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Wholesale Womens Bottoms

Wholesale Womens Bottoms

You know things just got heated up when the focus is on some alluring wholesale bottoms. Chiclover is here for you again with the best of a fashion staple that it is suicide to live without – hello bottoms for women! Of course, we are talking about Chiclover’s elegant wholesale skirts, some super comfortably wholesale lounge pants, and literally every covetable wholesale bottom you can think of having in your fashion arsenal.

Let us get you introduced to some of Chiclover’s searing hot best bottoms wholesale in our wholesale women’s bottoms subdivisions without further ado. So hold on to your seats, as this will be nothing less of a fashion week runway show.


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  • Sale! lace bodysuit jeans-blue
  • Sale! high waisted midi skirt with pockets-model view
  • Sale! leopard print asymmetric skirt-front view
  • Sale! rhinestone denim shorts-light blue-full face photo
  • Sale! sexy high waisted pants-blue-front view
  • Sale! casual summer skirts-brown-front view
  • Sale! leopard-print-slouch-pants-model-view
  • Sale! ripped skinny jeans-front view
  • Sale! sexy faux leather leggings-brown-front view
  • Sale! sexy flare pants-red
  • Sale! skirt denim shorts-dark blue-front view
  • Sale! black sequin pants-mdoel view
  • Sale! cut off jean shorts-model front view
  • Sale! fringe distressed jeans-dark blue rose tie dye-front view
  • Sale! high-waist-flare-leg-pants-yellow
  • Sale! high waisted wide leg work pants-blue
  • Sale! jeans with bottom fringe-front view
  • Sale! ripped bell bottom fringe hem denim pants-pink camo
  • Sale! sexy stretch pants-green-full face photo
  • Sale! sexy yoga leggings-model figure
  • Sale! stretchy jean shorts-light blue bar-model view
  • Sale! tie dye jean shorts-rose red yellow green tie-dye-fron view
  • Sale! tie dye ripped jeans-rose red yellow green tie-dye-front view
  • Sale! high-waist-pu-leather-pants-black-model view
  • Sale! high waisted wide leg pants-colorurs-left side view
  • Sale! denim shorts with fringe-medium blue-front view
  • Sale! fringe jean shorts-medium blue-model view
  • Sale! high waist jean shorts-light blue-front view
  • Sale! high waisted ripped jeans-medium blue-left side view
  • Sale! shredded jean shorts-medium blue-front view
  • Sale! slim denim shorts-medium blue-model view
  • Sale! slim tapered jeans-combined view
  • Sale! stretchy jean shorts womens-medium blue-model view
  • Sale! track pants for women-purple-left side view
  • Sale! high rise jean shorts womens-medium blue-front view
  • Sale! irregular jeans-light blue-model view

Wholesale Womens Bottoms

Wholesale Plus Size bottoms

Chiclover Wholesale Bottoms Classification

At Chiclover, we have individual catalogs for every women’s bottoms available to the fashion industry, from shorts, wholesale lounge pants, leggings, and jeans (including wholesale bell bottoms jeans) to skirts.

Produced with the most durable fabrics, designed by expert fashion designers who know their taste and made using standard clothing manufacturing procedures by professional Chiclover got you are covered with any bottoms of your choice.

We are psyched to introduce you to Chiclover’s wholesale bottoms for women subdivisions.

Ladies, please, in no particular order:

Wholesale Skirts

What would you do without some elegant skirts in your wardrobe? Skirts are a fashion staple that is a must-have for women. With the right style, you can rock a skirt to the office and, in the same vein, to a club. It is such a versatile piece of clothing that is comfortable, easy to wear. It can be worn with just about anything, including shirts, tops, jackets, and blazers.

Minis, midis, maxis, pleated, flared – Chiclover has you a skirt for every occasion and every look you want to elude. In a pencil skirt, for instance, you can have your curves defined. A high-waisted skirt gives you the illusion of a cinched waistline, and an a-line or flared skirt could give you a little more voluminous look if you are on the petite side.

