5 Best Ways Tell You How to Style Knitted Skirt in 2021?

How to Style Knitted Skirt
How to style knitted skirt look good? Knitted skirts can deeply capture the hearts of a large number of girls from their appearance. Feminine and sexy Almost all the beautiful words that can be used to describe women can be used to describe knitted skirts, especially an ankle-length knitted skirts.
However, it is not easy to match such good-looking clothes to look good. Today we will teach you how to wear knitted skirts!
How to Style Knitted Skirt
Before talking about matching, you should pay attention to several “misunderstandings” of wearing knitted skirts:

1. Underwear chooses those soft, close-fitting knitted skirts. and the matching of underwear must be cautious.

Wrong demonstration: There is nothing more catastrophic than the printed thick seams of the underpants and the outline of the bodice.
   Correct demonstration: Whether it is a thin silk skirt in summer or a close-fitting knitted skirt, seamless underwear is a good primer. In addition, if it is a knitted skirt with slightly thicker material, the natural feeling without a bra is actually better.

2. The choice of patterns already has a sense of existence for knitted skirts that are longer than the knee and have a certain sense of expansion. So if your figure is not so perfect, it is better to give up those complicated patterns and choose a solid color style.


   Wrong demonstration: The complicated prints are added with black stockings, and there is a bad taste called “Paris Hilton”
Proper demonstration: simple is good, high, thin, and advanced.

3. Can people with fat lower bodies wear knitted skirts?

Regardless of any fashion, the most important thing is to find the one that suits your actual situation. For a figure with fleshy lower body, the most worrying thing is that the skirt will expose the fat if the skirt is too large. so the knitted skirt with relatively stiff material is more suitable.
Wrong demonstration: even if it is not the lower body that has flesh but the width of the hip bones, the thin and portable knitted skirt will infinitely magnify these body problems.
Proper demonstration: a thick and stiff knitted skirt can help you effectively modify local fat. The color-matched vertical stripes can not only look thin but also distract attention.

4. What can be done to make knitted skirts look thin?

A knitted skirt with a partially exposed skin design is a good choice. The easiest way is “Where is the thinnest exposed!”
Proper demonstration: The off-shoulder design is from summer red to autumn. For knitted skirts, it can weaken the sense of volume of the material itself.
Proper demonstration: You can also use the slit design at the skirt, but a skirt with side slits like this will be more suitable for everyday life than a pair of exaggerated boots.
To break these misunderstandings, let us see how to wear knitted skirts this autumn and winter.

Knitted skirt + sports shoes, good-looking and more attitude

It’s not enough to pursue trends, and we should add some attitude to it. For example, the popular “Effortless” in the past two years has made “sports shoes and everything” an important trend. Wearing this way can not only weaken the sexy of knitted skirts but also reduce the age. Remember to show your slender ankles, this is the key to avoiding “five-fives”.
When pairing sneakers with a straight knit skirt without a waist, be sure to expose your ankles. In addition, choosing a V-neck can also divert people’s attention to the collarbone, instead of staring at your waist and abdomen to see if there is any fat.
If you are not tall enough, you can use sneakers with a mid-length knitted skirt, as long as your legs are properly exposed. It will not cause pressure on your height.
Putting on a pair of platform sneakers is the easiest way to look tall and thin.
Who said that this combination is not elegant? Choose a camel high collar, you will wear the French style that everyone loves.
The design of the slit on the back is not only thin but also very sexy. The gentle knitting material and moderately exposed skin are inexplicable.

Knitted skirt + high heels, the most feminine

“Femininity” is not a popular element, but a law that will almost never change. No matter what style of dress you want to create, you should retain a bit of femininity. The knitted skirts + high heels are the best match for femininity in autumn and winter.
Oversized thick knit skirt + stiletto heels make you look lazy and sexy, especially nude high heels with a “long legs” effect.
Even if you don’t like the feminine temperament, you can still match it like this. A straight line of minimalist design knit skirt and high heels match, on the contrary, there is a kind of cool and feminine contrast beauty.
Low-key but atmospheric black pointed high heels can make the personalized colorful striped knitted skirt more decent.

Knitted skirt + short boots, a classic match for autumn and winter

Autumn and winter are the seasons of boots! Two must-have items for autumn and winter can bring you a lot of changes. Don’t worry about short boots showing short legs, we will teach you how to wear them.
The calf line is not so perfect, you should choose ankle boots that can expose the ankle. The knitted umbrella skirt can also effectively modify the body line.
If you bought a low-key navy blue knitted skirt last year, remember to change a pair of new boots this year to give it a new look. Some short boots have a tight ankle design. Even if they are wrapped, they can reveal your thin ankle lines. The pointed style adds another point to the slimming effect.
If your legs are well-shaped, you can try short boots + short knitted skirts, but don’t wear tight-fitting buttocks styles, which will make you look too sexy.
A black dress will always lift your breath, even if the knitted skirts and short boots are minimalist. They can be the “aura kill” in your wardrobe when they collide together.
When it gets colder, you can use short boots + black legging to create this “boot” effect, which can visually extend the leg lines.

Knitted skirt + boots, both aura, and temperature

If short boots can make you beautiful from now to late autumn, then long boots can be a direct force to winter. And the best way to wear this way is that you can either choose a high-heeled boot to create sexy femininity or use a pair of flat boots to wear a knit skirt neatly and handsomely.
When knitting skirts and knee-length boots are paired with two items with a strong presence. it is best to choose simple models for both, which is the key to enhancing the overall sense of high quality.
Gigi’s demonstration tells you how to look thin when you wear this. The easiest way is to use the contrast of “top pine and bottom tight”. When your knitted skirt is loose, remember to tighten your boots as much as possible.
This way of wearing can also be cool, just replace the boots with flat-bottomed ones.

Knitted skirt + trousers, the most worthy way to wear this year

Sometimes fashion is breaking conventions. For example, the dressing of long skirts and trousers from the runway to the street this year is still applicable in this season. In summer, you can use loose wide-leg pants to match. In the fall and winter, try to choose thin-legged ones. Pants type, more suitable for most people’s figure.
A high-necked knit skirt is elegant to wear alone, but adding a pair of jeans can change the style.
If you want to match wide-leg pants, choose a style with a loose hem and a slit design, so that the trouser legs will not look sloppy. Remember to wear a pair of high heels.
Knit skirt styles you must buy this season:
In the 1970s when hippie culture and pop art were prevalent. “Knitting Queen” Sonia Rykiel began to add a large number of color stripe combinations with a strong contrast effect to his design. subverting the previous dignified impression of knitting, and since then opened a Quite interesting “the era of knitting”
These colorful knitted skirts quickly appeared on the cover of fashion magazines and made women fascinated by them. After all, no one can refuse their longing for freedom.
Worried about getting fat with horizontal stripes?
The key is to choose a design that has a large area of dark color at the waist or a striped pattern that is not on the waist.
Pure color
At any time, solid-color dresses will not “retire”. In autumn and winter, black, gray, dark blue, and beige are classic choices. Try to avoid bright colors that are too saturated. Since it is a solid color, the texture of the skirt is very important, so you must try on it next to your skin to make you feel soft and warm. That’s right, this one!
If you are afraid that the light-colored knitted skirt will look fat, you can also wear a coat outside. even if you wear short boots with short heels, don’t worry.

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