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Wholesale Two Piece Sets

It’s getting hot in here! And we aren’t talking about the weather or the song – so keep your clothes on, please. We’re talking about Chiclover’s searing hot wholesale two piece sets. It’s fresh off the racks and ready to get into your wardrobe or retail store.

You know how you have a cute top but don’t know what to pair it up with? Or you’re stuck buying different fits that don’t seem to work with each other? That can be a major fashion disaster.  Now imagine if you can get an array of clothes matched up especially for you. Think about all the stress and confusion it could save you.


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  • Sale! Plus Size Long-sleeved Fashion Suit - main picture

Wholesale Two Piece Sets

Wholesale Two Piece Sets - chic lover
And let’s not forget that wholesale 2 piece sets are totally trending right now. So, if you’re a vendor looking for where to get two piece sets at boutique wholesale prices, then look no further. We’ve got you covered.
At Chiclover, we strive to bring the best of the best to you. And that includes all our wholesale women’s 2 piece sets. The styles are handpicked and curated to be fast-selling pieces that won’t collect dust if you’re a vendor.
But there are other goodies too for retailers and shoppers alike. And we’re going to share them with you! We’ll also look at some of our customers’ questions and how you can start your very own women’s 2 piece sets wholesale shop.
Stay with us!


When you go Chiclover, you just can’t go any other way. Our brand is unique. Not only are we the best option for all wholesale clothes and accessories, but we are also quite affordable. So we can’t be beaten. And that’s the Chiclover difference.
All our dresses are made from the finest quality material, which is also vetted at our workshop. In addition, our factory is clean, and we enforce strict adherence to safety and health regulations. So, you’re sure your stock reaches you in pristine condition, free of all nasties.
Our two piece sets are carefully sewn in our state-of-the-art workshop and run through our modern quality control system. No defective product can escape our scrutiny. But, if they do, we have a solution for you. We’ll tell you that at the end of this piece.
We’ve got a broad customer base. Right now, we’re working with over 300 retailers and wholesale vendors who sell all kinds of Chiclover ware. including wholesale two piece outfits. So hence, you can rest easy, no matter how many orders you make; we’ll undoubtedly fill them all, we’re up to the task.
We know what’s running through your mind. You’re probably thinking that our wholesale women’s two piece sets must be pricey with all the precautions we take. You’d be surprised.
We’re really affordable. In fact, we might be the number 1 sellers of cheap wholesale two piece sets! Don’t believe it? Check out the massive discounts on these lovely wholesale two piece sets women’s clothing. And that’s different from the mind-blowing price slashes.
Trust us. You won’t see a better bargain. Imagine stocking your shop with fabulous clothes at a manufacturer’s price. Sweet, right?
There’s more where that came from. We’ve got goodies spread everywhere. Shopping with us is a treasure hunt, and you’ll have to read on to find out where they are.
But first, let’s check out a few of our lovely wholesale bulk 2 piece sets. You’d fall in love with all of them. We did too.
We are the home of wholesale 2 piece sets, and we show it. Our catalog is chock-full of stylish wholesale two piece outfits that will be the center of attraction and admiration wherever you wear them to. Our collection is so extensive that you might be lost in all its fashion splendor. Now we don’t want that, do we?
Since we don’t want to go around confusing you with our luxurious and affordable couture. we’re picking out a few faves and showcasing them. Now, these are gorgeous clothes, but we know you’ll find ones that are gorgeous-er while you shop. So just consider this showcase as an appetizer.
A wardrobe appetizer.
And if you’re a wholesale vendor or retailer. our little two piece spotlight may help you decide on the styles you would want to advertise on your online store. Yes, you can use the images to show your customers what you offer. And you don’t have to mention our name anywhere in your advert! But we’ll get to that later.
First, the showcase. Drumroll, please.
Strap in, everyone! We’re introducing the best of Chiclover wholesale women’s two piece sets.

1. Plus Size Prairie Chic Outfit

This baby is a form-hugging, elegant, sexy outfit that can transform you into a walking, breathing fashionista.
Made with super-stretchy polyester, with an O-neck that snug, this piece may just be what the designer ordered.
Not only is it elastic, but it also comes with a striking belt/ribbon, which can be tied in any way you want – talk about pizzazz! This dress should be in any boutique selling wholesale two piece sets.
This calf-length beauty is your go-to for any casual outing, and its watercolor print means you can pair it with accessories of any color. Sizes also range from XL to 5XL, so there’s something suitable for everyone, especially our full-figured dames.
This dress also comes in three colors, green, blue and pink. It’s currently at half price, and you can use your discount codes too. Don’t wait. Be sure to add this wear to your shopping cart.

