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Plus Size Two Piece Sets Wholesale

As a plus size dame, your wardrobe is incomplete without a couple of plus sizes two piece sets in wholesale to switch to whenever you feel like it. You should have various plus size two piece sets for different occasions, weather, or look you are going for. Think of plus size two pieces sets wholesale as a ready-to-eat meal prepared for you on the go. No, you do not have to wait for the spices and main ingredient to go in, just get in, take out and eat up. In the same vein, plus size 2 piece outfits are like a cup of instant coffee, your go-to styling alternative.


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  • Sale! Plus Size Knitted Leisure Suit - blue color
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  • Sale! Plus Size Large-code Printed Set - black color
  • Sale! 2 piece pants set plus size-green
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  • Sale! plus size matching short sets-black-model view
  • Sale! plus size skirt suit sets-army green-front view
  • Sale! Green Plus Size Two Piece Short Set
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  • Sale! plus size 3 piece swim set-front view
  • Sale! plus size crop top and high waist skirt set-red-front view
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  • Sale! 2 piece maxi skirt set plus size-yellow
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Plus Size Two Piece Sets Wholesale

Plus Size Two Piece Sets Wholesale

To get the best plus 2 piece outfits out there, some factors come into play. For one, you need the correct sales plug; you also need to know how to style your two pieces. It is heaven for you if you can get a vendor who is a pro in plus size fashion – with this badass combo, all your plus size style nightmares will be OVER!

The good news is that this is not a situation of if wishes were horses. Chic Lover is a brand committed to updating your wardrobe with the most voguish clothing pieces in our time and there to help you navigate the waters of plus-size fashion.

There! We said it. Now you know the secret! Now that we’ve spilled the beans, you can continue below for the finest of plus size 2 piece sets in the market and tips on how to wear them like the true fashionista we are committed to making you become.

Did we mention we also have a list of great reasons you should go chic with Chic Lover?


Prints go with solids

Pair prints with solids (for instance, a printed top and solid bottoms) if your printed piece does not have a matching print bottom or top. The same goes for patterned and striped pieces. Pairing two different designs of prints, patterns, and stripes is a fashion faux pas you shouldn’t be caught committing. The only remedy is to pair them with solids or matching print and patterned designs.

Wear your exact size

Do not wear sizes bigger or smaller than you. When shopping, take your body size and shape into consideration before settling for any set.  Yes, you’re plus size but it doesn’t mean every plus size clothe out there is meant for you, No. that’s not how this works. Get your measurements right and ensure that they tally

Go crop except…

Yes, you can rock your cropped tops with their matching bottoms. The rule of thumb is to pair with a high-waisted bottom. However, if you would prefer to show some skin, then show minimum belly skin or keep it covered, especially if you have a more rotund midriff.

Choose your colors carefully

There’s nothing wrong with adorning colorful ensembles, but some colors flatter and compliment you than others. Find out which colors work well for your look, and go with them. Also, avoid wearing too many colors if it doesn’t suit the occasion. You want to stand out in the crowd for a good reason and not turn heads because people are cringing at what you’re wearing.

Subtle accessories work better

Your ensemble’s focal point should be your plus size two piece sets, which is why you should not go overboard with your accessories. Keep it down, keep it calm and keep it warm, especially if your two-piece set is already bold and flashy.   Let your accessories complement your plus size two piece sets rather than overshadow it.

Now that you know how to style your plus size two piece outfits, let’s get into some of the best two piece sets you will ever find.



The journey you are about to begin leads to a myriad of “boujee” and voguish fashion pieces that you may not be able to say No to.  but not to worry, whatever purchases you make after going through our plus size two piece sets collection will be definitely worth it.

Casual pieces

The cool thing about casual plus size 2 piece outfits is that you could switch them up to a more official outfit or a let’s go party ensemble with the right kind of accessories. A couple of casual plus size 2 piece sets (like some plus size skirt sets) in your closet will go a long way in getting you prepared for an impromptu casual function or date.

For instance, a casual plus size striped printed simple suit like this one would be easy to pull out from your wardrobe and styled to suit a casual coffee date every other day.   Another seamless way to look cool and simple is by showing up to that casual event in our plus size tracksuits lips matching sets or solid-colored casual suits.  This beautiful nylon leisure suit also makes for a relaxed casual girl feel.

For the complete casual plus size two-piece outfits, pair any of these with sneakers, and damn girl, you’d be the center of attraction.

