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Wholesale Long Sleeve Sets

At Chic Lover, we ensure that we wholesale long sleeve sets have clothes in all sizes to meet the demand of our diverse market. You will therefore find that all our amazing designs can fit even the slim clients. 2 piece long sleeve pants set have really stood out and customers are in love with them.


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Wholesale Long Sleeve Sets

Wholesale Long Sleeve Sets

Chic Lover Wholesale Long Sleeve Sets

Here are some of the products you can stock up on. The pieces are very versatile and depending on your choice of fabric, you can wear them in any weather.

1. 2 Piece Short Sets

This long sleeve matching set comes in six sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. This is an ideal addition to your stock as you will have something for everyone, regardless of their fit. The 2 piece short sets come in five brilliant colors, wine red, gray, pink, yellow, and black.

The style is urban leisure and can be worn to all casual events. The best part is that the fit is chic and versatile. You can pair it with all types of shoes, be it boots, heels, or sneakers.

The main fabric used for this fit is polyester, which means it is of good quality. The short sets do not fade or shrink after washing, and the fabric does not wear easily. Remember that polyester also holds colors well and will retain its brilliance even after wearing it many times.

The set is ideal for ladies aged between 25 and 39 years, and very handy during winter. Individual pieces go for $17.65, and wholesale purchases come with a discount.

2. Leopard Print Two piece

It is not always easy to style individual animal prints. Leopard print women’s 2 piece sets wholesale stock will be an advantage to your store. Clients will appreciate this piece as it will give them an opportunity to conveniently pull off the animal print look.

The set is stunning and comes in four sizes, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The set has regular full sleeves and a V-neck. The pants are long with an elastic band waist, which is also an added advantage.

The set does not have a closure, but the dress is ankle-length. the dominant fabric is polyester, so quality is guaranteed. The set is perfect for ladies looking for the perfect sexy outfit, that they can also wear to a club or casual events.

Each piece goes for $24.41, with discounts applicable to the wholesale two piece sets.

3. Sexy two piece sets

Chic Lover never disappoints with sexy fits. These wholesale women’s two piece sets are something we take pride in and are sure your clients will love. The sexy two piece set comes in four beautiful colors, yellow, black, blue, and red. The sizes available are S, M, L, and XL.

The details of the 2 pieces long sleeve set are fantastic.

The skirt length is above the knee mini. The decoration is zip, and the closure type is elastic waist for the skirt and zipper for the top.

The V-collar neck set main fabric composition is polyester, and the pieces go for $16.95 each. If you are getting a wholesale 2 piece long sleeve set, you will enjoy some discounts depending on how much you will spend.

What is the definition of custom clothing?

One of the arts that Chic Lover has perfected is delivering custom items. What do we mean by custom clothing? We are talking about garments that are specially made for you. We take numerous specifications from our clients to make exactly what they are looking for.

This includes the shoulder slopes of the clients to make garments that perfectly suit them. We also take other specifications like the kind of decoration to be included in the wholesale women’s two piece sets

Every detail matters and our team of experts ensures that the garments are perfectly crafted for you. With our items, you are also allowed to choose the kind of fabric you want.

With Chic Lover custom wholesale women’s two piece sets, you will get a better fit than flatters the body in the best way. The main idea of custom is getting well-adjusted items that provide comfort and ease.

One of the notable differences between custom and off-the-rack garments is the quality of the fabric used. With custom, you have a say in the kind and quality of fabric you want, and how you want tailors to handle the garment.

One of the things wholesale suppliers love about our custom wholesale two piece sets is that they give their clients an opportunity to highlight their personal style. This is something they truly appreciate. We are talking about details like the color, collar design, style, and much more.


FAQ Introduction


1. Why are there very few good quality clothes around?

While it may seem obvious, finding quality clothes to stock your boutique is not easy. One of the reasons that have contributed to the decline in the quality of clothes is the demand for fast fashion from consumers and cheap prices too.

Many garment manufacturers are now focusing on design and forgetting about quality. Most manufacturers and suppliers know that customers will still buy their items, regardless of whether they are quality or not. Manufacturers and suppliers only care about profits.

Most consumers do not understand the implications of fast fashion. Fast fashion is often low quality because cheap labor and materials are used. Often, the clothes cannot withstand a couple of wears and they have to be thrown away after some time.

2. Can I sell custom made clothing and brand it?

People have become more in touch with fashion and are going for custom fits. Do not be surprised if more clients are coming to your boutique asking for 2 pieces long sleeve set. To tap this new market and opportunity, you need to be adaptable and partner with reliable women’s 2 piece sets wholesale distributors like Chic Lover.

It is very possible to sell long sleeve matching set and even brand it. All you need to do is place an order with the specifications you need. That is from sizes, color, material, style, and brand. Order branded 2 piece long sleeve pants set from Chic Lover and you will not regret it. The clothing will meet all your needs, and you don’t have to wait longer. The turnaround time is impeccable and we do not compromise quality.

3. Where can I buy affordable yet quality bespoke clothes?

Quality clothes are hard to come by around the world now. Most consumers are looking for cheap items and manufacturers are riding on this to use low quality fabrics and cheap labor. That, however, does not mean you can get quality clothes for your boutique, be it long sleeve two piece pants set or skirts, Chic Lover is there for you.

We have a track record of designing high quality women’s 2 piece sets wholesale items. Order custom and bespoke long sleeve matching set from us and your customers will be impressed. The best part is that we are also very affordable

If you are looking for two piece sets boutique wholesale to give us a call for good quality yet affordable items. We are working with over 200 two piece sets boutique wholesale suppliers across the globe and their items are fast. This speaks volumes of the quality of our items and the level of customer satisfaction we have managed to achieve with them.

4. What type of outfits are suitable for skinny people?

The long sleeve two piece pants set, whether small or xl fits can be worked by skinny people, depending on the look they want to pull. Feedback from our wholesale suppliers is that the two piece sets boutique wholesale is really working for the slim client base.

One reason could be the fact that they are so effortless. With a long sleeve two piece pants set, for instance, you don’t have to worry about finding a top that goes well with the bottom, even in terms of size. The job has already been done for you.

Bright colored fitting sets are outstanding and more slim ladies are going for them. At Chic Lover, we have a wide range of two piece and matching sets to choose from. That is from skirts dresses, shorts, pants, and jumpsuits to mention a few.

To order from us, create an account and kick off. Our ordering process is simple and in case you need support, we have our customer support team ready to help.

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