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Clothes are among the things we must invest in. Contrary to what most people may say, fashion is not a waste of money. The trick is investing in quality and affordable outfits. While that may be the case, how many vendors give us that package quality and a fair price)?

Truth be told, they are limited. Chic Lover, however, is a wholesale clothing vendor that you can rely on. Not only are our items pocket-friendly, but we also ensure that our customers get the highest quality in the market.

We invest in sophisticated styles and keep up with trends to help our customers remain fashionable. We have everything that you may be looking for in outfits, from luxury to style. Here is our category of items that will make you feel like a celebrity.

You ought to adore dresses. They are considered the ultimate fashion staple that meets elegance. They are easy to style, easy to wear, easy to carry/pack, and worn any season. Dresses are complete outfits whereby you don’t need to be concerned about what to wear with them.

Dresses are easy to dress up or down depending on the type of accessories and shoes you choose. Dresses also never go out of style. If you want to look pretty and feminine and get compliments all day, consider investing in dresses.

You can wear them anywhere, be it a date, lunch, or even work. Here is a list of wholesale women dresses that will thrill you to your next adventure.

Drawstring dresses

The drawstring dresses will thrill you and draw your customers’ attention if you are getting them for retail. This style is modern, chic, and the ultimate definition of sexy. The dress is perfect for dates and night-outs.

The drawstring dresses also come in all sizes, from small to XXL. Although there are no restrictions on wearing these beautiful pieces, they are perfect for autumn. What makes autumn particularly special is that the cuteness of these dresses will go so well with autumn’s vibrant and colorful beauty. It is also known that autumn is the season of fashion, and what could be better than rocking these fashionable pieces.

The dresses come with a slash neck drape decoration with velvet material. The drawstring dresses are of mid-calf length, with long sleeves and solid pattern type. Can you get it in a variety of colors? The dresses come in white, black and wine red.

They are also very affordable, going for $12.50 apiece, with various discounts applying.

Floral print dresses

The dresses have been in style since 2020, and it is a trend that is here to stay. If you are looking for high street style wholesale dresses, then you are in the right place. Not only is this category fashionable, but it is also a money maker and the perfect ladies’ dress wholesale investment. They are so much in demand that you will sell them as soon as you stock them. The dress can be layered, worn with trainers, or dressed up and down.

This is an essential piece that every lady wants to have in their wardrobe. Our floral print dresses are outstanding for several reasons. For one, is that they are available for everyone. It is devastating to see a cute outfit only to be locked out by the size.

Our dresses come in all sizes from small to plus size to fit all our clients. They are made of high-quality polyester and rayon. They are short-sleeved with an empire waistline and slash neck. They are also ankle length and ideal for summer.

The dresses fully fit the description of the ideal summer clothes. They are breathable and comfortable. The design provides room to breathe, and the colorful print goes well with the vibrance that comes with summer.

You should stock up on the floral print because their popularity will not decline soon. You will also be getting them at a very fair price of $15.10 per piece. The colors available are green, navy and purple.

Leopard pattern bodycon dresses

Leopard patterns rock and you cannot afford to not have this fantastic piece in your wardrobe. The exciting thing is that leopard prints have

been popular for decades, and it is never going out of fashion from the look of things.

With leopard print pieces, you get the sophisticated hybrid modern feel that signifies independence and confidence. The deal becomes even sweeter when it is a bodycon dress. There is nothing as flattering as a bodycon dress. The most impressive part of it is that it is flattering regardless of your body type and age.

The dresses accentuate your curves, bringing out your confidence and poise. Wholesale dress suppliers can attest that clients go crazy about this style, especially if it is leopard print. Another exciting thing is that they are mostly rare, and it is not something you will come across every store you step into.

Our leopard print dresses come in various sizes, from small to XXXL, and in multiple colors. We have green, brown, blue, pink, and even multicolored prints, depending on the casual look you want to pull.

The dresses are made of quality canon and polyester materials with a sheath silhouette and empire waistline. The dresses have spaghetti straps kind of sleeves and an o-neck neckline and mid-calf length. There are a hundred ways that you can style our dresses.

If you want to dress up for a friend’s party or your birthday dinner, this dress can go well with a pair of sandal heels. For a relaxed, casual Saturday, nothing should stop you from styling it with a pair of good sneakers.

Prints are also best worn with colorful shoes and jewelry. They are priced at $12.50.

Denim dresses

The invention of denim was a blessing to fashion. A denim dress is something every stylish woman should have in their closet. Denim dresses are some of the most sought-after wholesale dresses online, and this must be because they are very versatile.