Boss lady style

Most of our plus size two piece dress sets fall under this category. You have no choice but to boss up when you rock our two piece sets in styles that scream, “she’s the boss, and that’s on, period!”

Project your inner boss lady in this plus size two piece dress set with a kimono that you can either style with a wide belly belt on one occasion, leave it hanging on another or completely take out the kimono and rock just the bodycon dress.

If you want a combo of hot and boss, then this set right here is the perfect go-to to look like a whole meal in a 5-star restaurant.  Make things more colorful when you show up in this tie-dye trouser set on a Friday – yes, you can walk right into a bar for drinks with the girls (in the spirit of TGIF) right from work without having to go change your outfit.

All sweats

Dope sweatshirts and joggers sets, gym wear sets – you name it, we have them all.  A plus size 2 piece sets collection is not complete without some plus size 2 piece athleisure outfits, which can also double as plus size chill sets to keep you warm and cozy every other day. We have a beehive of gym wear sets you can pick from, and what’s even more terrific is that you can decide to pair individual pieces from these sets with other clothing pieces to switch things up.

This 2 piece jogger set will not only work as an early morning jogging outfit but can also be worn to the movies on some other night and a quick drive to the groceries on a cold evening.

Colors in one

Sometimes you get your plus size 2 piece sets in matching colors; other times, they could be of two colors (trust us to have these options available). But at Chic Lover, we also have available sets in multiple colors like these plus size two sets of printing and this tie-dye plus size two piece biker short set.

Different sets in different colors are bummer, but having a set made in a splash of colors is fan-freaking-tastic! If you are a multicolor girl or want your two-piece to have the flora clothing feel, then do not sleep on this one. The cool thing is you a vast pool of accessories colors to choose from. Such multicolored clothing does not limit your shoes to just one color or your purse to just a solid color.

Depending on the two-piece color makeup, you can either go for a neutral color accessory, solid-colored, or an accessory in multicolor as well. For instance, our tie-dye biker short set can be paired with a tie-dye bucket hat or all-white sneakers.

Curves to flatter

This is for all our curvy ladies who are not scared to flaunt their curves and wear pieces that will not hide their curves but flatter them. Your curves are there for you to love and be proud of, not to cover in baggy clothing or dresses many sizes bigger than you.

This matching denim plus size skirt set is a subtle way to flatter those curves. In contrast, this polyester bodycon two piece set will definitely accentuate those beautiful curves of yours. You can also suit up in this plus size two piece jacket suit and we promise you’d never want to hide your curves again.

Plus size chill sets wholesale

Since it’s no crime to prepare for the chill weather as it’s bound to come, you should take your time to hunt for the best plus size chill sets wholesale designs in preparation for the cold days ahead.

Remember, winter is coming, and it’s always better to be well prepared ahead of time for winter.

This plus size 2 piece set can double as an athleisure set and a plus size chill set. It comes in long sleeves and can be paired with any footwear of your choice – boots, heels, you name it. Look chic and cool in our plus size chill sets wholesale because the chills got nothing on you.



It takes a couple of trials to make up your mind about continually patronizing a plus size 2 piece sets clothing vendor or not. With Chic Lover, an attempt is all you need to keep you wanting and coming back for more plus-size silhouettes. No, you do not need to be uncertain for long. In the first instance, you can bet you will fall in love with not just our plus size clothing pieces, but our services too.

Still in doubts? Keep reading to know all the goodies that come with shopping plus size with Chic lover.

All plus sizes catered to

That’s right, Chic lover caters to all plus sizes. Irrespective of your height, body size, and body shape, we have a two piece set outfit that will definitely tickle your fancy and make you blush.

You can find any two piece of your choice in your size and if perhaps your size is sold out, you can always find something no less beautiful and alluring in your size. You do not have to worry anymore about shopping and only getting sizes smaller or bigger. With Chic Lover, every plus size matters.

Free and easy access to plus size two piece sets fashion tips

Just like you can see above, we have you covered with tips and hack on how to get your slay on in any of our plus size 2 piece sets of your choice.

Not only that, but we also have a sales rep always ready to help you with your questions and find your way around our catalog. With our experts available to chat and discuss 24/7, this is an additional service only Chic Lover can effectively offer you.