With Chiclover’s wholesale skirts, you are guaranteed a closet full of stylish bespoke pieces that would make any fashion-conscious person give you a thumbs-up and send some agreeing nods your way. This casual short skirt in PU leather fabric is your next summer go-to. It is supplied in black and brown colors and available in varying sizes from small to extra extra large – you are welcome.

Wholesale Pants Online

Who loves some sophisticated and classy pants? We know you do, and we also do. One thing we love about pants is that there are pants for varying reasons. For instance, workout pants like Chiclover’s ladies jogging bottoms are best for jogging, hiking, riding, and climbing.

In the same light, a pair of wholesale lounge pants is the perfect bottoms for an athleisure look, and wholesale bell bottoms give off the party girl vibe. Finally, Chiclover’s wide leg pants give you a tailored corporate wear allure. They will quickly transform you into the CEO-worthy figure that is deserving of every boss lady.

Expand your fashion choices and opinions available to you when the need arises. For example, you can go for Chiclover’s women’s pants that come in various designs, types, fit, and sizes like this wholesale bell bottoms pants in gradient colors and sizes S up to XXL, ideal for the next casual date you are asked to.

Wholesale Women’s Jeans

What will we do without denim pants (aka jeans)? Literally nothing. We would be miserable without our favorite pair of jeans. Jeans are readily the go-to when nothing else is working out. They never go out of fashion, and you can wear them in and out of season. With the proper footwear and tops also, jeans can easily be switched up or toned down.

They could also belong jeans, shorts, or three-quarters. But, of course, denim shorts are everybody’s favorite during the summer. They show off those hot shaved (or not) summer legs and are super comfy for the hot weather.

Depending on your body shape, the perfect jeans for you may vary. However, skinny jeans is a must-have for every lady as it works for all body types and pairs well with loose tops since they usually come tight and stretchy.

Jeans with some flare like the Chiclover’s wholesale bell bottom jeans work great for pear and hourglass shapes.  Low rise jeans accentuate the curves, especially when they fit snugly at the hips. At the same time, high rise (aka high-waisted) jeans look gorgeous on ladies with slender hourglass shapes.

Jeans are also selected based on their wash. Darker washes are ideal for dressy looks and smart casual or corporate looks. For example, dark blue or black jeans paired with a blazer and a pair of pumps is enough for a Wednesday office work outfit. Lighter washes are more casual and beachy and will do well out f the corporate wear looks.

Wholesale Women’s Leggings

You can rock Chiclover’s leggings as wholesale lounge pants or jogging bottoms wholesale for exercises and yoga. Leggings are the perfect staple for these because of their flexible nature and comfortable fit. You can also wear our wholesale women’s leggings as regular casual bottoms under loose and oversized tops.

On the other hand, thick leggings can be paired with fitted tops or other tops of your choice, and Chiclover has got you covered with any leggings of your choice. It’s just a click away from ordering, and your sexy leggings will be shipped and delivered to you anywhere in the world.

Why You Need Chiclover to Start Your Own Clothing Store

While we cater to the individual needs of our customers, we are also particular about the ladies we cannot reach. To remedy this situation, we have retail and wholesale options where clothing retail and wholesale stores can purchase clothing pieces from us and sell them to their own customers.

How does this work?

You do not need to run a physical store to stock up with any of our wholesale women’s clothing pieces. You can either be a drop shipper, which includes having us directly shipping orders to your customers, or you can buy in bulk from us and ship to your clientele yourself through any of our shipping and delivery methods.  All it is for you is to list our products on your website and even post the pictures (you don’t have to link back to our sites). We will be there to help you deliver to your amazing customers.

Not many online stores offer retailers a chance to grow their own clothing store which is why Chiclover is the ideal store to source your stock. We currently partner with over 300 suppliers across the globe, helping them deliver only the best quality pieces to their customers, ultimately growing their retail and wholesale clothing businesses.  You, too, can be a hotshot clothing supplier. So join the train of happy retailers and wholesalers today and see your own clothing business become a reality.

You also need Chiclover to start your own retail clothing business because we allow you to customize packages drop-shipped to your customers. This way, your customers will have no idea about your transaction with us, increasing your customers’ trust and loyalty to your brand.

