Embrace Your Curves With Plus Size Graphic Tees

Plus Size Graphic Tees

Embrace Your Curves With Plus Size Graphic Tees

Curvy women often struggle to find the right attire that suits their body shape and accentuates their curves. One clothing item that never goes out of trend and has proven to become a major in the wardrobe of many plus-size women is graphic tees.

Plus size graphic tees are not only super comfortable but also versatile, sassy, and stylish. These tees can be worn to create a casual look or dress up for various occasions, including parties, night outs with friends, and at the office. Plus size graphic tees are available in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, and sizes.

Nowadays, we usually find various plus size graphic tees featuring empowering and funny slogans, photographs, and versatile elaborate illustrations. Apart from this, graphic tees are also used by various individuals as a way to express their personalities, beliefs, and personal interests.

With the rise in online shopping, a wide variety of plus size graphic tees are available in different colors, patterns, sizes, and designs. Unlike other pieces of clothing, plus size graphic tees come at genuinely affordable prices. In this article, you will explore the scope of plus size graphic tees and how you can style them to create a look that is both fashionable and sassy on your body type.

Table of Content:


  1. What are Plus Size Graphic Tees, and why they are a must-have fashion item?


  1. Different Types of Plus Size Graphic Tees are available in the market.


  1. Tips on How to Choose the Right Fit for You.


  1. Styling Ideas for Wearing Plus Size Graphic Tees.


  1. Where to Find Affordable Plus Size Graphic Tees Online.


  1. The Benefits of Owning a Collection of Plus Size Graphic Tees.


What are Plus Size Graphic Tees and Why Should You Have them In Your Wardrobe

Plus size graphic tees refer to a category of t-shirts that highlight a design or printed illustration on the front and back or both sides. Women’s plus size graphic t-shirts are available in extended sizes to suit the body type of curvy women. Plus size women often choose these t-shirts as they are available in their measurements and also make them feel stylish, confident, and comfortable.

Plus size graphic t-shirts are available in countless designs and patterns and can be styled as per the occasion or mood of an individual. Plus size graphic tees can be easily paired with a pair of shorts, jeans, or leggings for creating a more casual quirky look or dressed up with a blazer, jacket, or skirt for a formal occasion.


Plus size graphic tees are a must-have clothing item as they not only make you feel comfortable and confident but also promote diversity and inclusivity in the fashion world. These t-shirts are made up of soft, sophisticated, and breathable fabrics that make them efficient for wearing all day long.

Another reason why you should include plus size graphic tees in your wardrobe is because they are available at very good, genuine, and budget-friendly prices. Having multiple plus size graphic tees in your wardrobe will not only save you the time of creating a new look every day but also boost your personality and confidence in the long run.

Different Types of Plus Size Graphic Tees are available in the market.

With the expansion of online shopping stores, there is a wide variety of plus size graphic tees available in the global fashion market. These t-shirts are available in numerous sizes, colors, designs, and prices to suit an individual’s preference. Here are different types of plus size graphic tees available in the market:


  • Graphic Illustrative Tees- These types of t-shirts are very common in the fashion industry these days. Plus size graphic illustrative tees generally feature multicolored novelty designs, such as various abstract designs, animals, flora and sceneries, etc.


  • Slogan Tees- We often come across various witty and hilarious t-shirt designs with slogans written on them on different topics. These slogans are generally one to two-liners and feature an idea of a specific interest briefly.


  • Graphic Art Tees-Women’s plus size graphic art tees often feature designs and patterns crafted by designers and graphic artists. These t-shirts are designed in such a creative way that they are capable of communicating the idea of the printed image with a single glance.


  • Vacation Tees- These types of plus size graphic tees often feature the idea of a holiday or vacation. The designs on these t-shirts are inspired by various holiday occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day.


  • Social and Political Tees- These types of plus size graphic tees often promote social and political causes. They have a strong social message, slogan, or political image printed on them in order to express a belief or concern in society.


  • Sports Tees- Plus size sports graphic tees feature a printed image inspired by a sports team or printed images of athletes and names. These tees are preferred by individuals supporting or following a particular sport.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Fit for You

Choosing the right fit for your clothing can make you feel comfortable and confident and increase your self-esteem to a large extent. Read here some tips on how to choose the right fit for your plus size graphic tees:


  • Know Your Size- The first and basic tip for finding the right fit is to know your measurements accurately. Regardless of your size and weight, make sure to choose a fit that flatters your curves and appreciates your body type. While choosing a plus size graphic tee, always buy a size that plays down any areas that you’re less comfortable with and flatters the best ones.


  • Purchase Online- Online stores these days are filled with vast varieties of plus size graphic tees to suit women of all shapes and measurements. You can browse through various designs, patterns, colors, and sizes that suit your needs and tastes. Most of these online stores have a size guide window that displays the measurements accurately. You can measure yourself with an inch of tape and then proceed to buy a similar size online.