2. Velour Two Piece Set

You can’t talk about our cheap wholesale two piece sets without mentioning this winter wonder.
Some days are too cold for breezy, short outfits. And even though we want to show some skin, we just can’t. But, instead of swaddling yourself in bulky winter clothes and layers of unattractive outfits. you should definitely go with this masterpiece.
The velour two piece set is made from the softest material. It contains a polyester blend to fit snugly around your body.
Also, FYI, it shows a little midriff – shhh, we won’t tell if you don’t.
Our winter treasure also has a cozy little hoodie to protect your eyes from the frosty weather. The sizes range from small to extra-large. And they are supplied in three classic colors, grey, red and black. Yes, our discounts and price slashes also work here too. Did we mention it’s long-sleeved too?
Get yours while it’s here!

3. Plus Size Ruffled Two Piece Lace-up Top

Still, on dressing to kill, we have this electric two piece outfit. No, you don’t get a shock when you get one of our wholesale two piece sets women’s clothing. In fact, you come back wanting more. Especially if it’s this work of art.
This floor-length ruffled dress with a matching crop top is to-die-for. And the sleeves also end in ruffles, just like the pants.
The top slap sports a knotted design and a plunging V-neck that’s the definition of sexy. The fabric is blended with cotton and polyester to create a stretchy and comfortable feel. The waistband is also elastic.
This piece is so rare and trendy that it’s currently available in one solid color. Yellow. However, it shows variety in its size range. So whether you’re a small or 3XL, you can rock this beautiful fit anywhere and anytime.
Like all our wholesale bulk 2 piece sets, this lovely couture is at half the price now. You don’t want to miss this. Order yours now.

4. Tassel Two Piece Set

If you’re looking for beachwear, pool wear, and house wear rolled in one? Then you’ve hit the jackpot. This cloth is sizzling hot. It is the definition of all things spicy. You can even wear it to parties.
At first glance, this dress looks like a four-piece which is quite unlike our standard wholesale 2 piece sets. But that’s the beauty. This outfit is a bikini-crop top-skirt combo, and we love it!
The sheer knotted top and bottom are made of the finest acrylic material. This means that even when they’re wet, they won’t be as heavy as regular wool. There’s also a little spandex for a good stretch.
You can grab one of these tasseled pieces – or two – in white, black, yellow, and khaki colors. And at half the price too.
PS: You can also pair this look with a stylish raffia bag. It’ll totally work.
Don’t forget the discounts too.
5. Plus Size Baseball Themed Two Piece Sets
Hey, batter!
This is for all our fashion-forward baseball fans. In fact, you don’t have to love baseball to get one of these for yourself. You just have to love our clothes. And we make sure they’re lovable.
Our striped baseball-themed fit is made of high-grade polyester. But, don’t fret; it’s breathable, and free too. So you can wear it for a party or to lounge around your house.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re full-figured or a little on the tiny end; you get the chance to own this fabulous outfit.
The sizes are from small to 4XL.
Colors come in red, white, blue, black, and yellow, So, choose as many as you want and get to ordering. We don’t need to remind you that our wholesale women’s 2 piece sets are going for half the price. Get ready to shop till you drop.
And no, it doesn’t come with a complimentary baseball hat. But it’s still worth it.
Speaking about hats. You can get this dress at the drop of a hat. We aren’t kidding; our checkout is pretty fast.

6. Crop Top and Maxi Skirt Set

Here’s another gear that’s fresh off the trends. It’s this two piece Bohemian sensation that we definitely had to add to our list. And if you’re a vendor of wholesale boutique two piece sets, then you should also add this luscious dress to your inventory.
This fit features a sleeveless crop top with a maxi-length skirt. What’s more, the skirt also features two thigh-high slits that show off your sexy, delectable legs.
This boho look can be good for various events, so remember to pair it with either strappy sandals or killer heels.
You can get this sweet piece in sizes S to 2XL and in eight colors too. Do you hear that? Eight beautiful colors. What are you waiting for?

7. Large Size Solid Color Round Neck Suit

We’ve looked at the figure-hugging, head-turning two piece sets. Now let’s look at another head-turner too, but more on the casual, free wear spectrum.
This suit is the definition of comfort. Its roomy, loose feel will look good on everyone. It also comes in six trendy colors that are all crowd favorites. The round neck can also be switched from regular to slightly off-shoulder.
Don’t forget to check with our size chart before you add it to your shopping cart. Have fun!
That’s the end of our wholesale bulk 2 piece sets. But, it shouldn’t be the end of your shopping. Stay and discover the best dresses at ridiculously low wholesale prices. This is definitely the best time to start that clothing business you’ve always wanted. But, you might be having some questions about our products.
We’ve tried to answer the most common questions our clients have. Here are a few.

What kind of clothes should be worn at home?

