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Wholesale Plus Size Jumpsuits

Most people may be confused about what jumpsuits are and what rompers are. The difference is really minimum as the design concept is the same. The only difference is that long pants feature jumpsuits while rompers are short pants. More people are embracing jumpsuits and adding them to their wardrobes.

Women are loving the idea of having an outfit that they can just wear and go. Jumpsuits can be easily dressed up and down, and they literally address dressing room nightmares that most women encounter every day.


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Wholesale Plus Size Jumpsuits

wholesale plus size jumpsuits

The most fantastic thing about jumpsuits and rompers is that they are for all body types. They come in a wide range of flattering designs and are fit to complement any body type. Chic Lover has a long list of quality wholesale jumpsuits and rompers ideal for any event you want to wear them to.

Remember that jumpsuits are made for plus size.

Chic Lover jumpsuits and rompers

If you are looking for plus size wholesale rompers and jumpsuits, Chic Lover should be your trusted plug. We have an assortment of plus size jumpsuits, which can be bought wholesale or as single pieces. Our products are affordable, and we are a one-stop-shop for all your plus size jumpsuit needs.

Here are some of our products that you will love.

Plus size black jumpsuit with sleeves – plus size jumpsuit

This piece is the definition of class and elegance. It is absolutely flattering on plus size ladies. It can be worn to the office, casual events, and even formal parties. This piece is very versatile and in high demand. The jumpsuit is full length and long sleeves; the jumpsuit features no decorations but has a patchwork pattern.

The materials used for this piece are polyester and cotton-linen fabric. Polyester is a strong, crease-resistant fabric that also takes the shape of the wearer. Cotton-linen offers comfort and breathability. Generally, the material for this piece is high quality, and you will enjoy wearing it.

The jumpsuit is a straight fit, making the outfit flattering. The jumpsuits for plus size ladies come in black and white and two plus sizes, L and XL. At only $16.56, you can take this piece home; if you are buying wholesale, discounts depend on the number of pieces you are getting.

Plus size animal print jumpsuit

The plus-size animal print jumpsuit is something every woman would love to have in their wardrobe. This is something every woman that is looking for elegance and simplicity will be looking for. Animal prints never go out of fashion. They are timeless and will always be on-trend regardless of the time.

Whether you are buying wholesale women’s jumpsuits, rompers, or single pieces, you can never go wrong with these prints from Chic Lover. Our print jumpsuits follow the rules of wearing animal prints. Our animal jumpsuits do not reveal too much bust or leg as we understand the print is enough to make a statement.

Depending on what you prefer, we have several options for animal prints. There are leopard print, stripes, and tiger print. The jumpsuits are featured in full pant lengths and are ideal for ladies aged between 25- 39 years.

The main fabric for this piece is polyester, which is comfortable, breathable, and strong. The animal print jumpsuits are street hipsters style and best worn during autumn. They come in 5 sizes, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL. The jumpsuits go for $14.68 per piece, with various discounts depending on the number of pieces bought.

Plus size short sleeve jumpsuit

Chic Lover has a good collection of plus size short sleeve jumpsuits that will make any plus size woman look effortlessly chic. The women’s plus size jumpsuits are colorful, casual, and comfortable. These pieces also have a high affinity for ladies that love art, as the batik fabric used for the jumpsuit carries art heritage.

The pattern type is print making it a perfect outfit to lighten up your day. The fit is regular, making it ideal for different plus sizes. The outfit is also sash-decorated, which also goes a long way in accentuating the wearer’s curves. The jumpsuits come in two print colors, black, and orange.

They come in four sizes, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL, for $14.06.

Plus-size two-piece jumpsuit

This piece will stun you. A jumpsuit and a cover-up give the whole outfit elegance and sophistication. The multicolored garment is ideal for all-weather and casual occasions.

The two-piece jumpsuit even qualifies for office and wedding events.

If you are a dressy lady, then this fit will undoubtedly suit your style. The fabric type is cotton linen, which screams quality. Breathability and comfort are guaranteed. The fabric is also durable and resistant to heat and wear and tear.

The jumpsuit is full-length, with both the sleeves and pants. The fit is regular, making it suitable for all plus size body types. It is also very easy to style with a waist belt and minimalist jewelry. The best shoes to wear with this jumpsuit are pumps and sandals heels. However, you are also free to pair it with sandals if you are going to a barbeque party on the weekend.

The available sizes at Chic Lover are L, XL, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL.

The jumpsuit comes in one color that is multicolored and goes for only $19.06 per piece if you are taking a single piece. Wholesale plus size jumpsuits go come with varying discounts depending on how much you will be spending.

Jumpsuit plus size formal

It is every woman’s dream to have a nice khaki outfit in their wardrobe. Chic Lover plus size romper jumpsuit will do your wardrobe justice. The beauty of the khaki plus size romper jumpsuit is its versatility. It can be worn with everything from denim jackets to leather jackets. It can be worn with sneakers, sandals, and even heels.

