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Wholesale Shorts Set

Nothing describes trendy, comfy, chic, and easy-breezy fashion like wholesale short sets!  This body-beautifying apparel is a must-have for your store and a must-wear for your customers. Not only are they fashionable and eye-catching, but they are also super easy to style. With wholesale short sets, your customers will no longer have to bear the rigor of styling outfits or worrying about what to wear on every occasion and outing. And they are just as comfortable as they are chic.


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  • Sale! beach skirt set-black-model view
  • Sale! high waisted shorts set-red
  • Sale! tassel skirt set-model view
  • Sale! tassel skirt sets-white-offside view
  • Sale! top and shorts set-white-front view
  • Sale! two piece fringe set-green-front view
  • Sale! two piece maxi skirt set-red-front view
  • Sale! wide-leg-2-piece-set-model
  • Sale! women's two piece lounge set-rose red
  • Sale! 2 piece denim skirt set-light blue-front view
  • Sale! 2 piece fishnet outfit-black
  • Sale! bandeau top and pants set-yellow-front view
  • Sale! bandeau two piece set-yellow-front view
  • mini skirt set-front view
  • Sale! tie dye two piece skirt set-front view
  • Sale! two piece bandeau pant set-green-front view
  • Sale! two piece club sets-rose red
  • Sale! two piece dress set-yellow-front view
  • Sale! two piece outfits shorts and top-purple-model view
  • Sale! 2 piece skirt set-color2-front view
  • Sale! 2 piece sweatsuit-blue-front view
  • Sale! high waisted shorts and crop top set-light green
  • Sale!
  • Sale! off the shoulder 2 piece set-front view
  • Sale! off the shoulder two piece set-yellow-model view
  • Sale! sexy 2 piece outfits-yellow-front view
  • Sale! sexy two piece outfits-yellow-model view
  • Sale! two piece athletic sets-orange-front view
  • Sale! two piece club outfit-blue-left side view
  • Sale! two piece loungewear-gray
  • Sale! crop top and long skirt set-red-model view
  • Sale! swimsuit skirt set-front view
  • Sale! two piece bikini set-black-front view
  • Sale! two piece outfits shorts-color3-front view
  • Sale! shorts and top set womens-white-front view
  • Sale! blazer-and-shorts-set-khaki-front-view
  • Sale! jumpsuit set two piece-purple-front view
  • Sale! 2 piece bikini set-front view
  • Sale! sexy 2 piece-model view
  • Sale! two piece wide leg pant set-gradient color-front view
  • Sale! casual 2 piece set-front view
  • Sale! crop top set with pants-model view
  • Sale! two piece skirt set long sleeve-front view
  • Sale! leopard print 2 piece set-model view
  • Sale! 2 piece set shorts and top-model front view
  • Sale! crop skirt set-model view
  • Sale! Crop Top And High Waisted Pants Set-model view
  • Sale! flare pants and crop top set-model view
  • Sale! matching shirt and shorts set-model view
  • Sale! matching sweatshirt and shorts set-model view


wholesale two piece short sets

The demand for wholesale shorts sets is at an all-time high, and chic lover has pledged its stellar services to meet the increasing demand. From pricing to styling to fabric quality, chic lover offers the best in the game.

The chic lover women’s short sets wholesale apparel is beauty and elegance at its finest. We provide a fine and limitless selection of wholesale short sets that will wow your clientele and keep you miles ahead of your competitors.

Our catalog includes a sizzling collection of women’s short sets wholesale clothing in different colors and styles. Matching pants, skirts, crop tops, and matching biker shorts set wholesale clothing? You name it ─ chic lover has it all! We also understand your desire to stand out from the crowd, so we stock unique wholesale short sets like the Athletic two piece short sets and the tie dye short set wholesale apparel.

The athletic set redefines sports apparel with a touch of finesse. Your clients will love its feminine yet sporty look. In addition, the radiant and artistic colors of the tie dye short set wholesale apparel are sure to turn heads and attract a truckload of compliments.

You and your customers will appreciate the crop top and shorts set wholesale clothing that brings a dose of “edgy”  and glamour to the table. These dapper outfits are as versatile as they come; the crop top set with matching flare pants is perfect for the bold, confident, and stylish woman who isn’t afraid to show some skin.

Fashion-savvy women who love to make an out-of-the-norm statement will be bowled over by the crop top and skirt set ─ which isn’t your usual “crop” ensemble. Finally, the crop top and maxi skirt set combo will make your clients squeal with delight because every woman wants to convey her feminine charm in a two piece outfit that speaks class and panache. And if maxi skirts don’t make the cut, the high-waist skirt combo is just as gorgeous!

And if you think this is all there is to our two piece short set wholesale collection, you are in for a surprise and a treat. Browse our collection and discover the undiscovered ─ our 2 piece short set wholesale clothing will blow your mind.

 Grow Your Wholesale Bulk Business with Chic Lover 2 Piece Wholesale Sets

The entrepreneurial fashion world is constantly evolving as consumers’ choices and preferences continue to change with the times. As a result, what was once considered “trendy” is currently “outdated” or “modified” to suit the status quo. As a result, fashion retailers, including women’s short sets wholesale marketers, are stepping up their game to meet the preferences and specifications of their target clientele.