More so, there is nothing as comfortable to wear as a denim dress. The trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, and that piece you will get from wholesale dress suppliers will serve you for years. Most ladies are obsessed with fitting denim dresses for summer wear that shows off their contours.

Denim dresses can be dressed up if you wear them with heels and cute accessories. If you want a more casual look, you can wear it with sneakers. Our denim wholesale women dresses are an investment you will not regret making.

They are available in small sizes to XL sizes to make sure that every denim lover enjoys a piece of it regardless of their size. The dresses are available in the color blue and are made of spandex and polyester. The spandex will ensure that the dress fits you perfectly.

They are featured by pencil silhouette with a solid pattern type. The sleeves are also short, and their length knee-level. The neckline is o-neck with a natural waistline. They are ideal for summer and a sweet look. The dresses go for $15.30 per piece, and discounts apply depending on how much you spend on them.

Winter maxi dresses

Every lady needs to hear this: you need to invest in luxury winter clothing. Fashion in winter does not have to be boring. Typically, winter clothing is characterized by dark hues, gloves, and trousers. Your wardrobe does not have to be boring during this season. You can spice it up with our chic and luxurious maxi dresses.

Winter maxi dresses are a thing, and you do not want to miss out on this trend for anything. Dress wholesale suppliers have decided to change the boring winter fashion trend with these fantastic pieces. They make a sophisticated statement and are very versatile when it comes to accessorizing them.

They look absolutely powerful in boots. You are allowed to layer them, and you can wear leggings, tights, and even pants under them. Chic Lover winter dresses come in one color, khaki, which is also a great pick. The beauty of khaki is that it adds color to your outfit without having to go all out on color.

More so, khaki does so well with all skin tones. Nothing could ever go wrong with this hue. The dress comes in three sizes, L, XL, and 2XL. They have a high waist, giving it a flattering design. The style is temperament commuting and can be worn even during autumn. The fabric is mostly polyester.

If you are aged between 25-39 years, this would be an excellent pick for you. You can get this piece from Chic Lover wholesale dresses at $16.87.

Maxi shirt dresses

Shirt dresses have been trending, and the maxi dresses will sweep you off your feet. Most ladies are going for comfort nowadays, and they want to enjoy it without compromising style. Maxi dresses have succeeded in giving them this.

This type of dress you can style any way you want and can wear anywhere. Something with a variety of styling options is what we all want in our wardrobes. Maxi shirt dresses can be worn with jeans, jackets, and even alone.

You can pair them with any show, depending on where you are going and the style you want to bring out. Our beautiful maxi dresses can be worn to a barbeque party with a pair of sneakers. It can be worn with sandals as you go to the mall and heels when attending the end-of-year office party. The most amazing part is that you can also wear it to the office if you like.

Our dresses are lightweight and durable thanks to their polyester material. Also, they are hard to stain and therefore great for outdoor activities. They dry very quickly retain their shape perfectly. The office-style dresses have a straight silhouette with solid patterns.

The decoration is draped, with short sleeves and mid-calf length. They have a natural, flattering waistline with a slash neck. The shirt dresses are fabulous for summer and come in a variety of lovely colors. That is wine red, black, navy, and white.

Retailers and individual buyers can get these wholesale women’s dresses at only $14.68 per piece.

Polka dot maxi dresses

You must have noticed polka around more lately. What we would like to think of as a comeback from the 50s fashion has never gone out of style; this is one reason you should stock up on polka wholesale dresses. Ladies love them, and they are looking for them.

The beauty of polka is its versatility and can be worn from the most casual to sophisticated events. A polka dot dress will make you effortlessly pretty and feminine. The best part is that you don’t have to do much to accessorize to stand out. Minimalist jewelry will serve you perfectly.

Our dresses are highly wearable and easy to style thanks to their geometric pattern. Our polka dot maxi will bring such an elegant vibe into your wardrobe that you will be entirely obsessed with. The best part is that we have everything for everyone, making Chic Lover the best place to shop for wholesale dresses online.

Our sizes range from S to 5XL. We also have a variety of colors ranging from wine red, white and black. The dresses are ideal for parties and summers. They exhibit a casual and vintage style, making them suitable for the beach, work, parties, and other casual events.

The dresses are made of polyester with a loose silhouette, allowing for flexibility and better movement. They are sleeveless with a puffed sleeve style with a square collar neckline. They take up bohemian style with ruffles for decoration and are also ankle-length. For $15.99, you will be able to take this beauty home and enjoy the best comfort in the world while remaining fashionable.

Long flowy dresses

We couldn’t help but notice long flowy dresses everywhere in 2020. The trend will also be retained in 2021, and you are going to see more of it. If you did not hop onto this trend the previous year, now is the time. What is there not to love about these dresses? Nothing!