Your customers will also not know our website as we will use a third-party sender like a DHL staff. There will also be no information about Chiclover on the package. You can have the package branded and customized by fixing your logo to the products.  We also drop ship in bulk. All you have to do is gather your bulk orders and pass them to Chiclover.

Dropshipping is mainly a great way to grow your retail business. We ensure your money is secured by buying the products only after it has been sold. We also take care of the warehousing, packaging, and shipping of products, saving you the stress of worrying.

It’s a win-win situation, and you will be glad to do business with us!

The Difference in Chiclover – Why Chiclover’s Wholesale Bottoms is the Go-To

Undoubtedly, there are many online clothing stores with terrific services that sell high-quality clothing. They also have a growing customer base and have beautiful clothes in their arsenal. However, the clothing business is a competitive market. To stay relevant, you ought to be bringing something different to the table. This is where Chiclover comes in. we stand out, and we are different from other wholesale clothing vendors because we bring something different and challenging to ignore to the fore.

At Chiclover, we help you narrow down your choices to precisely access what you are going for. For instance, you can shop our wholesale dresses by style, color, or season. Our Wholesale two piece sets collection is further divided into two piece short sets and two piece long sets. With every product category comes further subcategories to help you shop right and make the right choices.

What’s more? Chiclover is also size inclusive. In addition, we have a wholesale plus size clothing fashion catalog for our underserved plus size dames. It’s no news that curvy ladies are underrepresented in the fashion world.

And although this is changing as brands are beginning to be more size conscious, there is always room for more. But at Chiclover, everyone and every fashion need are duly catered to and given undivided attention. We are a store lending our voice to the beauty of all sizes and bodies. It is evident in the versatility of sizes our clothing comes in.

And so, when you are buying any of Chiclover’s bottoms for women, you can be fully assured that not only a specific community of women is attended to. But, still, every lady  – petite or big, slim or thick, curvy or not – who loves her some jogging bottoms wholesale, ladies pants wholesale, and many other women best bottoms wholesale can find what she wants on our site!

Chiclover is also style-inclusive. We do not specialize in a particular kind of clothing or dresses for specific events only. Instead, we ensure to produce clothes suitable for several occasions because we know our customers have different fashion needs. For instance, our wholesale pants online include wholesale bell bottom jeans, corporate pants, party shorts, ladies jogging bottoms, and many more.

Because we are dedicated to serving our customers and committed to seeing them soar in their fashion game, we have here all the answers to our customers frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Where Can You Buy Wholesale Clothing Online?

We appreciate our brick and mortar stores and even visit these physical clothing stores. However, the online clothing business is the new rave of fashion and clothing lines. Popular brands are making it big based on their online reach as even customers from foreign countries now have the opportunity to rock their favorite brands by purchasing online.

Social media is also a driving force for the online market. Social media platforms are being commercialized, and vendors promote their businesses on socials like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. These socials are ideal places to source wholesale clothing online.

Luckily, Chiclover is not left behind. Chiclover is the perfect store to purchase clothing pieces online. You have access to a wide array of choices, including wholesale skirts, bottoms for women, wholesale pants online, and more. Having been in the business for many years and catering to the needs of ladies in many countries of the world, our online customer base is quite significant. This shows the strength of our market game and puts us in a position where we always have to offer the best.

This characteristic of our business is of great advantage to our customers. They always get to purchase nothing less than quality products like our ladies pants wholesale, tops, wholesale dresses, and generally the best bottoms wholesale you can get.

How Can You Match Clothing Pieces Without Looking Sloppy?

It’s one thing to have a wardrobe full of clothes, ready to be thrown on when the situation calls. However, it’s an entirely different fashion skill to know how to combine and match your clothing pieces to give you the perfect fashion ensemble each time you step out.

Here are things to know:

  1. Complementary colors

You do not necessarily need to match your colors. Instead, complementing them is a better way to create stylish contrasts. For example, wear lighter colors on the top and darker colors as bottoms. When going for contrasting but complementary colors, pair light and dark shades (not all light or all dark shades) for the perfect combo.


  1. Layer from the lightest to the bulkiest

When it’s winter or fall, and you need to keep the cold out but remain fashionable, layer your clothing from the lightest to the heaviest. Wear the tees and top, and the coats, jackets, and other bulky pieces should be your outer clothing.

