3 Ideas To Show You What Do You Wear In Spring


   What Do You Wear In Spring? People call spring the best season of the year. As the temperature continues to rise, the atmosphere of spring becomes more and more intense.

For girls who like to dress and pursue fashion, they have already figured out what to wear in spring. With the continuous improvement of clothing and the ability to show a better self. How should the casual collocation in spring be shaped?

01. Jeans – What Do You Wear In Spring?

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Speaking of casual and fashionable items, of course, jeans are necessary. Even in the spring season, when the temperature slowly rises. jeans will inevitably appear. However, in the wardrobe of girls, there are many ways to match jeans, and they are also the most frequent.
High-waisted, straight-leg jeans are good for body modification and are suitable for both work and daily life. Use jeans to match blue sweaters, and the matching method of the same color is more advanced. Or match this year’s more popular leather clothes, worn like this in the early spring. creating a fashionable look.
For girls who have a certain advantage in their lower body and are not very fat. Be sure to try the close-fitting straight-leg pants, which are very good for body modification. In particular, the dark blue looks good, and the upper body is matched with a shirt with a lace design. The different saturation of the blue forms a sense of hierarchy, which is more fashionable.
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Use dark blue straight pants with green sweaters and windbreakers. In spring, the frequency of khaki windbreakers can be said to be very high. Matching dark blue jeans is very casual and fashionable.

02. Single product in color-What Do You Wear In Spring

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In the spring and summer seasons, the embellishment of colors must be indispensable, which can best represent the spring and summer seasons. A green tube top is paired with blue jeans. This kind of green tube top has higher requirements for figures. If you have a good figure, proper skin exposure will be very fashionable.
If you feel that wearing a tube top alone is not stable, you can wear a pink shirt. Pink is the most representative color for girls. It blends with white pants to directly reduce the sweetness brought by pink.
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Many girls like pink very much, but bright pink will look earthy if you don’t wear it well. As long as the saturation is not high, pink is easy to control. For example, nude pink, light pink transparent shirts, and white wide-leg pants are relaxed, natural, and casual.

03. Matching method-What Do You Wear In Spring?

1. The upper short and the lower long match
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Regardless of the height, girls pay much attention to the waistline in this aspect. For short girls, emphasizing the waistline is significantly higher. For tall girls, using a combination of short top and long bottom can better show the beauty of their figure. The suspenders are paired with high-waisted straight-leg jeans, fresh and fashionable. The ultra-short white sweater and black high-waisted trousers can definitely show your slim waist figure.
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Girls can be bolder with the short top and long bottom. When they officially enter the summer. wear a sleeveless vest and match the lower body with high-waisted trousers, which can modify the figure more strongly. Especially for women with thicker calves. the high-waisted flared pants appear to have more graceful legs.
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The high-waisted style of old daddy pants is also very tall. The light green knitted cardigan is matched with a pair of blue high-waisted pants. The match between light green and dark blue is perfect, casual, and fashionable. For girls who don’t like fancy. you can try a large-area white base and a knitted sweater with blue as an embellishment. It is loose and very comfortable and looks very soft.
2. Appropriate exposure
Appropriate skin exposure can also show a kind of casual sexiness. Tube tops or suspenders are especially popular in spring and summer. A white tube top is matched with a shirt and a short windbreaker. and a pair of high-waisted trousers are worn as the bottom. The middle exposed skin shows a superior figure, which is casual and fashionable. The short suspenders are pierced into the trousers to create a three-to-seventh body ratio, which looks perfect.
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The dress that girls pursue is both comfortable and very fashionable. In this aspect, they can wear a kind of exquisite and casual sex clothing.

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