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Chic Lover is a reliable wholesale women clothing vendor. Get information on their clothing categories, prices, and purchasing processes and options. 

The clothing business is a profitable venture if you know who exactly to sell to. If you look around, you will realize that clothing stores are doing well. You could be the next big thing in the retail business if you are organized. This means understanding your customers and knowing where to source your stock.


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wholesale women clothing

Chic Lover is the solution to your clothing retail business. This is the go-to platform for brands, women clothing vendors, individuals, and even wholesalers. Our women’s clothing bulk is targeted at black women across the globe. We have been in wholesale women’s clothing for eight years, and we continue to offer quality, cheap wholesale women’s clothing.

Our markets wholesale women clothing include South Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, America, and Korea, to mention a few. We have the resources to ensure that the women’s clothing bulk gets to the different 200 markets when needed.

Our wholesale women clothing services

We offer end-to-end services required by our customers to run both retail and wholesale ladies’ clothing businesses.

· Dropshipping

We allow you time to focus on distributing ladies clothes across the globe while working on manufacturing, branding, warehousing, stocking, and shipping for your wholesale fashion women’s clothing.

· Wholesale

If you are looking for a partner that can ensure that your business is restocked within 48 hours, then you are in the right place. We are currently partnering with over 300 suppliers across the globe, helping them restock their wholesale women’s clothing businesses.

· OEM service

Whether it is branding, we ensure that your retail clothing business gets its products as specified.

Our wholesale women clothing product portfolio consists of a wide range of apparel from polo, denim, T-shirts, dresses, lingerie, and jackets, to mention a few.

wholesale women clothing - Wholesale women tops

Tops are a must-have piece in any woman’s closet. If there is anything that should not miss in women’s clothing vendors’ stock, it is tops. It would be best if you had them for your denim trousers, and they are needed for skirts too.

Our wholesale women clothing products include t-shirts to be worn any day of the week with jeans, skirts and much more. They are breathable and ideal for summers and spring. We also have fashionable fleece coats even for plus size to keep you warm when the temperatures cool down while at the same time adding vibrance to your outfit. We also have cowl neck sweaters, and they would be great pieces to have in your women’s clothing bulk. They are exquisite and usually in an all-time high demand from customers. Plus size is also available for these pieces.

Some of the items we have also include tassel tops, cotton t-shirts, lace blouses, mesh shirts, long sleeve tops, velvet tops, polo, and even ruffle tops. Looking for tops blindly can be a taxing affair. Chic Lover is, however, here to solve the problem.

We have a list of items that will sweep women’s clothing vendors off their feet. We have tops in all sizes with a pop of colors and elegance. We are updated on trends and also have unique offerings on our list.

Whether it is a casual or formal look, we have everything you need. We have fabulous tops to be worn for the different seasons. Regardless of your fashion preferences, we have everything you need, and we can have it delivered to you when you need them.

The tops in our wholesale women clothing line are a staple and will sell anytime to all consumers across the globe.

wholesale women clothing - Wholesale Lingerie

As often as you may be coming across the name, finding quality and attractive lingerie is not always obvious. We have over 25 types of lingerie products. They are incredibly fashionable and inspired by the changing taste in women’s lingerie.

We wholesale women clothing have see-through lingerie coming in 12 different colors. We have black, which is a beauty and a color that most clients coming into your store will be looking for. The color looks good on everyone and is worth having in your women’s clothing bulk. White is delicate and desirable, while blue is entirely captivating. We provide multiple color choices that will go with the preferences of your customers.

We wholesale women clothing has a beautiful bra and panty sets in 10 different colors. We also have corset lingerie flattering for all body types and for the women that love to show off their figures. Bustier bodysuits are also part of the wholesale fashion clothing items.

For the ladies that love two-piece lingerie, we wholesale women clothing also have them covered with our two-piece sophisticated see-through nightwear. Sleeve mesh lingerie, lingerie skirts, v-neck lingerie, mini-lingerie, thigh-high socks, and fishnet lingerie are included in our wholesale women clothing lingerie collection.

wholesale women clothing - Wholesale dresses

Dresses are among the wardrobe essentials that all women must have. We wholesale women clothing have wholesale fashion women’s clothing items for any occasions that may arise. Dresses are essentials in any woman’s wardrobe. Be it for dressing down, dressing up, for formal occasions, or even a casual Saturday.

Our dresses come in different styles, colors and also ideal for different seasons.

The perfect wardrobe consists of different dresses to break the monotony and ensure that you have a fabulous outfit for any given occasion.

· Maxi dresses

There is no reason why everybody should not love maxi dresses. This style will always be in your target customers’ wardrobes for several reasons. They are ideal for those days when you have no idea what to wear, but you still want to look great.

A maxi dress that compliments your body type is great for both formal and social events. The beauty of maxi dresses is that it is not only easy to find one that suits you, but they are also great for any weather. We wholesale women clothing have a wide range of colorful maxi dresses with different designs, perfect for any occasion that you may need them for.