The dresses’ design does not focus on any form of exposure, making them entirely comfortable, easy, and secure to wear.

The waistline is natural, adding to the comfort and beauty of the dress. They are graceful and an item you want in your closet. The flowy dresses come in 11 beautiful colors. There is pink, red, white, lavender, burgundy, sky blue, yellow, black, multicolored, green, and blue.

The dresses are available in four sizes: S, M, l, and XL. The dresses come in chiffon material. Clothes outfits are light to carry, breathable, elastic, and look elegant and expensive. More so, they have a perfect drape. This means you will not struggle with creases; they will cling to your body and showing the form beneath the dress. The silhouette is A-line giving it a fitting bodice, bringing out the narrowest points of your bodice. The skirt flares out gradually, which also makes the dress comfortable and easy to wear.

The dresses also have a v-neckline, with an empire waistline and no decoration. The dresses have print patterns and their length down to the knee. The flowy dresses are priced at $19.06.

Sexy tight dresses

Having a few pieces of sexy tight dresses will save you from underdressing when going clubbing with friends. A nightclub is a perfect place to be in touch with your confidence, relax, move to your favorite music, and of course, meet new people.

Underdressing is not even an option. Heighten your party and clubbing experience by dressing for the occasion with our sexy tight dresses. When it comes to Chic Lover wholesale dresses, it is where comfort meets chic. The lady’s dress wholesale collection comes in two hues, black, and pink.

They are also available in four sizes, S, M, L, and XL. The dresses’ material is quality polyester, rayon, and spandex. This means that you will be getting yourself resilient dresses that can withstand wear and tear. Also, note that polyester does not fade, so your attire will stay around for long. The dresses also maintain their shape and do not shrink.

The rayon makes the dress fabric breathable and also absorbent. The spandex makes it possible to outline your curves and gives the dresses their elasticity. The dress also features a pencil silhouette and solid pattern, and empire waistlines. The dresses also have the perfect amount of sequin decoration.

The dresses have a regular full-length sleeve size. The slash neckline gives the dresses a stylish look. The length is ideal, being just above the knee. Buying the sexy tight ladies’ dresses will cost you $18.75 only per piece. Also, you get to enjoy discounts depending on how many pieces you buy.

Hat high collar dressers

If you are into hat-high collars, then these are dresses you need to add to your closet. They are ideal for pulling a casual look. They are also very versatile and can be worn with all shoes, boots, heels, sandals, and sneakers.

The dresses are ideal for autumn when it is neither too cold nor too hot. The dresses come in 5 sizes, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. This piece is for street style and designed for ladies between 25-39.

Linen dresses

You will fall in love with these pieces. Why would you wear a linen dress? The linen dresses will probably be the most comfortable clothes you will have in your collection, as they are breathable and absorbent.

A linen dress from Chic Lover will last for years as it is very durable and easy to care for. If you usually have a fabric allergy, look no further. These dresses are hypoallergenic and a safe choice for ladies with such concerns.

The dresses are fabulous for all seasons and versatile and can be worn to formal and casual events. The dresses come in a variety of striking colors, giving you tons of options to choose from. You can get linen wholesale dresses online in black, light blue, pink, and gray. They come in s, m, l, XL, XXL, and XXXL sizes. The dresses are medium-length with long sleeves. The collar type is V-neck which is most sought after as they work well for many body types. Whether you have a large bust as it breaks the width, they are also perfect for ladies with short necks as they tend to elongate them and draw away attention from short waists.

They look good on everyone, and it is a street trendsetter you will never go wrong with, and you will enjoy wearing in autumn. For the quality, they are affordable, going for $11.87.

Fit and Flare dresses

This is not the type of dress you will come across every day. They are unique pieces for the woman that loves to stand out. Fit and flare dresses are absolutely flattering and pieces you should consider getting. If you have been going for regular ladies’ dress wholesale options, you will never go back once you experiment with this piece.

Ladies love the idea of pulling the hourglass shape, and these dresses will effortlessly do that regardless of your body shape. Our fit and flare dresses fall under the bodycon category and great for both formal and casual events.

The dresses come only in one color, yellow, and the sizes range from S to XXXL. They are made of polyester, which is known to be very resilient and does not fade. They are ideal autumn wear for ladies aged between 25-39. You can buy the wholesale dresses online at $17.18 for each piece.

Take away

Whether it is a casual style, sexy dresses, vintage, bohemian, bodycon, or floral dresses, you will find them at Chic Lover in all sizes. We have stylish and trendy clothes in good quality and pocket-friendly prices.

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