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Wholesale Club Wear

What Clubwear Is?

Wholesale Clubwear, also known as club dresses are typically short dresses with revealing necklines by brands. like Topshop, ASOS, etc. They are usually worn by female dancers during a night out with friends or at a club. However these days wholesale clubwear has become very popular with women everywhere for day wear too! Clubbing isn’t just about dancing the night away anymore. it’s also about making a statement when you walk into that club. wholesale clubwear has come a long way since the 70’s when it consisted of baggy shirts, flares, and platform shoes.

1. How wholesale clubwear transformed over time?

From sequins in the 80s to bodycon in the 2010s. wholesale clubwear is always changing so club-goers can keep up with what is in vogue at all times. Trends like tie-dye, chokers, boho looks are available for club goers to rock on any given weekend.

This season club goer will be able to express themselves through prints with Frida Kahlo art work. making an appearance on button-downs and skirts alike. Other popular trends this year include ruffles, corset tops, and floral appliques. Wholesale Clubwear has really transformed overtime to keep club-goers up to date with what is hot right now.

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