· Sexy dresses

We wholesale women clothing have a stock of sexy dresses ideal for dinner dates and evening formal parties. The high-slit dresses, petit-plus size dresses, cocktail dresses, snake print dresses, summer day dresses, and sleeveless dresses are just a few among the many sexy pieces we have.

The beauty of sourcing with us is that you will get what you ask for. Whether it is bag hips, sequin, high slits, or sling dresses, you will get precisely what you asked for. We have wholesale ladies’ clothing; if you want to surprise your loved one with any of the pieces from the category, we can have that arranged too.

Customers will come looking for dresses that will help them flaunt their curves, and they will appreciate you having our pieces in your stock. The fantastic part is that we have all these in all sizes, be it plus size, slim, tall, and any other fitting.

We constantly have new designs being rolled out in this category, and it is worth scrolling through it from time to time to see what is new.

· Bohemian dresses

When it comes to bohemian clothing, comfort is a priority. If you are tired of the clothes that make you feel rigid with no breathing space, then you should probably try out this style. Bohemian fashion is on trend and in very high demand by women’s clothing vendors. Bohemian pieces have been designed for the customer groups that value individuality and prefer to have their unique style.

The reasons why you should include them in your wholesale fashion women’s clothing stock include comfort. The dresses have the following structure that will eliminate the worry of comfort when you wear them to any occasion.

The pieces also look good on everybody, and you will certainly not struggle to find a dress that suits you effortlessly. The dresses can also be easily layered, be it with jewelry or other fabric pieces. Some of our Bohemian pieces include Tie-Die, deep v maxi, backless summer maxi dresses, floral print dresses, animal print dresses, and tropical dresses, to mention a few.

Our pieces are featured in unique patterns and brilliant colors that will have customers flocking in your retail store.

· Body con dresses

Body con dresses are a must-have on every woman’s wardrobe, and for this reason, they will continue being the most sought-after wholesale fashion women’s clothing. Our wholesale women clothing body con dresses are fabulous and to die for.

The prices include overall dresses, high slit dresses, wedding dresses, denim dresses, curve dresses, crew neck dresses, poker dresses, knitted dresses, sleeveless dresses, and sequin cocktail dresses. The list is endless, and you need to scroll through these categories to see all the fantastic pieces in store for your business.

You cannot compare the elegance and allure you will get from our body con dresses to any other in the market. They are unique and allow the ladies, regardless of their sizes flaunt their curves.

Whether it is colorful dresses, sequined dresses, plain dresses, printed dresses, or knitted ones, we wholesale women clothing have everything you need.

wholesale women clothing - Wholesale Jumpsuits

 Chic Lover – the wholesale women clothing ensures that jumpsuits are available for women’s clothing wholesale suppliers. The style is trendy, and it is something every lady wants to have. This makes them ideal pieces to have in your stock.

We have two main styles for jumpsuits, that is the long-sleeve jumpsuits and the short sleeve ones. There are tie & die jumpsuits, camouflage jumpsuits, polka jumpsuits, lounge jumpsuits, bandeau jumpsuits, wide-leg jumpsuits, denim jumpsuits, and sequin jumpsuits, to mention a few. This is under our wholesale women clothing sleeveless category.

In the long-sleeve category, we have 32 unique products. There are the black plus size jumpsuit, crop top set, navy blue jumpsuits, sexy jumpsuits, strapless jumpsuits, leopard print, long red/black/ green/ white jumpsuits, and striped jumpsuits, mention a few.

Whether it is jumpsuits for office wear or casual weekend wear, we have you covered. They come in a wide range of quality materials and diverse patterns to meet the ladies at their point of need.

The demand for jumpsuits is high, and having them in wholesale fashion clothing collection will put you at an advantage. More women will want jumpsuits for the convenience they bring. If they buy a jumpsuit, they will be spared the trouble of looking for a top instead of buying trousers.

More so, customers will go for anything that gives them the comfort of pajamas while giving them elegance. They can be worn to a weekend gallery event, to a meeting, picnic, and most of the other places you usually spend your time.

They are modern and still have the element of nostalgia. Most clothes do not offer the much-needed bridge. This fact makes it easy to style jumpsuits with your shoe choice and even accessories. Jumpsuits will work with literally almost everything.

Jumpsuits are also great for any weather, be it the cold mornings or sunny and hot afternoons; with a jumpsuit, any discomfort brought about by temperatures will be far from your worries.

Our wholesale women clothing selection has pieces you can wear to any occasion of your choice. The materials are high quality and breathable. More so, they come in a wide range of sizes to fit any woman that will fall in love with the pieces.

wholesale women clothing - Wholesale sets

The two-piece set trend is bound to stay forever. These pieces are just what your wardrobe needs and Chic Lover wholesale fashion clothing is here to ensure that it happens. Two-piece clothes are the life of the party and just what you need for a fashionable summer.

The sets are a staple for celebrities and fashionistas, and the most fantastic part is that they are very accessible. Like the jumpsuits, they bring the convenience of not having to stress about what you will match them with. The other advantage is that you can couple the halves with other clothes, be it shorts with jackets, or a top with skirts. Two-piece attires are also versatile when it comes to style. You can choose patchwork, bohemian style, casual, chic, or artsy. A two-piece set in your wardrobe will instantly address the challenge of not being able to find something to wear.

