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Wholesale Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have been around since the 1980s, and it is amazing how they never go out of fashion. It is a wardrobe staple that can be worn anywhere and anytime. They can easily be dressed up and down. You can take them to a party next door and even to the office. All you need to do is match it with the right shoes, belts, and even hats to suit the occasion.

If you get wholesale jumpsuits, you are guaranteed that clients of all ages will be streaming into your retail store. All women can wear jumpsuits from teenagers to women over 80. The best part is that regardless of your body type, they will still work for you. Wholesale rompers and jumpsuits are fast-moving because they are compatible with petite, plus size, regular size, and tall women.


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Wholesale Jumpsuits

chic lover Wholesale Jumpsuits
The versatility of wholesale women’s rompers and jumpsuits also makes them great to add to your stock. They come in a wide range of styles. Whether it is safari style, boho, floral, strapless, spaghetti straps, vintage, or tailored style, they are available. This is what makes it so easy to wear them; there is a style for everyone. Women love quick outfits, where they don’t have to stress about choosing a matching outfit and all. More so, the idea of not spending too much time disorganizing the closet in a bid to find something to wear is attractive. Jumpsuits are considered very practical. Wholesale rompers and jumpsuits will always be good businesses regardless of the time and season.

Chic Lover Jumpsuit Collection

Whether you are looking for a wholesale one piece jumpsuit or rompers, Chic Lover is a one-stop shop for all your jumpsuit needs. We offer a wide range of cheap wholesale jumpsuits, with no compromise on quality and style. Here are some products in our wholesale jumpsuit china collection that we take so much pride in.

 1. Black and white Jumpsuit

The Chic Lover Black jumpsuit is one piece that turn will turn heads everywhere. The jumpsuit can be worn to clubs and casual parties as its style is sexy. This particular jumpsuit comes in two colors, that is white and black. The black piece has white patterns, and the white one has stylish black patterns. The fabric used for the jumpsuit is cotton and polyester, which are the best fabrics for clothes. The polyester and cotton combination produces strong garments. The cotton in the mix also adds to the comfort and breathability of the cloth. More so, the jumpsuit is not going to show signs of fading any time soon. The fabric is also stain and crease-resistant. The wholesale women’s jumpsuits are available in various sizes, ranging from s, m, l, XL, XXL to XXXL. The broadcloth jumpsuit is full-length with a straight fit. The jumpsuits have no decoration but have patchwork patterns. The jumpsuits go for $17.81 per piece, and discounts apply depending on how much you spend on the wholesale one piece jumpsuits.

2. Sexy Jumpsuit

If you are looking for a practical outfit for a sexy dinner date, or even a party, then the Chic Lover sexy jumpsuit is a great idea. There are so many ways to wear it; you can wear it with a denim jacket or a flowy coverup if you want to dress up. The piece goes perfect with heels and minimalist accessories like a watch, necklace, and earrings. If you have this in your store, ladies will come looking. The casual jumpsuit comes only in one color. It has trouser length and a high waist, making it perfect for accentuating the curves. The pencil pant-style jumpsuit comes in mesh fabric and is made of polyester material. The outfit is ideal for ladies aged between 25 and 30 years old and best worn during autumn. The sizes available are s, m, l, XL, and XXL, and the wholesale jumpsuits China inventory come in one color, black. The piece is very affordable, going for $15. As usual, discounts are depending on how much you spend or the number of pieces you buy.

3. Camouflage Jumpsuits

Camo outfits have been in style for years, and now they come also in jumpsuits. If you have fashion-forward clients, then the cheap wholesale jumpsuits would be brilliant items to add to your inventory. You can easily hack streetwear fashion with Chic Lover wholesale women’s rompers. The incredible thing about this jumpsuit is the fact that you will not have to worry about getting a top to wear it with. It is a complete practical outfit, and the only job you are left with is finding the right shoes to wear it with. The camo rompers can be worn with sandals, sneakers, boots, or even heels. The trick is getting darker-colored shoes. You can also wear it with a navy blue or black jacket or sweater. The available color for this outfit is green and comes in several sizes. There is s, m, l, XL, XXL and XXXL. The material used for this outfit is polyester, and you, therefore, don’t have to worry about your camo jumpsuit fading. More so, the material is resilient and crease-resistant. The straight-fit jumpsuits and rompers are button-decorated. The outfits go for a fantastic price of $18.50 per piece, and discounts also apply for bulk purchases.