We got you covered with mouthwatering prices

Have you ever been in a situation where you see a piece you like but get your hopes irreparably dashed the moment you see the prices? Yes, we all know suitable clothing is definitely splurge-worthy (undoubtedly). Still, a girl deserves to look a la mode even on a shoelace budget, doesn’t she?

We believe cost shouldn’t be a barrier to actualizing your style dreams. So we create opportunities for our customers to look good with minimum amounts. You get an instant 15% discount on your purchases as a newbie to our store when you register as a new user using the code CHICLOVER.

You can also subsequently bag excellent discounted prices as you buy up to specific amounts. Aside from these, we regularly sell pieces at unbelievably slashed prices.

For instance, you get to save $21 and pay only $21 on this plus size two-piece set which initially goes for $42.  In the same vein, you can save up to $13.44 on these plus size two piece biker shorts sets.

The keyword here is AFFORDABLE! Yes, you can shop at low prices with us and still have some more dollars to spend on accessories, hair, and makeup to make your ensemble a complete masterpiece.

Variety is the order of the day as usual

You know the drill by now, ladies, don’t you? We sell nothing short of classic wears in various designs and styles, and our plus size 2 piece sets are not excluded. We have you covered for that date or dinner function, from plus size skirt sets to sporty sets and 2 piece dress sets.

Not only that, we make them in every color, pattern, and design imaginable so you can have the option to go with whatever tickles your fancy. You can definitely find your yin to your yang in our plus size 2 piece sets collection of over 200 products – yes, you heard us right on this one!

We are prepared. The question is can you beat our preparedness? Come shopping to find out.

It won’t get lost on the way to your wardrobe

If you haven’t tried our delivery services, you probably haven’t had the fullest online shopping. It is tricky trusting online clothing stores for obvious reasons. Your order might get to you in a pitiful state; you might get your order switched with that of another customer or outrightly get lost en route to your closet.

But not on our watch! We deliver right on time, with your orders in the best condition.

We generate a tracking number for each order to ensure your delivery gets to you safely. This way, you also get the opportunity to monitor your delivery until it finally reaches you. Awesome, yes?

This brings us to our delivery services proper…

Top-notch delivery   

As you already know, we deliver your orders in pristine condition, ensuring that nothing causes the clothing to get to you in any state less than you’d want it to. When you make an order, we process them within 2-7 business days and deliver within 4-25 days. But our express delivery options make for a shorter delivery period. So if you can’t wait to rock your breathtaking plus size 2 piece sets, go for the express shipping and have your orders with you in no time.

Our top-notch sales delivery goes hand in hand with our…

Flexible return policies

Yes, you can make returns of your purchases but with some Terms and Conditions guiding you. For cancellations, you can only cancel and get a full refund anytime before the order is shipped or produced.

For returns, however, you have to apply for such within 14days after delivery and tender proof of purchase. The twist is that the product must have been unused and returned back in the same pristine conditions as you received it.

Custom or personalized orders are not eligible for the 14days refund and Chic Lover will always pay for the return of products if the defect in the product is an oversight on our part. However, customers may have to pay the shipping fee for the return if it is of no fault of ours.

Great deals from subscription

When you subscribe or sign up, you get special offers, free giveaways, and many more goodies. The only thing you have to do on your part is to subscribe to our store.

Payments and shipping are made super easy for you

After signing up or subscribing, you can then shop your orders by selecting the products and adding them to the cart.  After that, you provide your shipping details and proceed to make payments.

This is where it gets even more fantastic. All your payment transactions are encrypted and secured, and so you have no worries about fraud and likes. You can also either pay through PayPal or debit/credit cards.

Shopping made easy

From all that has been mentioned, you can tell that our goal is to make shopping Chic Lover a one-in-a-million experience for you. With all the procedures made easy and flexible, you can be assured that you’d find online shopping the best thing after chocolates (or is it diamonds?)… Whatever it is, that is a lady’s best friend.

Are blown out of your mind and thrown off your feet? *BIG GRIN* it’s to be expected. walking through the plus size two piece sets wholesale catalog is one wild ride that would leave your head spinning satisfactorily and your wardrobe calling out for more.

We (because we are on this fashion journey with you) can work together to turn your fashion story around. All it takes is a step of faith towards our catalog and allow us to help make your style dreams come true. But remember, it begins with purchasing one, two, or more of our plus size two piece sets wholesale. If you have got any inquiries, questions, or are just curious about any piece in our robust collection, feel free to get in touch with us. We are just a message away.

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