The styling options are unlimited, something that will make it a staple. If you stock up on the wholesale one-piece jumpsuit, you are guaranteed to make sales.

This piece is for the ladies that love temperament style. The main fabric for this outfit is cotton, which speaks volumes about the comfort of wearing it. Worth noting is that a polyester lining also features it.

The wholesale rompers are available in several sizes, from XL to 5XL, and any plus size woman who likes it can get a fit. The outfit is ideal for ladies aged 25-39 years and goes for only $22.81 per piece, with discounts for wholesale items.

If you are looking for a nice outfit for autumn, then you have it here.

Materials used in the production process and the production environment for Chic Lover plus size jumpsuits. 

In order to create trust with Chic Lover wholesale vendors, we are transparent about the production process of our plus size jumpsuits to the fabric used to make them.

Chic Lover team comprises competitive members that are willing to push themselves to stand out in the garment market. For this reason, we can stay ahead of the competition in the wholesale plus size jumpsuits market.

The team is also creative, which helps us create trendy plus-sized wholesale jumpsuits that stand out. Apart from having artistic and highly skilled designers in our team, we put more effort into ensuring that we deliver nothing less than high quality.

We have a massive garment production workshop fully equipped to meet our wholesale romper and jumpsuit demand.

We also have quality control systems to ensure that we meet and maintain quality standards during production.

Our quality control starts right from sourcing materials to the finishing of the wholesale women’s jumpsuit rompers. We keenly look at the quality and standard of fabrics, colorfastness, design, and final finishing. To achieve quality, we ensure that the production team is very clear of what is expected at every stage. We also have fault rate recording systems to monitor our standards and established acceptable working tolerances.

With these measures in place, we are able to achieve high-quality and satisfactory designs that our clients are happy about.

The main fabrics used in the construction of women’s plus size jumpsuits include cotton, linen, and polyester.


We understand that cotton is among the strongest fibers around, and using it, we construct durable wholesale women’s jumpsuit rompers. Cotton is also loved for its comfort, and we are keen on ensuring that ladies wearing our fits feel comfortable. Cotton women’s plus size jumpsuits are also great at moisture control, as they are breathable and absorbent. They are also hypoallergenic.


The reason why we pick polyester for jumpsuits for plus-size ladies is their lightweight and durable. The fabric also dries very quickly and is wrinkle-resistant, and will not require a lot of ironing. The fabric is also great for print wholesale one-piece jumpsuits as it takes dyes quickly and does not run color. It retains its shape well when worn and even after cleaning.

Note that the fabric is also very easy to clean and maintain thanks to its stain resistance properties.


Just like cotton, linen has breathability, durability, and comfort to offer, which is why we choose it for our garment production. It is an excellent choice for luxurious plus size casual jumpsuits.

How Chic Lover can help you start an online boutique ordering from wholesalers

At Chic Lover, we are not only focused on producing quality plus size rompers for cheap processes, but we are also happy to support our vendors start and grow their businesses. If you are looking to venture into wholesale plus size romper jumpsuits, here is how we can step in and support you.

Affordable prices

We understand that one of the biggest challenges that garment vendors face when starting boutiques and businesses is start-up capital. We step in by offering high-quality plus size rompers for cheap prices. This way, the financial burden that comes with ordering stock is lifted.

The prices are affordable, and on top of it, discounts apply depending on the number of items you are buying.


Anyone starting a business, whether onsite or online, has to consider the risk. Most vendors go for low-risk options as they allow them adequate time to create stability. Chic Lover is your ideal partner in starting low-risk online jumpsuits for plus size ladies, made possible by our dropshipping feature.

The model significantly cuts the wholesalers’ costs which are also factored in your prices. Note that if your wholesaler incurs high costs, they will be transferred to you. With drop shipping, you will also avoid debts for starting up your boutique, which often causes delays in profit-making.

Efficient ordering and delivery process

We understand that customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in the success of any business. We are keen on helping you impress your customers to foster loyalty through quality products and efficient processes. Your customers will never complain about poor services, as in partnership with wholesale plus size jumpsuits wholesalers, we ensure that the products get to you when you need them.

We have two order delivery options, standard and express shipping, that take about 15 and 4 days, respectively. With the various options, you can pick one that best suits your business flow.

We make business easy for you through our fantastic prices, quality, and services and support your start-up.

FAQ Introduction

What is the best plus size clothing website?

Clothing is one of the most important things. That is why we are careful when choosing them and even caring for them. While several online stores sell wholesale jumpsuits for plus size ladies, it is essential to take your time in choosing which one to work with.

One of the things that makes Chic Lover the ideal plus size clothing website is we are very keen on quality during production and even delivery.