4. Green Jumpsuits

The green jumpsuits for women are for the woman that loves to express herself. The green jumpsuits are chic and feminine, something that will make your customers want to spend their money on them. The jumpsuit can be layered to bring out a rich and sophisticated vibe. The choice of color for the outfit makes the deal sweeter. You can take a break from your black outfits with this green jumpsuit. The color brings about a sense of calm and goes well with mostly warm colors, from brown to yellow. You can layer it with a black coat. It comes in five sizes: from S, M, L, XL to XXL. The jumpsuit is also made of polyester fiber, meaning it will withstand wear and tear. It will never fade, and you will not struggle pressing it to get rid of creases. The outfit is excellent for winter and suitable for ladies aged between 18- 34 years. The outfit goes for $17.18 per piece, and bulk buyers will also get to enjoy amazing discounts.

5. Lounge Jumpsuits

Lounge jumpsuits are worth having in your wholesale jumpsuits inventory. This is because women love them due to their comfort and effortless style. The loungewear and jumpsuit combination gives a perfect outfit for going shopping, working from home, attending a lecture, and even meeting with friends for brunch. They are very versatile and easy to style. It is hard not to fall in love with this piece. These jumpsuits are also very easy to dress up or down, depending on the accessories and shoes you wear. The jumpsuits can also be layered with trench coats, sweaters, and denim and leather jackets. A stylish scar will also do a great job. The jumpsuit is currently available in yellow and a regular size fit. The material is chiffon, something that contributes to the comfort of the jumpsuit. It is very lightweight and breathable. The shimmering and smooth fabric is also a delight. The jumpsuit has a solid pattern and qualifies as casual wear. These pieces go for $11.25.

Chic Lover jumpsuits main style and material

Chic Lover wholesale rompers and jumpsuits are essential in every woman’s wardrobe, and more so every retailers’ inventory. Jumpsuits are not new to the market and have been around since the 1980s. The only difference is that the pieces have gone reinvention to become what we have today over the years. Amazingly, the 1980s styles are still here with us, and ladies are delighted to wear them. By getting wholesale jumpsuits, retailers and wholesale vendors get the chance to meet the growing market demand for this outfit style. They get the opportunity to buy cheap wholesale jumpsuits and sell them at impressive profits. Wholesale jumpsuits also put into consideration the fact that clients are different. They have different body types and heights. When bought wholesale, the retailer or wholesale vendor will not have all their customers’ needs met. More so, buying the items wholesale from one manufacturer ensures uniformity in the quality of the items. It is real value for money. The primary materials used in making Chic Lover wholesale rompers and jumpsuits are polyester, chiffon, and cotton. Our choice of fabric was very intentional as we combine comfort, durability, and ease of handling. Polyester is loved for being lightweight, crease-resistant, easy to clean, hard to fade, and takes the wearer’s shape. Chiffon, on the other hand, is smooth, flowy, and appealing. It makes excellent fits for partying, summer, and casual events. Cotton is synonymous with quality. It is a natural fiber and therefore exhibits high breathability; it is hypoallergenic, thus adding comfort. It is also absorbent and strong. Chic Lover jumpsuits are versatile. They come in a wide range of styles, ensuring that wholesale vendors have exactly what they need for their inventory. We have tons of jumpsuits that can be worn to work and formal settings. If you are looking for something sexy for the club or date nights, you will find it at Chic Lover. We also have wholesale women’s rompers for staying in or going to the grocery stores. Lounge jumpsuits are also available that suit different body types. For the ladies that love temperament style, there is also something for them. Chic Lover wholesale women’s rompers and jumpsuits are diverse and versatile; there is something for everyone and every occasion.

 How can we help you do your own jumpsuit business?  

At Chic Lover, we take pride in seeing wholesale vendors for clothing items grow their businesses. For this reason, we take the initiative to support your business in several ways. Here are some.

1. Pocket-friendly prices

We understand that inventory costs are the biggest pain points for wholesale vendors and retailers. Our wholesale women’s jumpsuits are pocket-friendly, making it possible for retailers to buy our items and make profits from selling them. We also have amazing discounts for the items, whether individual or bulk. The discounts vary with the number of pieces bought. The more they spend, the higher the discount rates. We also understand that customers need to be comfortable with the prices for them to buy. Our prices see to it that your business is getting profits, and customers are also enjoying affordable items.

2. Dropshipping

Not all businesses are on the same level. While some might have space and the resources to rent a warehouse, others may not. Our drop shipping services ensure that this category of vendors is taken care of. With the model, the start-up cost will significantly reduce, and you will invest more in the inventory. With this, retailers and wholesale vendors will focus more on growing their customer base and marketing the products as we take care of the rest. You won’t need to get a physical store or employ an attendant to get your customers what they need. You don’t need to take loans to rent a store. With drop shipping, you will start making profits from sales immediately. This model also buys you time to save enough money to set up the store you want. Dropshipping is also excellent support for running an online store. You will make the most of your profits as there will be no overheads to pay for.

3. Quality

Brand reputation is critical for any business. If you have a good reputation, it is easy for you to grow your business as you will win the trust and loyalty of your customers. Our wholesale jumpsuit China inventory is of fantastic quality, and you will get value for your money. We do not trade quality for anything as we understand businesses bank on this to earn the trust of their customers and get referrals. Through our high-quality items, you are guaranteed to impress your customers and repeat purchases.