Two-piece sets also save people the time they spend trying to match outfits, and they are loved for this reason. We have over 139

products on the two-piece set category. We are talking about comfy leisure suits, casual suits, summer patchwork, jogger sets, striped cut, tie & die, two-piece long-sleeve set, sports set, solid round-neck suits, open shoulder suits, to mention a few.

This particular wholesale women clothing category has a wide range of options to choose from for bulk women’s clothing wholesale stockings. Accessorizing tow piece sets is also as easy as getting the right jewelry and shoes.

wholesale women clothing - wholesale Plus Size Clothing

While 63% of the shoppers in the fashion industry, we still have a shortage in the supply of plus-size items. At Chic Lover, we are keen on expanding the sizes to ensure women’s clothing wholesale suppliers have pieces for all their customers.

We have pieces ranging from two-piece tie & die sets, two-piece sweatsuits, swimsuits, plus-sized tops and dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, wedding dresses, v-neck jumpsuits, jeans, and much more. Suppliers who are looking for bulk women’s clothing wholesale for plus size often have limited options.

The good news is that Chic Lover is there to offer a solution to plus-size women’s clothing wholesale suppliers. We are a reliable wholesale plus size clothing store that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. We have wholesale fashion clothing that suits all body tastes and never runs out of stock.

Why you should pick chic lover’s bulk women’s clothing wholesale pieces?

While there are other clothes vendors in the market, there are things that make our wholesale women clothing products stand out.

1.it is a one-stop-shop for all sizes

With Chic Lover, there is no need to go looking for other clothing stores so that you can get your inventory in order. We sell everything from tops to jumpsuits and items to meet your daily use needs.

You will get all clothing items in all sizes and fits. This will save you the trouble of working with different vendors to have your bulk women’s clothing wholesale needs taken care of.

2. Affordable prices

The beauty of shopping with Chic Lover is that you will get cheap wholesale women’s clothing without compromising quality. Whether it is plus size or slim fit, the prices are very fair to give everyone the opportunity to look good in quality clothes.

Most of our items go for about $20 and not more than $30. Also, you can get lucky and get up to a $5 discount on the different items occasionally.

3. Versatility

How often do you go to a wholesale women’s clothing vendor and you find everything you need and even more? Chic Lover is so versatile you will find clothing in various sizes, colors, styles, patterns, and fabrics.

This ensures that your options are not limited and your business is not also limited. We understand that tastes and preferences vary, and there is a need for all women to feel that their dressing needs are well taken care of. As an individual shopper, this goes a long way in preventing buyer remorse as there is an opportunity to choose something that you actually like.

4. Trending styles

Are you tired of going to wholesale vendors only to find that they are selling items that are no longer trending? That is why Chic Lover is here. We keep our eyes and ears open for the latest fashion and emerging styles.

Everyone wants to have pieces of voguish clothing items in their wardrobes, and we see to that by ensuring that we have fashionable clothes in all sizes. To sweeten the deal, we have cheap wholesale women’s clothing that is in fashion.

If you are a clothing supplier, you will have customers coming back for more.

5. Several payment options and prompt delivery

There is nothing as frustrating as customers coming to your boutique for an item then you have to make them wait until your stock is delivered to you. Women’s clothing wholesale suppliers that partner with us never experience the challenge. We wholesale women clothing to ensure that they have the items when they need them. That way, lost sales are prevented, and higher customer satisfaction is achieved.

If you choose the standard shipping option, you will have your stock delivered within 15-25 days. If you pick express shipping, then you will have your stock delivered to you within 4-7 days. You don’t have to wait long for the products you have paid for.

We have also made payment easy for our customers to minimize the stress that comes with making payments. We receive bank payments, Western Union, and mobile payments for small orders and even PayPal.

Return Policy

Do we have a wholesale women clothing return policy? Yes, we do. While it might not be so common among other wholesale vendors, we understand how important it is for our relationship with our customers. Our return and cancellation policy is fair and allows our customers to cancel orders before they are produced or delivered.

We also allow customers to return products depending on the stipulated terms and conditions. If these are aligned, goods can be returned, and you will be refunded for the amount you spent on them. This goes a long way in showing how confident we are with our quality and how reliable and transparent Chic Lover is.


If you have been in the women’s clothing wholesale supply business for a while, you know the many challenges that suppliers face when shipping stock. We are talking about disappointing products that look nothing like what was exhibited on the websites, delays, limited supply, limited sizes, and much more.

Chic Lover is a one-stop shop for all your women’s clothing supply needs. We have fashionable items in our portfolio that come in a wide range of styles, patterns, colors, and sizes. Be it dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and lingerie, we have wholesale women clothing everything you need.

We have quality items and a return and cancellation policy to help us maintain a transparent relationship with our customers.

Reach out to us for fast-selling clothes at affordable prices for your retail store. We are also a great choice if you are looking for individual garments. We ship to all parts of the world and have no limitations to payment options.

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