neckline resemble a cross between an off-the-shoulder shape and a traditional V-neck. When you wear flared pants with a V-neck sweater, your neck is highlighted, and the eye is pulled through the rest of your ensemble and towards the leg flare. The result is amazing and highlights your strongest qualities.

A short or long necklace can be worn as an accessory to draw attention to the sweater’s neckline. Pull your hair back and add a lovely headscarf to display your shoulders and neck.

5. Experiment with a blouse with bell sleeves

Bell sleeves define your upper half and are feminine and airy. A balanced, elegant style can be achieved by wearing a bell-sleeved sweater or a top with flared jeans. A shirt with bell sleeves can be glammed up with jewelry or left unadorned to speak for itself. You may accessorize the look with wedges, heels, booties, and more, depending on the time of year and the occasion.

6. A knotted top will Also Look Good

This look is great for styling your flared pants casually. Add some shoes and a headband to your ensemble for a lovely and carefree everyday appearance.


7. A blazer and blouse with plus size bell bottom pants

Plus Size Bell Bottoms can be worn in a business-casual way by pairing them with a blouse and jacket. Blazers provide your torso structure and a finished appearance, similar to a jacket. Start with a thin rayon blouse that is the same length as the hem of your jacket. V-neck tops look particularly striking with this outfit.

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Making a Statement with Bold, Colorful, and Uniquely Patterned Plus Size Bell Bottoms

Wide-leg plus size stretchy bell bottoms have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, nearly displacing slim pants in our closets. Even in the winter, fashionistas choose these pants since they tend to exude a carefree atmosphere. What else? Plus Size Bell Bottoms effortlessly transitioned from formal to casual attire. These are a few styles of bell-bottom pants that you should buy right away.

  • Plus-Size Striped Bell Bottoms

Wide-leg plus size striped bell bottoms are very popular right now. Also, wearing these pants may make you appear taller. Thus to create a trendy style, pair these pants with a crop top.

  • Metallic Bell Bottom

Although a little challenging, you can still rock this trend with the right styling. Whether you’re going to a club or a house party, wear metallic pants! Have a jacket on hand in case the night turns chilly.

  • Pleated Bell Bottom

The front of these bell-bottom pants is plate-like. While some have an open belt where the plates begin, others start from the top. This is also offered in velvet, which works well for the winter. Tuck your shirts in nicely and wear them to work.

  • Printed Bell Bottom

Floral bell bottoms, which are currently trending at the top of the fashion charts, are ideal for a casual appearance. Use these printed pants with leather coats throughout the winter. Whether worn with a biker or bomber leather jacket, floral wide-leg pants will make you look fierce.

  • Plus Size High Waist Bell Bottoms

There is a lot to appreciate about flared jeans: in addition to emphasizing your waistline, its higher waist creates the illusion that your stomach is “tucked in,” making them incredibly wearable and ultra-flattering. The smooth, flexible fabric’s use of sustainable fibers that minimize environmental impact is an added advantage.

Where to Find Affordable and Quality Plus Size Bell Bottoms

The stuff in your closet can be styled in dozens of different ways to go with flare pants. Check out Chic Lover’s exciting collection if you want to locate a pair of flared pants that show off your curves and make you feel fabulous! You have a choice from our selection of solid colors, patterns, and various fabrics.

Our collection is carefully chosen at Chic Lover to fit and enhance plus-sized women. We’re here to provide the designs you adore since we know you desire stylish clothing that fits your body perfectly. Go through our selection of pants to find a flared style, or browse our newest additions for chic choices all year round!

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Wrap Up - Ways To Buy Plus Size Bell Bottoms

One of the most versatile denim trends is bell bottoms since they go with so many various styles of footwear. Bell bottoms or broader flares look fantastic on ladies who normally carry their weight in their hips, thighs, and rear. 

The plus size bell bottom pants are a great balancer and may look wonderfully feminine while subtly revealing a voluptuous plus size, especially with broad hips and a wider bottom. They make you appear slimmer and taller: Your legs won’t be entirely exposed because the flare jeans design doesn’t finish at the ankle as thin jeans do. Plus Size Bell Bottoms have always been popular, regardless of the circumstance.

Nothing can stop you from flaunting your curves with plus size bell bottom pants. If you want to love yourself, try different styles of flare pants. It looks great on everyone, irrespective of shape.

The philosophy behind Chic Lover’s fashion is that clothing should be both fashionable and comfy. Chic Lover is a brand founded on the idea of making all plus-size women feel beautiful. To provide the best fit, quality, and comfort for women, we work directly with manufacturers and designers.

Browse the Chic Lover Bell Bottom Pants and choose one of the best for you!

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