Our plus-size items are made by highly skilled designers and the best fabrics in the market. More so, we are keen on our customer experience, and for this reason, we have a supportive customer support team to ensure that all your questions are answered, and support rendered.

We are trustworthy, and for this reason, we have a cancellation and return policy to guarantee our clients the experience they need when purchasing from us.

We are a one-stop shop for all your plus size clothing needs, from casual plus size jumpsuits to dresses.

Where can I buy wholesale clothing online?

We have a vast network of plus-size clothing wholesalers across the world. We are talking about footprints in over 200 countries and regions in the world. To identify Chic Lover suppliers in your region, feel free to contact our team for information.

Alternatively, you can directly order from Chic Lover online through our website, and we will have the orders delivered to your doorstep.

What are your tips when choosing plus size clothing? 

Whether you are buying individual plus size casual jumpsuits for yourself or buying in bulk for your boutique, you must keep the following in mind to get the best items.

  1. Get the right fit

Whatever you do, ensure that you get the right fit. Luckily for you, Chic Lover provides a scale that you can use when choosing plus size clothes. Ill-fitting clothes do not look good, and they significantly impede comfort. Baggy garments, on the other hand, are not flattering. Be keen on the size and fit, and you will get the perfect wholesale plus size jumpsuits.

  1. Go for fashion trends too

Chic Lover has tons of trendy plus size clothes. Go for the prints, colors, and designs.

  1. Look for items that have defined waists

Whether it is a jumpsuit or dress, pick something that creates a waist at your smallest points. Items that come with belts, scarves, or sashes are a plus as they do great at accentuating your waist.

  1. Pick items that flatter your assets

Items that will emphasize your bustline, neckline, waistline, and even hips must be added to the shopping cart.

  1. Consider the fabrics

Cotton, linen, and polyester are excellent for any clothes, including plus size. Pick fabrics that flow well with your body and are comfortable.

Do not shy away from choosing trendy fits. The idea is to pick the right fit, quality fabric, and clothes that emphasize your flattering features.

Where can I buy clothes in bulk?  

If you are looking for a place to buy plus size rompers for cheap prices, then Chic lover is the place to be. Apart from the already affordable single pieces, we have discount codes for items bought in bulk.

The best place to buy cheap and high-quality clothes in bulk is at Chic Lover or from our wholesale vendors in different countries. It is worth noting that as much as our clothes are

affordable, we never compromise the quality.

Where can I find the best jumpsuit for women?

You can find the best jumpsuits for women, including the plus size, on the Chic Lover website. We have a wide range of styles, temperaments, sexy, casual, and office wear. The jumpsuits are made of quality fabric and come in several sizes. At Chic Lover, you will find all the jumpsuit types you are looking for, and you will not have to go looking elsewhere as we have all the sizes, fabrics, and styles you are looking for.

Do jumpsuits look good on plus size? 

Plus-size bodies are made for jumpsuits. You have probably come across a plus size lady wearing a jumpsuit, and you can attest to the fact that they look absolutely stunning. There are several reasons why plus-size women will never go wrong with jumpsuits.

  1. Jumpsuits narrow the waist

One of the things that make jumpsuits great for plus size women is the fact that they narrow their waists. More so, it is easy for the ladies to accentuate their waist when wearing a jumpsuit compared to when wearing other clothes like blouses. All they need to do is add a waist belt or tie a scarf around their waists.

  1. They emphasize the curves

Curves look good on women, and jumpsuits do an excellent job of showing them off. Plus size women have flattering curves that need to be shown off, and jumpsuits work great at this.

  1. They are easy to style

Jumpsuits are great for plus size women as they are easy to style. They can easily look sleek and modern by wearing the jumpsuits without going heavy on the accessories. They go well with sandals, doll shoes, and heels. Nothing much needs to be done to look great; they are effortless.

  1. Jumpsuits can be layered

No one looks as stunning as a plus size lady wearing layers. The best part about jumpsuits is that they allow plus size women wear clothes in the most flattering ways.

Since jumpsuits are long and lean, it is easy to layer them. For instance, they can be worn with coverups or sweaters and a belt added to accentuate the curves.

Take away

Jumpsuits are great for all body shapes and especially plus size women. More ladies are getting into the jumpsuit trend, and if you stock up on the same, you are bound to make huge sales. Ensure that you partner with the right wholesale plus size jumpsuits wholesaler to meet the growing demand.

Chic Lover is the ideal candidate as we offer incredible prices for excellent quality. We are focused on customer satisfaction, and we ensure that your experience with us is seamless.

We ensure fast order delivery, and we have a return policy in place to provide our clients get what they need. We are a one-stop-shop where you can find all plus size clothes from jumpsuits and rompers to lingerie.

Please take a tour of our website and go through the different product categories to see something you like. Read through the return and cancellation policy to see how it works and when it applies. If you have any questions or experiencing any challenges in placing orders, do not hesitate to ask for support.

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