4. Fast order delivery

There is nothing as annoying as making an order than having to wait for days to be delivered. We do not make our wholesale vendors wait any longer for their shipments. Our fast order delivery ensures that customer satisfaction is achieved and your inventory needs are met. There will be no lost sales due to delays, and you will restock as fast as your items move. We have two shipping options, which give you the flexibility you need in order delivery.

FAQ Introduction

· Are jumpsuits still in trend? 

When it comes to the clothing business, this is an expected question. You do not want to pump your money into an investment that will bring no returns. The wholesale one piece jumpsuit business is a good investment. This is mainly due to the high demand for the items. Jumpsuits have been in style since the 1980s, and they are not about to go out. Ladies love them, and they will always be coming back for more. Luckily for you, Chic Lover is vigilant about keeping up with jumpsuit trends. Any new style you may have seen is available in our product list. Whether it is spaghetti straps, jumpsuits, sleeveless jumpsuits, temperament style, or floral jumpsuits, they are all available.

· Which jumpsuits are best for women? 

We understand that tastes vary, and women have different body types. For this reason, our jumpsuit collection is such that it meets the needs of all women, whether it is casual wear, formal wear, loungewear, rompers, and much more. We have flattering pieces like the white formal jumpsuit. The silver and gold jumpsuits are a great choice for casual events and date nights. There are also strappy jumpsuits for everyday occasions and streetwear fashion. Our jumpsuits are great for women of all sizes and heights. There are tons of options for different events and settings. Our wholesale jumpsuit collection comprises everything every woman needs.

· How are jumpsuits supposed to fit? 

Mist clients will come asking how best to wear their jumpsuits. Whether you are buying for your clothing business or for individual use, you need to know how to choose, style, and fit a jumpsuit. The first rule is to get a perfect fit. Anything too tight or too loose will end up looking odd. The best part is that you don’t have to fit Chic Lover jumpsuits to know if the size is suitable. For every piece you select on our website, you will see an accompanying size chart to help get the right fit. For instance, the chart size for the plus size jumpsuit will show you the measurements against each size, from S to XXXL. Jumpsuits with a high waist will also go a long way in maintaining your shape. Alternatively, go for the jumpsuits that have belts. This will help you define your waist and curves. When choosing a jumpsuit, make sure that the option you choose does not lose your waist. Avoid items that have too much fabric at the midsection. However, if you have to pick them, wear a belt to click your waist.

· What are the best places to buy rompers? 

Chic Lover offers high-quality wholesale womens’ rompers at n affordable price. We have vendors in different parts of the world distributing our products. You can buy from our vendors or directly from the Chic Lover website. When choosing where to buy wholesale jumpsuits, know your target market. Go to wholesale rompers vendor that stocks a variety of outfits that will go with the preferences of the different consumers. Be it the sizes, colors, style, or fabric. The more diverse a romper manufacturer, the better. But where there is a free flow of information. When buying wholesale items, information is everything. Get as many details as you can on the items as the information will be your selling point. Be it the size, the patterns, decoration, sleeve type, waste type, and much more. The more information you have on the products, the easier it is to decide whether they will speak to your target market. The best place to buy is where there are various options and a means to buy online. You should also be able to trust the quality of the items and the wholesaler. Therefore, it is critical to establish a long-standing relationship with your wholesaler to get the best rompers and for your business to run smoothly.

· What are the benefits of looking for Chic Lover to buy Wholesale Jumpsuits?  

If you are looking for a wholesaler to purchase jumpsuits, then Chic Lover would be the ideal pick. Here is why;

1. Great prices

You want to buy from a wholesaler that is not too expensive so that you can make profits from your stock. Chic Lover prices are very friendly, which will allow you to also sell at affordable prices and make profits at the same time. We also offer discounts for bulk purchases.

2. Return policy

With Chic Lover, you will never have to worry about whether we will accept products if they do not meet your expectations or canceling your order if you change your mind. To create trust with wholesale vendors, we have a return policy that allows flexibility in our transactions. Provided you meet the requirements for returns or cancellations, then we do not have a problem accepting them.

3. Wide range of products

Chic Lover is a one-stop shop for wholesale rompers and jumpsuits. Whether it is camo, lounge, formal or sexy jumpsuits, you will get them all in one place. This will eliminate the stress of getting the items from different vendors.

4. Quality

We value quality and understand that it is the foundation of any clothing business. Our jumpsuits are flawlessly made with quality fabrics like chiffon, polyester, and cotton. You will not have to worry about customers complaining about shrinking, fading, or tearing of the jumpsuits. If you have queries or you need any support from tracking orders to payment issues, our customer support team is ready to extend help.
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