  1. Go mono when all things fail

When everything fails, go for a tonal or monochromatic look. This is when you dress up in the same color. It could be one shade –if you can effortlessly pull this – or different shades of the same color. For example, you can go for a blue look with varying shades of blue, keeping the darker shades but wearing lighter shades in.  To take it a step further, you can pair pieces of the same color and same fabric. For instance, a 2-piece set of leather jackets and leather bottoms or a plaid set of plaid blazers and similar pants.  

What Are Custom Clothing?

You may have heard about custom clothing, bespoke clothing, custom-made clothing, and similar tailoring terms. Are you wondering what this means? You are about to find out. Custom clothing is clothes made especially for you. They are not just regular off-the-rack clothes but are tailored to fit and made-to-order.

When you specifically request it, you can get a custom-made dress, complete with your measurements and style requests. Then, your designer designs and makes the products to suit your specifications.  Most of our favorite celebrities’ dresses on the red carpet are custom made and made to fit because they are made particularly for them.

Custom clothing is also more high-end than others. This is due to the details put into producing a piece fit for only the ordering customer. In addition, you get a better fit with custom clothing as your body shape and type will be critical considerations in making your dress and the perfect fabric to suit your body and elevate the style.

Can You Sell Custom Made Clothing and Brand It?

When you make custom-made clothing tailored to fit specific people, you have the liberty to brand it by fixing something which says it is your masterpiece.

Branding can be your logo, a copyrighted design specific to your clothing production only, the initials of your business venture on the clothing, and other unique ways of identification. For instance, Chiclover’s custom-made ladies jogging bottoms can be drop shipped and branded by Chiclover’s retailers and drop shippers.

Branding is also vital for protecting a vendor’s business. This is so that other clothing manufacturers, vendors, and designers do not tamper with your piece and sell them as their designs. Branding also makes you stand out and makes for easy identification by loyal customers and prospective leads.

What Are The Very Few Good Quality Clothes Accessible to You?

The promise to produce and sell quality clothing is easy to get. Everyone can make that promise, but not everyone can deliver on such promises. The quality of a piece differentiates it from others. This is why brands and vendors committed to producing and selling quality clothing do not come cheap.

The few good quality clothes accessible to you come from clothing vendors who produce only the best clothing. Such clothing items are made from the most durable fabrics, have unique patterns and designs, and last longer than other substandard pieces.

Quality clothes may be high-end or super affordable. High-end clothing is usually branded, custom-made, bespoke, and produced by equally high-end brands. However, quality clothes are always splurge-worthy, and you will have no regrets investing a couple of hundreds of dollars into your wardrobe.

Chiclover is accessible, affordable, and will always come through for you with only perfectly crafted clothing pieces of the best quality only. When your customers are happy with your goods and services, you get enviable ratings and reviews. The same is true for Chiclover. Our products speak for us and have proven to be of standard quality with excellent customers reviews and ratings.

Why Do Some Clothes Fit Better Than Others If the Same Size?

  • Your height matters:  Your height influences how well your outfit fits. For instance, a tall plus size woman needs longer pairs of long-sleeved two piece outfits than an average height lady. Conversely, a short lady wearing a pair of wholesale bell bottoms jeans will have the illusion of shorter legs which automatically thumbs down the look.
  • Pair the right accessories: Accessories are easily the icing on the cake of any fashion ensemble. Sometimes the right accessory is no accessory, and other times, accessories are a must for a complete look. You may never see the natural beauty of an outfit without the complementary help of fashionable additions like accessories. Try proper accessorizing and see how easy it is to transform your look.
  • Body shape and frame: your body type is an influencing factor in how well your dress fit. For instance, for a petite lady to get it right at fashion, she has to wear clothes suitable for a small frame, which will make her look taller and not minimize her frame even more. So for a better fit, wear outfits ideal for your body type/shape.


Comfort and confidence: there is a noticeable difference between an outfit worn with confidence and another that is not. When you are confident in your skin and your clothes, it automatically fits you. You should also wear comfortable clothing as no matter how dazzling the pieces are; they will only sit awkwardly on you.

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