Unbeatable Quality and Pricing System

One fail-proof marketing strategy adopted by two piece short set wholesale retailers in purchasing top-quality, super-stylish, and unique wholesale 2 piece short sets at reasonable price points from reputable wholesale clothing stores like a chic lover.

By leveraging a reasonable pricing system (along with favorable discounts) and high-quality and stand-out 2 pieces short set wholesale clothing, the chic lover has helped and continues to help many wholesale bulk businesses to grow.

Naturally, a store with the most quality and gorgeous two piece short sets like the two piece biker short set wholesale clothing and the crop top and shorts set wholesale apparel ─ will attract the most clients. Where fashion and clothes are concerned, women are moved by what they see, feel and touch. At chic lover, we perfectly understand feminine fashion psychology, and as such, we stock products that meet these criteria.

We pay meticulous attention to the texture, sizing, and styling of our wholesale shorts set, so when you buy from us, you are buying exactly what your target demographic needs, which translates to more sales, traffic, and increased brand loyalty.

When it comes to bulk purchases, product quality typically takes precedence over overpricing. While this is totally justifiable and understandable, finding the right price point is just as important.  When quality meets price flexibility, your businesses’ bottom line and cash books will look good ─ which is good for business!

Favorable Shopping Experience

Our return policy, shipping rates and delivery turnover as well as customer service are all in your favor. In the event you want to return a product for certain reasons or none at all, we will accept the product provided it is within 14 days. Want to cancel an order? We’ve got your back, so long as the product isn’t shipped or produced.

Ultimately, chic lover not only helps expand your consumer base but keeps your account books healthy and happy as well! Plus, we offer the best customer experience. So whether you are just starting out or looking to develop your existing wholesale two piece short sets business, the chic lover is the place to shop. Just open the store and we will stock and strengthen it for you!


1.what kind of clothes do you wear at home?

Who says fashion and style are strictly reserved for the outdoors? Could never be a chic lover!  Our fashion philosophy remains the same “you can be stylish anywhere and at any time, even when all you do is cozy up in front of the TV all day.”

We recommend shorts and skirts for at-home style and fashion (no offense to loungewear and sweat pants). Our two piece biker short set wholesale clothing is one to look out for. Matching tops with some killer biker shorts are the new type of cool, comfy, and chic. Whatever the weather or mood, you won’t miss finding the two piece short set that appeals to your comfort and style. As a case in point, check out this super cool matching shirt and short set.

 2.Where can I Find Wholesale Boutique Clothing?

Wholesale Boutique clothing is just about everywhere until it’s time to find the one that has your businesses’ best interest at heart ─ they become as scarce as hen’s teeth.

There are many wholesale boutique clothing stores scattered across the length and breadth of the world and the internet. But you have to exercise caution, so you don’t fall prey to the wrong store. Want some advice? Always look out for reputable stores with a proven track record for; reasonable pricing, ultimate customer satisfaction, and top-grade product quality.  For what it’s worth, the chic lover is one of such stores.

3.what are the Discounts and Marketing for Chiclover Wholesale Shorts Set?

As mentioned earlier, the chic lover has your businesses’ best interest at heart, so every category from apparel sourcing to pricing is executed with your satisfaction and happiness in mind.  In addition to our low-cost and mid-range price points, which are nothing but affordable, we also offer favorable discounts for our customers. Yes, we want to see your budget and bank account healthy and smiling. Our discount rates for two piece short set wholesale are as follows:

  • Orders above USD $300attract a $6 discount
  • Orders above USD $500 attract a $15 discount
  • Orders above USD $1000 attract a $50 discount
  • Orders above USD $2000 attract a $120 discount

Outside these discounts, we also run sales from time to time where we sell our wholesale short sets at reduced prices, so try not to miss any of our sales.

Note that our discount policy does not include delivery cost, tax, and VAT. In addition, some countries’ local taxes and import duties are not included in the prices displayed. Hence, the buyer/customer is solely responsible for these extra charges.

However, to minimize the cost implications that may be incurred from taxes and import duties, we can blazon your purchase as a “GIFT” or “SAMPLE” with a lower value than the original price.  But bear in mind that this reduced value may not apply to certain countries with strict tariff policies.

4.Do Chiclover’s products shrink after washing? What techniques did he use?

No, Chiclover’s products hardly shrink after washing. Shrinkage is a direct consequence of the fiber, weave, and production techniques employed in making the cloth. Natural fibers like wool and cotton are more prone to shrinkage than artificial fibers such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester. This is because they absorb more water and heat than the latter.

So does this mean that chic lover does not stock cotton and wool-derived products? Absolutely not! Chiclover has a ton of cotton-made apparel in its collection because cotton is everybody’s sweetheart ─the comfort they provide for the skin is unmatched.

One of the techniques chic lovers use to combat product shrinkage is “preshrinking.” In this method, the fiber is subjected to extensive stretching before weaving and sewing, so fabric consumption and shrinkage are reduced to the minimum. Chiclover treats this step in production as highly important and not to be ignored because if the cloth shrinks post sewing and sizing, the fitting will be affected, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Chiclover preshrinks according to the nature of the fabric. For example, wool-made fabrics are strictly preshrunk with the London shrink method, while other fabrics are subjected to steaming and washing /drying with a washing machine and dryer.

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