Why Do We Wear Underwear?

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why do we wear underwear? Do you really understand underwear?

In terms of physical health, humans are animals that walk upright. The breast is composed of fatty glands, ducts, adipose tissue, and fibrous tissue. It does not have any skeletal structure. Without the cover and support of external force, the breast is easy to swing back and forth. If you add “gravity”, it will be easily deformed

Especially for women with full breasts, improper underwear can easily become deformed. If you don’t want to make your breasts deformed. You must wear appropriate underwear to maintain a beautiful breast shape.


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Breast knowledge care

1. The female breast is two hemispheres, which have two functions, one: is to secrete milk to feed the baby. Second: sexual organs are very sensitive to sexual stimulation and produce a series of responses to sexual stimulation. In the center of the breast is the nipple, and the darker area around the nipple is called the areola. Underneath the breasts are the chest muscles. If the chest muscles are developed, the breasts can be held up for a more toned appearance.


2. There are acini in the breast, which are like clusters of small grape-like balls. The nipple is full of nerve endings, it feels very sensitive and can be erected. There are ligaments that lift the breasts inside the breasts. Which can keep the breasts in a certain shape.


3. In order to keep the breasts healthy, care should be taken in daily life. For example, avoid irritating the breasts with overheated water when taking a bath. let alone soaking them in an overheated bathtub for a long time. which will loosen the soft tissues of the breasts. The ideal bath water temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius.


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Wear the wrong underwear

1. Many girls like to wear tights or undergarments that are too small. In order to squeeze out the ditch, they wrap their breasts tightly. This will not only hinder breast growth and lead to breast deformation, but also affect future breastfeeding.


2. Wearing underwear is not only for bodybuilding, it can also support and support the breasts. one can prevent the breasts from sagging. And the other can keep the nipples clean and prevent the occurrence of mastitis.


3. The size of the underwear should be adapted to the size of the breast. not too tight, especially in the developmental period of young girls. as the breasts develop, the appropriate size should be changed in time. Secondly, the material for making the bra should not be too hard but should be soft, supportive, and have a certain degree of breathability.


4. The bra strap should not be too thin or narrow, it should be two fingers wide. and can not be replaced with a string, so as not to damage the skin.


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How to choose shaping underwear

Before we have been thinking about how people with small breasts should wear underwear and they won’t feel empty. Today, let’s take a look at what underwear people with big breasts should wear. People who want to set off their chest shape, if they are not careful, they will sag.


Softy underwear is prepared for girls with big breasts. Although big breasts are not needed for powerful gathering, professional mold cups wear an “S” curve. This is the effect that many women need to get. Softy underwear is suitable for big breasts. The style makes you attractive, let’s take a look at the demonstration.


When many people choose underwear, they like to look at the color. The color is what they like. The style does not matter. Now I think that although the color can improve their mood, the style is still important. The choice of style can make the figure better and softer. Underwear first, I recommend a style of underwear with a little gold. The big breasts are very suitable for the all-inclusive design, and the widened back can better support the breasts.


The widened breast shape under rest makes the body sculpt more perfect. The big breasts will never feel that their breasts are sagging anymore. The color can be red, exquisite, and energetic. The effect of girls must be quite attractive. Come try it out. Give it a try, let’s try it together.


Whether you have big breasts or small breasts, black underwear is definitely not to be missed. Black is classic and versatile in color. It doesn’t matter which season you match. The widened version of underwear seems more cumbersome, but it is very cumbersome for big breasts. It is good and can prevent sagging of the chest.


Soft Yang underwear shapes the underwear styles suitable for all women, reflecting the perfect shape.

Choose underwear carefully

Wear underwear Try to wear non-sponge underwear, which is healthy, environmentally friendly, safe, and secure!

Underwear as a girl’s private lover, did you choose the right one?


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Just throw away the following 10 underwear!!

1. The underwire will sting your underwear

If the underwire is uncomfortable, you can adjust it temporarily, but if it’s not, you should buy a new bra. The underwire style is more comfortable. You know, poor quality underwear can do a lot of damage to a woman’s body.


2. Underwear with sliding shoulder straps

The slippage of the shoulder strap must be the distress that many girls have experienced. This kind of underwear can’t achieve good supporting capacity. which is a manifestation of inappropriate underwear, so it is better to change to a new one.


3. The breast cup often moves up

Sometimes the underwear you wear is not very good, and the underwear will go out of place in your gestures. Throw it away!


4. Underwear with scars

As soon as the underwear was untied, there was an obvious mark of the underwire on the chest, which indicated that the cup of the underwear was too small. Wear it again! Breasts will get smaller and smaller.


5. A bra that squeezes out the chest

This whole boob thing is a lie. If the cup is too small, the breasts will be squeezed out of shape and dewy if you are not careful. So, to be on the safe side, it’s better for your health. Women who need to change their underwear should choose underwear that fits their breasts. Such, it is to put on simple and comfortable home clothes, are so charming!


6. A bra that doesn’t look good

When worn on the body, the chest shape is not good at all, either extended or flat. Is it necessary to put such underwear in a drawer to take up space? Dispose of it.


7. A bra without support

You know, sagging breasts is a terrible thing. Without support, there is no need to wear underwear.


8. The upper edge of the cup swings in space or is too tight on the chest

The empty cup is too large, and pressing the chest indicates that the cup is too small, which is clear at a glance. These two situations show that this underwear is no longer suitable for you. Please discard it without hesitation.


9. Underwear that can be clearly seen in whatever clothes you wear

It’s okay to buy good-looking underwear occasionally. But it is a bit embarrassing if you can see obvious traces of underwear through the clothes. Change! Change! Change!


10. Old underwear with gray color

If your white or nude underwear starts to turn gray, wash it with a bright white soap. If nothing has changed, then throw it away!


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A survey pointed out that 80% of women in the world wear inappropriate underwear every day. Because of the problems of fabrics, cups, shoulder straps, underwires, etc., every woman uses a bra every day and walks around with those densely packed small parts every day. I feel more comfortable without underwear, but for the sake of beauty, I have to wear it.

This is why do we wear underwear. Be nice to yourself for the sake of the people around you who care about you!

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