Since the events of 2020, a lot of the world’s population now work from home. And many of us spend a great deal of time nursing a drink on the couch while watching our favorite TV show.
Let’s face it. There’s no place like home. It’s our sanctuary and a safe place where we can let all those worries slide. So, how can you relax when you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes. It’s practically impossible.
Imagine wearing tight jeans and trying to enjoy a meal, crosslegged on the sofa. It’ll be war, I tell you. War. But why go through all that discomfort when you can just wear any of these lovely house wear options.
  • Classic sweatsuits:  Nothing screams stay-at-home more than a 2 piece sweatsuit. These comfortable outfits have been everyone’s go-to at home. And it doesn’t hurt that they can be worn in sunny days and chilly ones too.
  • Cotton or linen overalls: Looking for an alternative that isn’t a sweatsuit? Go with linen and cotton overalls. You can wear them with or without a shirt. It’s an effortless, breezy style.
  • Oversized tees: Another option would be oversize t-shirts. Of course, you can pair this with biker shorts or leggings. We have wholesale two piece outfits in this style too. Some even have a boho tie-dye vibe.
  • Free Jumpsuits: These are great for lounging and working too. You can also choose their shorter cousin – rompers. But if you’re going to be working out a lot, you should try wearing unitards instead.
  • Bralettes with pants. Ooohhh, we likey. And you don’t have to get ones with cups. They’re also very great with balloon pants.
  • Other options also include cute babydoll dresses or oversize sweaters.

Does cotton spandex shrink when washed?

Okay, we get this question a lot, especially for our two piece collection. And this is us answering it.
The short answer is YES. Cotton spandex does shrink when washed. But, the long answer is that if the garment has a higher percentage of cotton, then washing in hot water will shrink it a little – maybe 10%. It’ll also twist and wrinkle the fabric. And if spandex is in a higher percentage, heat from hot water or your dryer can cause the threads to shrink and break down.  Overall, using heat to clean your cotton-spandex blend can shrink it.
If you wish to shrink your outfit just once, then you can try the heat method. But continual use of heat to wash your blended clothes will seriously shorten the life span.
Instead, use cold water to wash your cotton-spandex blend and then dry on a flat surface or line. But, if you can’t use these drying methods, it’s advisable that you set the dryer very low. It’ll take more time than you’re used to, but it’ll be good for your fabric.

Where can I find wholesale boutique clothing?

This question isn’t really a doozy. Where else can you find the best wholesale boutique clothing?
That was a rhetorical question. It’s the US. We’re the number 1 wholesale store for all your luxury clothing, fashion, and accessories. We’ve been in this business of producing and stocking retail clothing stores since 2010 – we certainly aren’t newbies in this business. So, make us your plug for all your boutique stocking needs.
We know it’s challenging to find stores where you can find the latest trends at an affordable price. But we promise you, we’re all this and more.
Our workshop can fill whatever orders you have, no matter how big they are. We also ship out your products as soon as possible, to wherever you are. And if you don’t want direct shipping, we can send your orders to your customers.
We sell all kinds of clothes, including wholesale women’s two piece sets. Our wholesale two piece sets are cheap and won’t put a strain on your account. And if you’re new to the Chiclover experience, you also get discounts. We also have discounts for purchases that reach a set order limit; for instance, you get a 3% discount on a 69$ order. And it just keeps getting better and better.

How Can Chiclover Help You Develop Your Own 2 Piece Sets Wholesale Bulk Business?

You might be wondering, “What are the benefits of looking for a chic lover to buy wholesale two piece sets?”
Besides our cheap wholesale two piece sets and massive discounts on your wholesale 2 piece sets to purchase. there are also other perks to shopping with us. We’ll run through them briefly.

 Start Your Business Easily:

You don’t have to own a brick-and-mortar store when you stock with us. You can start your wholesale two piece sets women’s clothing business from your Instagram account or any other social media account you have. You don’t even need a website. The steps are pretty simple.
All you have to do is,
  • Open an account on social, just anywhere where you have followers, and can post pictures.
  • Don’t worry about what pictures to use. You can use photos from our wholesale women’s 2 piece sets Don’t worry; you don’t have to link back the pictures to us.
  • When your customers make their wholesale two piece outfits orders, you can compile them and get them from our sites.
  • We ship the clothes to you. But, of course, you can choose express shipping, it’s faster.
  • We can also ship the clothes directly to your customers. This is dropshipping. And reduces your risk.
 Awesome Return and Refund Policy:
One thing about us is that we try hard to make sure what you order is what you get. That’s why we have size charts for every outfit, including our wholesale two piece sets women’s clothing. And why we double-check before we ship.
But if you ever find your wholesale two piece sets boutique order messed up, rest assured we’ve got a fantastic refund and return policy. You can read more about it here.
Customization Services:
We also do custom orders too. It can be branded on the clothes or a new style altogether! No matter what custom job you bring, we’ll try our best to make outfits fitting your exact specifications.
Just imagine. Not only are you getting wholesale two piece sets at a manufacturer’s price, but you also get to add brand customization to the mix? Wow!
This isn’t even all we can offer. There are many more easter eggs on our website and in our newsletters – you should sign up. There is no better place to shop for wholesale 2 piece sets in bulk. Join the Chiclover dream. Place your orders now.

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