  • Attention to Fabric- While choosing plus graphic tees, it is important to opt for breathable, comfortable, and stretchy fabrics. Cheap fabrics can totally spoil the look of your tee and might leave you anxious. Go for cotton or rayon materials, as they are soft and stretchy and will comfortably hug your curves.


  • Read Reviews-Customer reviews and feedback are a great help when it comes to picking a particular brand or product. Before choosing a plus size graphic tee, make sure to go through the reviews section, as they can provide some valuable insight into the comfort, fit, and quality of the tee.

Styling Ideas for Wearing Plus Size Graphic Tees.

Experimenting with different styles and patterns can add a lot of interest and quality to your plus size graphic tees. There are numerous ways to style your plus size graphic tee for a more sassy and confident look:


  • Pair It Up- The best feature of plus size graphic tees is that they are versatile in nature. This feature indicates that you can pair up and style your plus size graphic tee with a dress, a pair of casual trousers, shorts, or jeans and layer it up with a blazer for a more formal occasion. You can even put on some statement jewelry with a pair of fashionable footwear for a more elegant look.


  • Layer It Up- For a more stylish yet elegant look, you can layer your plus size graphic tee over a solid long-sleeve tee or wear it under a cardigan or bomber jacket for a casual yet sophisticated look.


  • Tuck It In- Create a fun and flirty look by tucking in your favorite plus size graphic tee into a pair of shorts, a high-waisted skirt, or high-waisted jeans.


  • Take To Task- Since tees are good for almost every occasion, dress it down by putting on your favorite plus size graphic tee and pairing it with a pair of joggers or leggings. This casual yet comfortable look is suitable for running various errands or lounging at home.


  • Accessorize- You can also add some fun and quirky accessories like belts, scarves, statement heels, or fashionable hats to elevate the look of your plus size graphic tee.


  • Knot It Up- The best thing about a plus size graphic tee is that you can elevate your look by modifying its appearance as per your taste. You can tie a knot at the border of your favorite graphic tee and pair it with a high-waisted skirt or a pair of jeans for a flattering look.

Where To Find Plus Size Graphic Tees Online

Finding your style and the right fit can be a struggling and time-consuming process. The quality of the product, fabric, design, and price is always a big concern when shopping online. We all want genuine, fast, and affordable services that are indeed difficult to find with so many online shopping portals these days. If you’re looking for an online shopping platform that offers great deals on plus size graphic tees with countless designs and patterns, you should definitely visit


Chiclover is a plus-size clothing website selling a wide variety of curvy outfits at wholesale prices worldwide. They have been in business for over eight years now and continue to serve happy and satisfied customers all around the world. Their product ranges widely from plus-size graphic tees, plus-size bottoms, plus-size dresses, plus-size lingerie, plus-size clubwear, plus-size jumpsuits, and plus-size two-piece sets. You will be amazed to know the variety of their products in terms of size, fabric, style, trend, and versatility. They offer worldwide shipping with an estimated delivery period at good affordable prices.


Chiclover has a team of experienced designers and stylists who are constantly committed to creating iconic masterpieces for plus-size women. They offer a wide range of discounts on their products and style guides to help you pick the most suitable product as per your preferences. You can return the products in case you face any issues or contact their team of dedicated customer support representatives working round the clock to assist you with your queries.


For buying plus size graphic tees online, visit today and experience shopping like never before!

The Benefits of Owning a Collection of Plus Size Graphic Tees.

There are several benefits of owning a collection of plus size graphic tees:


  • Versatility- Plus size graphic tees are definitely a versatile addition to your wardrobe, as they can be dressed up and down according to the occasion and mood. Plus size graphic tees not only boost your confidence but also showcase different characteristics of your personality and taste.


  • Comfortable- Plus size graphic tees are usually crafted with breathable and soft fabrics that make them an ideal choice to wear throughout the day.


  • Affordable- Plus size graphic tees fall in the category of budget-friendly and affordable clothing items as compared to other apparel.


  • Low Maintenance- Unlike other clothing items plus size graphic tees are really easy to maintain and do not yield high maintenance costs. They are generally color-fast and can be easily machine-washed.


  • Promotes Body Positivity- Many plus size graphic tees have body-positive messages printed on them that help promote self-acceptance and body positivity. Wearing a message that relates to you can promote confidence.

Final Words - Embrace Your Curves With Plus Size Graphic Tees

Making plus size graphic tees a part of your wardrobe not only provides comfort but also empowers your confidence and elevates the feeling of self-love. Experimenting with various designs, styles, colors, and looks can provide you with a unique and attractive look. Plus size graphic tees are available at good affordable prices and add interest to your overall personality. Keep useful tips in your mind and style according to your body type and preference. Own your look with plus size graphic tees and experience fashion like never before!

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